Custom coat by De Hufford

Custom Affordable Dog Coats Have Arrived

Custom coat by De Hufford

Dog clothing, in general, seems to cater to the small to medium sized dog. Even smaller and medium sized dogs may have trouble getting the proper fit because like people, clothing is not a “one size fits all.” Larger dogs tend to get the short end of the stick: How to find a proper fit for your dog is a dilemma for the millions of pet parents who need clothes for their dogs. I am one of those dog moms: I have a Cocker Spaniel with a girthy chest: Most off the rack clothes, sweaters, and outfits simply do not fit him.  The answer is custom affordable dog coats.

dog jacket
All shapes and sizes of dogs wear Coats by De.

Winter’s chill is making its presence known in many areas, and as we dig to the back of our closets and coat racks for parkas and seasonal outerwear, we should do the same for our dogs. I like to get waterproof dog clothes for my Dexter, a Cocker Spaniel, so his thicker hair can stay dry on our winter snow-covered-sidewalk jaunts. In addition, waterproof apparel keeps him dry from dew-coated bushes and grass at the park. Much like my own winter coat does for me, a polar-fleece lining gives dogs comfort while protecting against colder temperatures.

Custom affordable dog apparel is the way to go. Just as you need to move in a coat, so does your dog. Snug but not tight is a good rule. Make sure there are no additional hanging zippers, snaps, or parts that can rub or irritate a dog. Dexter will wear apparel as long as it doesn’t interfere with his “man parts.” Pay attention to where any Velcro straps or fasteners lay against a dog’s coat.  De Hufford knows this, so she founded her own company to make affordable, custom coats and jackets for dogs without the hefty pricetag.Big dog winter jacket De Hufford

De Hufford started her own company of making dog jackets and coats  as an alternative to the big stores, where the sizes are Small, Medium and Large and you can’t find “dachshund” or “bulldog” or “skinny mutt” anywhere.  Over the years, she expanded the line to include dog cooling coats, dog raincoats, dog britches and belly bands, dog specialty wear and dog pajamas.

Coats and hoodies do not need to be heavy nor look heavy to adequately protect dogs from the elements. Technology has evolved in the human outerwear market, and the same holds true with our canine counterparts. How frustrating is it to want your dog to be protected from cold weather, snow, rain, or just to keep warm indoors….but the stores don’t carry his or her size nor do they have the good quality, long lasting items? What about walking your dog at night and wanting reflective wear? Each year, accidents occur, sometimes with a fatal outcome, from dogs who are hit at night by cars. If your dog is seen, this is less likely to happen. Reflective strips on the apparel, if desired, solves this problem.

Personal service is what you get when working with De. She makes each item by hand and prides herself in getting the right fit.

“I attend a number of AKC shows, agility competitions and other pet related events, as well as talk with people one on one so I can better understand the needs of each individual dog/owner team,” Hufford says. “I have successfully fit all sizes and breeds from the tiniest Chihuahua to the largest English Mastiff or Irish Wolfhound.”

Putting Coats by De to the Test

My dog is hard to fit: There I said it. He is small but stocky and has a girthy chest. As a result, one leg will go into the jacket, but the other paw is an issue. De asked me for all of Dexter’s sizes: Meaning: Chest, neck, length. I even told her about Dexter’s disdain of clothes that brush up against his man parts. She took all of this into consideration when making his outerwear. Here’s the end result: Perfect fit!!!! Keep reading for details and how you can order one:

Dexter in Coats Made by De

We ordered the winter dog coat with tummy panel and reflective strips and choice of turtleneck/snood/hood/collar.

Here is what we love about this coat and why we recommend it to pet parents:

– Easy to put on; just pull over the head, pull panel between front legs and wrap at the “waist” with velcro or buckle closure

– Waterproof outer shell of durable ripstop nylon

– Windpro fleece lining for extra warmth and comfort

– Reflective strips unless otherwise stated

– Harness port or D ring (D ring for S or M only) on request

-Choice of snood, turtleneck or collar

– Machine wash and air dry

Dog Winter Jacket
Handsome vizsla Schooner of Sharon Gilber in his new fleece jacket.

Folks Opposed to Clothes on Dogs Will Like It

Let’s face it: There is a portion of society who feels that clothes on dogs is not cool: So if you are in that portion, the outerwear is for you: It is functional and serves a purpose. Here’s a good rule of thumb: If it’s cold enough for you to wear a coat, it’s cold enough for a dog to wear protective apparel. While many dogs benefit from the additional layering in colder temperatures, try letting your dog wear the coat in the house for minutes at a time. If he or she is not responsive — or does the famous “freeze in place” pose — scratch the idea and move on.

Dog tummy panel
How fab is this adjustable tummy panel to protect dogs underneath?

Sizing Your Dog for Clothes

With the dog standing up, run a tape measure from the base of the dog’s neck (where the collar would sit) and to the base of the tail. The majority of dog clothes use this measurement. Knowing your dog’s chest measurement will ensure a good fit, too. De wants to provide the best fit possible so please be sure to measure as accurately as possible with a fabric tape. Click here for sizing information.

Dog sizing chart

Logic Prevails

There are functional, safety reasons dogs need clothing, and Coats Made by De touches on all of these. This is why Fidose of Reality wholeheartedly recommends her products for your dog or for gift giving. De also makes:

  • Dog Snoods: Long eared dogs use these to keep ears out of food and water bowls.
  • Drool Bib: Got a slobbery breed? Newfie perhaps? Problem solved.
  • Hooded rain coat: For rainy days
  • Reflective striping if desired: Be seen at night!
  • Windpro fleece coat with chest panel: Coverage for the front of the dog
  • Tummy panel on coats if desired: To keep the under portion of a dog warm on cold walks.
Dog turtleneck
This is the removable turtleneck, which easily attaches to the inside of the coat if desired.

Bottom Line

We are over the top thrilled with our Coat from De for Dexter. It is fashionable, matches our blog colors, has the reflective striping, and has a removable turtleneck collar.

Would you like your dog to have a Coat Made by De? Check out the entire line at:

And stay tuned, we have a very special surprise coming later this month from De, too.

Note: We were not compensated for this recommendation but we did receive this coat and are head over heels in love!

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  1. Dexter looks smashing in this coat. I’ve tried so many designers, pet stores and online companies to get the proper fit for my dogs. Sometimes I find the right sizes, but many times I don’t. It is so difficult to get the right size just like you say.

    I really like this sizing chart which I’m going to use the next time I place an order with a designer. De sounds like a perfect fit. I saved her name for future use. I would love a coat like Dexter for my two pooches, which by the way, are not small to medium. The reflective strips are just what we need, too, for walks in our area because of a lack of lighting. So this sounds like the type of designer I need.

    Thanks for a real great article, Carol Bryant.

  2. I love these dog coats! We live in the mountains and when it gets super cold, our dog doesn’t want to go outside to do his business! I’m going to have to look into one of these so he can be warm outside just like we are!

  3. Looks like an awesome coat!!! Dante and Ziva would love one i’m sure. 🙂 I’ll have to put this company on our list, my pibbles with their big heads, big shoulders, and tiny little waists are hard to fit!

  4. My mom needs to get one of these for her pup! She’s always walking him and has been looking for something to keep him warm during the winter months!

  5. Oh, these are so adorable! Our long-haired St Bernard wouldn’t care for one as he likes to roll around in 3 foot high snowdrifts, lol. But, my brother’s pug would LOVE one of these. He’s not a fan of the winter weather! lol

  6. Those look really nice. My poor chihuahua needs one of those. He shivers all the time – even in the summer.

    1. And you get what I am saying – barrel chested dogs – Cockers are chesty – this is a beautiful coat, Carleen, and very functional

  7. I like these coats and really appreciate the fact they have the reflective fabric on them. What a great idea. Rosa, in particular, has a coat that stays really wet for a long time when she comes in from the snow. I put a parka on her and it helps a lot. Both my girls have a big girth and are hard to fit correctly. I will definitely be checking this company out!

    1. Ad a dog mom with a chesty girth, I can so relate – we have a hard time getting the right fit. Share pics if you order from De – would love to see.

  8. I just love the awesome colors. However, the fact that they are machine washable is perfect. I love that you included how to size it for your dog. It makes it so easy for a pet parent to make sure they order the perfect size for their pet.

    1. This coat is incredibly well made and we have wanted one for years. There are a lot of colors and varieties, too, Bernard 😉

  9. The coats look fantastic (especially Dexter’s). It gets pretty cold and snowy here, but Kilo hates wearing a coat. He freezes and hobbles looking totally depressed. He doesn’t mind one sweater he has and I am going to try soft fleece.

  10. My dogs have multiple coats (especially my Chihuahuas). It’s not terribly cold in Arizona, but I just want to make sure they stay warm…

  11. Hmm. I don’t put the corgis in winter coats – I rarely even wear one myself (probably hot flashes), but on the occasion I have purchased them sweaters (or hot dog costumes) they NEVER fit their long backs correctly. Yay for someone who gets that not all dogs fit those standard size guidelines. Oh, and I’ve got De’s number (website) in case belly bands are ever needed. JF’s father needed to wear one when he got into advanced age. 🙁

    Dexter is so cute! The turtleneck is killing me. 🙂

  12. These coats are really cute! We are already getting the winter treatment here in Metro Detroit. It is great that these are custom fitted – dogs come in so many different proportions. I love the detachable turtleneck too.

  13. Custom coats sounds like a great idea. I’m sure it is difficult fitting each dog – especially the larger breeds. I wonder if she’ll branch out into cat coats…mine could use some for trips to the vet!

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