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Creep Alert: I Adore Dogs Dot Com is Ripping People Off

scam artist
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One of the creepiest things that can happen to a blogger/writer is seeing someone take their information and put it on their own website without permission. I Adore Dogs is a site that is doing this to many writers/bloggers. Whomever the party is behind this operation is refusing to take the content down despite tweeting and attempting to contact them. I am getting ripped off and I am doing everything in my power to alert the general public.

The power of the written word is sacred. Despite crediting the author, no one has the right to post information word for word along with all photos without permission, especially from a website that states not to do so.

I have reported this copy scammer to the proper authorities and proper channels but I will continue until my content is removed. Here is the information and please tell everyone you know in order to protect authors from such scams:

Here is a screen shot of my stolen content:


And of the original that I own:

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I received some advice and links. I have reported this scam artist to his server and have Tweeted him and told him or her or whomever to remove MY content to no avail so far. I won’t stop until it it removed, but until then I am reporting this to everyone.

And here are tips if you are ripped off by a scam artist like I Adore Dogs – what the person adores is stealing.

Content Scrapers – How to Find Out Who is Stealing Your Content & What to Do About It

What to do if someone steals your content (thanks Dawn Miklich)

I don’t care what it is called: Taking someone’s words that are not yours without permission is wrong. Google is not a fan of duplicate content, either. I will be seeing an FTC representative next week at the BlogPaws Conference with a followup to this piece.

Have you ever been a victim of online theft or “scraping” in any form? What did you do?

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    1. TY so much!!! It is so aggravating and this idiot needs to knock it off – and all his idiotic comrades!

  1. I use a Plugin called Plagarism Avenger to catch things like this – so far, I haven’t been scraped. I’ve been advised to ignore it as well, but it’s difficult to allow someone to use my hard work to grow their blog. Why even create a website if you’re not going to put the work in?

    I have had people steal images and I’ve reported them to their host provider and have seen sites being taken down. Recently there was a new BlogPaws member that stole a ton of stuff from another pet related page and FB stepped in and deleted all of their stolen content after they ignored repeated requests to remove the content by the original owner.

    I really wish I had connections like that at Facebook and Google. That would make situations like this a lot easier.

  2. I had content ripped off my holistic site by several people. I contacted them and mentioned copyright infringement and contacting google. That was enough to get it removed (what I know about anyway). Some of it was innocent, some, not.

  3. That stinks! I’m sure it is only a matter of time until it happens to us as well, or until we find out it has happened. It is just wrong!

  4. This has happened to me before. What I did was leave a comment asking them why they stole my content and then they deleted it. I suspect that I was lucky enough not to have a stubborn thief who refuses to stop no matter what.
    I noticed that there is an ad under the heading. Maybe you could contact his/her advertisement provider. They obviously steal content to try and attract visits so they can make money by showing ads. Without the ads they won’t have a reason to continue, worth a thought.

    1. I know – what a whacko – it’s an automated RSS feed I assume and I think this person is just a looney tune. I am doing all I can to stop it – so frustrating. See you soon!

  5. It’s a scraper. The only real way to take them down is to contact their web hosting company. Sad to say, but it happens a lot. Drives me nuts too.

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