Creative Pet Item Auction Site Launches for Rescue

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By the end of this year, the Humane Society estimates that at least four million pets will find themselves in a shelter in the United States. Over one million of those pets will be euthanized. Ask any shelter or pet rescue volunteer what they need day after day to help get these pets homes and the answer will always be the same—money.

Rochelle Epstein decided to do something—more—about it.  Epstein is the founder and creative force behind Auction4PetSupplies, what she describes as a “one-stop shop for auctioning all those pet related items we have lying around our houses.”

Creative fundraising is a topic near and dear to many dog lovers, present company included. Launched at the end of July, 2014, Epstein has lofty goals: to help all rescue organizations with much-needed funds.

“There are auction sites out there but none concentrate on the pet industry only,” Epstein says. “Watching (all) the rescue organizations that need financial assistance, or hold online auctions…folks are  limited by their  fans/members only; our website hopes to change that.”

What Makes Auction4PetSupplies Stand Out

Membership and listing of items is free of charge. A service charge of $2 dollars is applied if an item is sold on the site. If a rescue organization wishes to list items for auction, Epstein says they can highlight the items to show that all proceeds are going to that rescue.

She is donating on a monthly basis to a rescue organization. For this reason, interested rescues are encouraged to join the site, where a copy of the 501(c)3 will be required for verification.

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No Animals Are Involved

Epstein is clear: This is an auction site for pet items but NO animals.

How It Works

A list of FAQs is provided on the site for those who are interested in joining and being a part of Auction4PetSupplies. 

“If people want to list items but they want the revenue earned to go to a specific rescue, they must prove the rescue is a 501(c)3.

More Ideas on Creative Fundraising for Pet Rescue 

Here are seven more ideas to help a favorite pet rescue in need by hosting a successful fundraiser. 

Have you ever done a fundraiser or anything similar to help dogs in need?





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