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How To Create a DIY Dog Health Gift Basket

Back in the day I had this crazy notion that I was going to open my own gift basket company. Fast forward to today and I realize that’s exactly what that idea was: crazy. I do, however, love to do gift baskets and prizes for fundraisers, to donate to rescues, animal shelters, and also to gift to dog friends and during the holiday season.

Anyone who knows me knows I am not the world’s craftiest person, but I try. I won’t see be opening my own Etsy store, but I am darned proud of the crafts and fun projects I’ve done in the past. Here is a flurry of ideas and how to assemble a DIY dog health gift basket to donate to a dog rescue or to gift to a dog lover.

How to make a dog DIY Health Basket

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Items For A Dog Health Gift Basket

First Aid Kit

Not all dog first aid kits are created equal. Some of them just lack the right products. In addition to adding anything ‘extra,’ a good first aid kit should give a dog parent the basics in case of an emergency. We like the Pet First Aid Kit with the foldable bowl from Diatonic Designs. With over 40 items, this pack can be used for both people and pets so you never have to take two first aid kits along.

dog first aid kit Urine pH Strips

Dip the Urine: Seriously, check your dog’s urine from home. I purchase the Urinalysis Test Strips that test for many different levels of things in my dog’s urine. If your dog battles urinary tract infections (UTI’s), these strips can be a lifesaver for detecting levels such as pH and blood in the urine in between vet visits. Collect the dog’s urine with a free catch in the morning when it is most concentrated, dip the stick in, wait the time recommendations (2 minutes for most) and then compare against the colors on the bottle.
Urine ph check dogs

Probonix Probiotic For Dogs

As the name implies, probiotics are the good stuff; that is, they are the beneficial bacteria that live in the gut, or GI, system. Bacteria in probiotics help the digestive, regulatory, and immune systems of the body. Our dog has been taking Probonix as a regular part of his diet for over two months and we’ve been thrilled with the results. Why? I want my dog’s immune system to be healthy The bacteria that makes up the gut of mammals can have a serious impact on overall health. Once I understood this, I understood why probiotics are good for me and my dog. Since not all probiotics for dogs are created equally, I talked to the folks at Probonix in person. You simply shake the bottle so the probiotics are evenly distributed and drop it onto your dog’s food daily. If the food is hot, simply wait until it cools a bit and then add the product. Probonix is made up of 100% natural ingredients.I loved hearing learning about this product, so I decided to become an affiliate. You can order from Humarian for probiotics for your dog and all members of the family.

Snag 20 percent off your purchase using my special code of FIDOSEOFREALITY or snag it on Amazon.

Probonix and paw

Safer Non-Chemical Squeeze-On Flea and Tick Protection

Though it looks like the little tubes of poison I refuse to put on my dog, this product contains NO harmful chemicals. So far, it’s been effective against fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. I no longer use products on my dog I wouldn’t first use on myself, and this herbal defense fits the bill. Only Natural Pet makes a wonderful squeeze-on treatment to use in conjunction with their line of products. Three vials are under $20 bucks and it works for us. Here’s the link: Only Natural Pet Herbal Defense Squeeze On  or you can snag it on Amazon.
flea and tick protection natural

Tick Key

I also carry a Tick Key with me, just in case. This $5 investment pays for itself the first time you use it. This will remain our routine unless we exchange something out or something else comes out that is safe and effective against ticks and fleas. Here’s a 2 pack: I gave one to my spouse. Great item for a DIY dog health basket.

tick key dogs

Healing Cream

This is a miracle cream in a jar, and I am even using it. I am not one to be easily sold on claims of a product being a miracle, but this one sets the bar high. Dr. Harvey’s Organic Healing Cream is a combination of healing herbs in a base of organic shea butter. This cream is used for minor skin irritations, hot spots, rashes, cuts, sunburn and itching. It is great for human bug bites, too! I use it on Dexter’s paw pads: They are oh so smooth and soft now. Toss this in your dog’s first aid bag right away.
healing cream dr harveys

Ear Cleaner

We’ve tried a lot of ear solutions in our 26 years of being Cocker Spaniel moms. Putting the ZYMOX ear cleanser solution in my dog’s ears once a week has pretty much kept ear infections away. The inside of the ear should look healthy, not filled with debris or dirt.
ZYMOX ear cleaner for dog ears

Tooth and Gum Wipes

Though it does not replace brushing your dog’s teeth, the John Paul Pet Tooth and Gum Pet Wipes are portable, easy to use, and a great start to a dental routine. Help to eliminate plaque build-up on teeth, removing tooth stains, massaging gums and freshening breath.
tooth and gum wipes for dog teeth

Eye Wash

A good eye wash is always handy to have on hand, and we’ve been using the Vetericyn Plus brand over the years. It’s good for daily maintenance and is veterinarian-recommended maintenance solution to keep your pet’s eyes clean and prevent tear stains and other eye issues. I keep this in my dog’s portable first aid kit, too.
eye wash for dogs


This one might surprise you, but a good brush stimulates the oils in a dog’s coat. Doing so massages the skin and can actually help in preventing any additional lumps from forming on the skin. By distributing the oils through brushing, you actually help your dog (plus it feels darned good to the dog). We love the Groom Genie easy to hold and easy to use brush for dogs. The tri-length bristle design act like tiny fingers that unravel tangled hair by allowing you to maneuver through knots faster. My dog actually gets excited to be brushed.
groom genie dog brush

DIY Dog Health Basket Presentation

If I were to gift my friends with medical products, they would be grateful for sure, but there is something oh so fun about putting together a gift box of inexpensive but thoughtful items for fellow dog-loving friends. We picked up a cute gift box and some raffia shred to line the bottom of the box. We like to wrap our gift boxes for added effect (and to heighten the holiday suspense), but you could just pop a bow on top and the gift is set for giving.

Dog lover Christmas gift

Here’s how a pro does it in under three minutes. There are so many cute baskets in craft stores and online, that the sky’s the limit when gifting or donating to a dog rescue:

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  1. I love giving the gift of good health for pets and their owners, it’s always a welcome gift. These are great items to include. I enjoyed the video from Michaels too!

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