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Cocker Spaniel Finds Moment of Zen with Groom Genie

Dexter getting groomed with Groom Genie

My dog hates getting brushed.

I wish I could find a grooming tool that detangles and also makes the coat look gorgeous on my dog.

My dog is okay with getting brushed but he gets a bit anxious.

Brushing a dog regularly stimulates the oils in the skin and at the follicle of the hair. In turn, dogs that have sensitivities and allergies benefit from regular brushing. Have you heard of fatty (often benign) tumors on the skin of dogs? Stimulating the oils in the skin is beneficial for dogs and fatty tumors don’t like that: In other words, it’s good to keep a dog’s skin healthy. Circulatory enhancing behaviors like brushing and massage are good for the dog’s overall well being, so it makes sense.

Lightbulb Moment

When my dog discovered the Groom Genie recently, imagine my surprise shock when he allowed a friend at a conference to sit down by him and send him into a state of Zen.

Seriously, see: This is the moment Dex checked out and went into “ohhh yeah, that’s the spot” mode:

The tri-bristle pattern of the Groom Genie unravels knotted hair and does not pull it, as traditional grooming tools might. The lady who invented it, Rikki Mor, is also the inventor of the Knot Genie, which gently and painlessly removes knots from a child’s hair. As a kid, I had long hair and my mom used to apply Johnson & Johnson’s “No More Tangles” spray to my hair: Anyone remember that? Having a Groom Genie would have saved me a lot of foot stomping and protests back then.

Rikki noticed that the people who were buying the Knot Genie, were sometimes buying one for their pets.

Most beneficial to me besides the ease of use is the ergonomic paw-shaped design of this tool. My fingers position naturally into it and I apply thorough pressure with each stroke.

Fortunately, my dog is acceptable of grooming: This tool took it to a whole other level of zen.


Groom genie
The regular Groom Genie fits nicely in an average sized hand.

Fireworks and Thunderstorms

My dog is petrified of fireworks and thunderstorms. The wrap-type products have not been successful for us, we usually resort to a calming agent like Rescue Remedy for him. On a whim, I decided to try the Groom Genie a few weeks ago when thunder rolled into our area. Though Dexter was upset, the Groom Genie seemed to calm him a bit. Normally he hides under my desk or in the bathroom; he stayed by my side as I ran this tool through his coat: Not to groom him, but to calm him and distract his fears.

Real Deal

We are not being paid to tell you this: We just like sharing products that we believe in and have made a difference in our lives and the life of our dog. No matter what size dog, what age dog, and/or what coat length dog you have, this is the type of product that works for everyone.


There are different sizes for different hand and dog needs. Even short-haired breeds need the skin’s oils stimulated and their coat brushed.

Clean Up

You gently tap it and the hair easily comes out. Use dish detergent or pet shampoo when you really want to clean it out. Easy peasy.


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  1. I haven’t met one person who said that thunder blanket worked for them. And I know a bunch of people who bought them.

  2. This looks amazing! My dog tolerates being brushed and I would love to find a tool to make the experience more enjoyable for her.

  3. i would use it on my 3 gals, Evie, Tressa and Harley. they all hate to be groomed. Harley and Tressa feathers and beards get so tangled. i can brush them everyday and they still get knots. i have even tried my detangler brush on them. i will put tons of conditioner and try to get the knots out as well as use argan oil on their feathers and beards.

  4. OMG….MYA could certainly use one of these…. SHE has the WORST “texture” of hair of ANY dog I have ever had…. The top of her head is just LIKE the texture of a “troll doll’s” hair….and her body is
    the same only shorter….. HELP !!!…..please…..

  5. My Annie is a Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix (best guess). I like her coat a bit long (shaggy) which means it’s critical to comb/brush her out daily/every other day. The Groom Genie looks like it would be a great way to keep her coat looking and feeling good. Thanks!

  6. I’d like to try this on Bentley. He gets a severe case of the wiggles when I try to brush him (complete with those gremlin noises) as well as anxiety in various situations, especially fireworks.

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