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Cocker Spaniel Book Breaks Boundaries

cocker spaniel book
Dexter in his reading chair.

My heart beats dog™, and if you read this blog on a regular basis, you know that dog is generally a Cocker Spaniel.  My whole life I wanted to have a Cocker Spaniel and I wanted to live true to who I really am. One of those two dreams was realized in 1993 when my first Cocker Spaniel entered my life. The “being true to who I am” happened in 2013 when I shared with the world the reality of my life. Well, now yet another pooch is inspiring people and oh my, this Cocker Spaniel is breaking boundaries.

Dogs inspire me, and perhaps dogs inspire you, too. If you have ever found courage, strength, joy, and/or a reason to greet the day with a smile because of a dog, Debi Lampert Rudman can relate. Debi is the brainchild and brushstroke behind Iris the Architect, a lovely book for readers of all ages.

The author and the real life Iris.
The author and the real life Iris.

You see, Iris is an American Cocker Spaniel who was born to be a champion show dog like the rest of her family. Iris, based on a dog who shared her life with Debi and her husband.

“My husband is an architect,” Rudman says. “When Iris was a pup, she would paw at him until he picked her up on his lap. She would lean over the drawings like she was studying them!”

Iris had an impact. How many dog lovers reading this can relate to a dog having an impact on their lives? Cocker Spaniels changed me, my career, and my life’s focus and purpose.

cocker spaniel book

Iris the Architect is about this champion show dog who, instead of honing her skills to become Best in Show, instead wants to draw. Raise a paw if you’ve been told to do one thing or perhaps you work in a career you aren’t happy with—but secretly you want to do something else. All hail Iris, as she is an icon for pursuing one’s passion, purpose, and path in life.

Iris the Architect is a coffee table book, a book you gift for the child or child at heart in your life, and definitely a must have for anyone who cannot resist the soulful eyes and loving heart of a Cocker Spaniel.  Not that we’re biased or anything *grin*

As my heart beats dog™, my soul is devoted to books and the written word. Iris is a book that proudly sits on my book shelf carefully guarded by hand-carved Cocker Spaniel bookends.

cocker bookends

Grab a copy of Iris the Architect for yourself and gift one for an instant smile. Fidose of Reality is happy to give a copy of Iris the Architect away as a prize in our Fourth Annual Dog Holiday Photo Contest going on right now.

Who else loves books? Have you ever heard of Iris and this cute “tale?” No doubt, many of the folks below know a thing or two about pet books, as they love to blog as we do: 

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  1. Cocker spaniels are some of the most beautiful dogs I’ve ever seen. My best friend is a buff Cocker Spaniel named Birdie. We graduated therapy school together and do all are visits jointly.


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