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Christmas miracle with dog caught on video

Need a feel-good completely non-commercial and totally sans promotional holiday message that is short, succinct, full of love, and will give you reason to celebrate the season? Here is a Christmas miracle.

Fidose of Reality has just the fix for those nodding yes. The kind folks at Camp Cocker Rescue in California shared a feel good story, complete with images and even video that captured love where it was least expected.

It’s Christmas time, and a man’s dog passes away. He loves his dog so very much, a Cocker Spaniel, and he just knows he has such a void in his heart that only a dog can fill. Those of you, like me, who have loved and lost a beloved canine family member know all too well that bitter ache, empty hole, and pang of utter anguish.

The man’s name is Rod and Rod knows all about grief. It didn’t deter him from reaching out to find some love in his life once again and embrace that which only a dog can give, freely and wholly of itself, to us, the human counterparts.

Abigail, a foster dog who needed her forever home, found it with Rod, who reports that she even looks a lot like his recently deceased dog, Lucy. He is a very happy man for not having to spend Christmas alone, and it looks like Lucy truly is the reason for the season.

Share the love, spread the video, and check out Camp Cocker, who every day tries to bring a little miracle into someone’s life by saving Cocker Spaniels who are abused, neglected, dumped, and so very often, destined for euthanasia. May the light of the season shine on you always.


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