dog book review

Chick Lit with a Canine Twist Scores

dog book review

Chick lit with a canine twist: If this sounds like your cup of’ terrier tea, read on.

When Susan Daffron was named a Fidose of Reality Paw-er Woman in 2011, she told us, “If you love writing and you love pets, writing about pets doesn’t feel like work.”

Her latest offering, Fuzzy Logic, is a piece of work that answers the ever-burning question, “What’s a good book I can curl up with and doesn’t involve a dog dying?”

Life is good, librarian Jan Carpenter is living a quiet life with her portly pooch, Rosa. Life is never smooth for a dog mom, right? Jan Carpenter is no different. Take one sublime life, turn it on its side, flip it upside down, and buckle up for safety: Jan Carpenter is in for the ride of her life.

First there’s the um, sixth or is it seventh, wedding she must attend: Her mother’s, of course.  Say bye bye to visions of card cataloging as Jan bumps into pesky Michael Lawson, the annoying neighbor kid from all those years ago. He has a dog, times have changed, and Michael isn’t so obnoxious as an adult.


fuzzy logic

Daffron is the author of the Alpine Grove Romantic Comedies, a series of novels that feature residents of the small town of Alpine Grove and their various quirky dogs and cats. Fuzzy Logic is one book in the series, but readers need not fret: Each novel stands alone on its own.

Yours truly read this over the course of a week, a bit before bed each night, but it is easily a page-turner one can consume in a few pots of tea sitting.

Characters complicate each others’ lives while complementing them. If you read Chez Stinky, some of the characters return, which is a pleasant surprise for fans of the series.

Fun Facts

Daffron was a technical writer. “One of the hallmarks of tech writing is that it’s boring,” she shared in a 2011 Fidose interview. “I started volunteering at my local animal shelter about a week after moving to Idaho.”

Susan DaffronThe rest is her-story, as the canine muse struck and being around animals kick started her novel writing.

As a dog health and wellness blog, this is definitely a book that’s good for the human soul of all canine lovers. Fuzzy Logic leaves a mark; be warned: the Alpine Grove series is addictive.

Grab a copy of Fuzzy Logic here and be sure to enter our Dog Holiday Photo Contest, where we’re giving a copy away.

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