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Colton is just boltin’ with fun and needs his forever home: Can you help?

Colton is a youngster, so full of energy and needs a lot of stimulation and activity as a healthy outlet. His eyes are . . . oh-my-goodness-so-gorgeous! he could be a doggie model with those eyes! And that hair of his, trust us, we didn't take him to get highlights, he really was just born with those good looks. He could be a beach bum with that little highlighted hair on the … [Read more...]

Featured Dog: Brandy getting her forever home!!

UPDATE on featured dog: "Brandy already has found a home and the home check was done and the woman is wonderful!" Wahooooo we love happy endings and new beginnings!!! My dear friend, Doreen, named this dog Brandy because she reminded her of my first cocker, the dog who inspired me and taught me so much about life. Yes, her name was Brandy Noel. Camp Cocker thought this … [Read more...]