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Clever Healthy Dog Stocking Stuffers #BayerExpertCare

Do you have a dog first aid kit? Do your friends and family members with dogs have a first aid kit for their pets on hand? If you want to gift a dog mom or dog dad with a clever healthy dog gift this holiday season, consider giving them a "just in case" kit of items their dog needs. Since even the most well-prepared pet parent needs to replenish a first aid kit (and because … [Read more...]

How to Prevent Kids from Dog Bites

Dog bites child: Dog euthanized. Child moves on. No dog lover wants to see the above headline, yet a whopping seventy nine percent of fatal dog attacks are on children. According to, over eighty seven percent of dog bite fatalities involving children occurred when the child was left unsupervised with a dog or the child wandered off to the location of the … [Read more...]

Crash Course: What To Do In a Dog Emergency

A dog’s innate curiosity can sometimes lead them to danger. Prompt, calm action on your behalf will help greatly in the event of a dog emergency. Remaining calm yet responsive in your body language is critical, as animals can sense unease. Knowing what to do in a dog emergency can mean the difference between life and death. How well do you really know what to do if a sudden … [Read more...]

Seven Summer Safety Tips Dogs Wish You Knew

The fourth of July is a time of fun, enjoyment, celebration, and unfortunately, fireworks. If you are a dog parent whose dog is unaffected by the bombs bursting in air, rejoice! Millions of dogs are petrified of loud sounds and the fourth of July only adds to their misery. Here are seven summer safety tips to keep in mind and share this time of year (and all summer … [Read more...]

Safe Ways to Prevent Fleas and Ticks

It’s time for the 2015 edition of safe ways to prevent fleas and ticks from attacking and/or attaching their nasty selves to your dog. We’ve come a long way since flea collars and chemical-based spot on treatments that can actually do more harm than good for dogs. It’s 2015 and we do better because we know better. I am not a scientist, but I am a dog mom who knows the folks … [Read more...]

10 Summer Household Items That Can Kill Dogs

Summer has officially arrived. The dog days, the heat, the sun, the pool, the fun, and of course, the living is free and easy. Well, for millions of dogs summertime is anything but free and easy. In fact, there are dangers lurking that you might not even realize are dangerous. Here are 10 summer household items that can easily harm or kill dogs and why. Take note and let … [Read more...]

Hope Seeking Forever Home: Dog of the Week

Hope Seeking Forever Home: Dog of the Week. As we head into a weekend, for this week's Featured Fido, we are spotlighting Hope. Hope is a word that, according to Merriam Webster, means, "to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true." Hope wants to find a forever home to love her and give her the life she deserves; perhaps that home is … [Read more...]

8 Hacks to Prevent Dog Fleas and Ticks

Nasty creepy crawly critters can ruin a vacation, cause sleepless nights, and turn your home into a pest-be-gone war zone: it’s the time of year pet parents dread the most: Flea and tick season . Thankfully, Fidose of Reality has 8 hacks to prevent dog fleas and ticks: Shake It Off Food grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE): I carry this stuff around in my dog’s “bag of stuff” on … [Read more...]

Scary Reality of Dogs Without Dental Care #DogDentalHealth

Remember those commercials that ran a few years back, or more, that showed what cigarette smoking could do to a person? Here’s one that stuck with me: Anti Smoking from Hungry Man UK on Vimeo. Now imagine what not taking care of your dog’s teeth can do to your dog’s overall health. It’s quite alarming, but sometimes pictures speak louder than words. There is a scary … [Read more...]

Seven Dog Winter Dangers And How to Prevent Them

Winter myths and lies are blowing across the landscape these days. Not everything you read online is true, on this we can agree. But there are some winter myths that make their way into mainstream. Myths have no place when it comes to a dog’s well being and winter safety. Dog winter dangers are rampant, but knowing how to prevent them is so simple. Here are 7 realities to … [Read more...]