How to Make Your Dog an Instagram Rock Star

Do you like taking photos of your dog and wish you could share them with the whole world beyond Facebook where your circle of friends can see them? You are in luck: Get yourself to Instagram and open up a whole new world of canine connections. It’s easy, fun, networking at its finest, and with about 10 minutes of your time a day, your dog can be the next social media superstar … [Read more...]

Spot of Sanity Shares Veterinary Conference Insider Info

This past week I attended the 5 day Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, in order to renew my Registered Veterinary Technician license. Because of my dog Poppy’s special needs, my mom and Poppy came along to Vegas as well. Poppy loved that her Grammie was with her while I was at lectures. Mom dropped me off in the mornings and took Poppy socializing at the hotel or at a … [Read more...]

How I Found My Dog’s Dad

I want to find my dog's dad. Now there's something I have yet to cross off my bucket list. These are the things that go through my mind as I drift off into sleep. The World of the Cocker Spaniel is a book that sits on my desk. I rarely refer to it, but a sense of pride swells over me when I gaze past the computer monitor and see its rustic spine glaring back at me. The book is … [Read more...]

Celebrating National Dog Biscuit Day

It's National Dog Biscuit Day, so how can we not celebrate this holiday where every dog should be allowed to call in sick from work, sleep in, have big pawties with all their dog friends, and eat as many dog biscuits as their tummies can handle (all without having to do any tricks, roll-overs, beg, or high fives)? The true origins of this day from Fidose research indicates … [Read more...]

Debunking Six Dog Myths

Is it true that seven human years are equivalent to one dog year? Can dogs really smell cancer? Here, we debunk some commonly held dog myths. Dog Age Though many believe one human year equals seven dog years, this is a common misconception. When your dog reaches 2 years of age, it will age about five dog years to every human year in smaller to medium-sized breeds, and one … [Read more...]

Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof Gala Update

Red carpets are rolled out and the Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof fundraiser is in full swing. Are you a part of the festivities and dog-friendly fun? Here's the latest scoop on all things fundraising fun, and of course, all in the name of dog. We are busy selling tickets for this gala affair, which takes place on September 20, 2014. Wigglebutt Warriors is the official fundraising … [Read more...]

Do You Care About Your Dog’s IQ?

The Dog IQ Test: The title alone stopped me in my tracks. Back in 1996, when people still browsed bookstores for the latest titles, I paid about $15 for the book by Melissa Miller and had a project for the next week or so with Brandy Noel, the dog before my current dog, Dexter. I wondered about my dog's IQ. I thought about the book and the test recently, and it raised some … [Read more...]

Fifteen Cutest Dogs in Love

Hearts and roses, hugs and cupids: Ah, the trimmings of a Valentine's Day. Whether you embrace the day with ardent fervor or reject it with as much force as Cupid's arrow gone astray, one thing's for sure: If you share your life with a dog, you've got a 24/7/365 Valentine. And if you just have a general love of dogs and your heart beats dog the way it does ours at Fidose of … [Read more...]

Dognition Dog Testing

Combine one part dog and one part cognition and you’ve got Dognition. In a post about two weeks ago, my pal, Kate from SlimDoggy, and I shared our experiences with the Dognition testing with our respective dogs. If you like getting inside your dog's mind in order to determine what they are thinking, how they problem solve, and what makes them tick, the Dognition testing is a … [Read more...]

Dog on a Catwalk Interview with Famed Designer

What does it take for a dog to own a catwalk? Start with attending the annual New York Pet Fashion show in New York City. The recent gala, star-studded spectacular fashion event took place on the runway high atop the famed Hotel Pennsylvania, right across from Madison Square Garden.  Indeed there was more than one dog on a catwalk on this particular evening. The theme of … [Read more...]