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How To Keep A Dog’s Kidneys Healthy

Just like people, dogs have two kidneys that serve to regulate blood pressure along with calcium and vitamin D metabolism, but they also help in the creation of new red blood cells. The kidneys help normalize salt and water in the dog’s body. A dog’s kidneys balance certain substances in the bloodstream while helping to filter out waste as urine. If the kidneys malfunction, … [Read more...]

Is Pet Health Insurance Worth It

Pet insurance can literally save a dog’s life. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly pet insurance is, why you might need it, and if it really works, allow the past 20 years of my life to guide you into this decision. If you ever wondered if pet health insurance is truly worth it, read on. I am a policy holder of a major medical plan with a major pet insurance company for the … [Read more...]

The Miracle of Dog Mountain and Dog Chapel

In the heart of Vermont, dogs are welcome to explore the green, lush land of Dog Mountain and its accompanying attractions that are Dog Chapel and the Stephen Huneck Art Gallery. There are miracles on this property: I recently witnessed not one, not two, but three miracles on Dog Mountain. If you are a dog lover, add this destination to your must visit bucket list for both … [Read more...]

Stop These Five Things to Make Dogs Live Longer

We all want our dogs to live longer, happier lives. My dogs are aging now: Chip turns 12 on Oct 6th and CC will be 13 exactly five months following. Their needs and desires have definitely changed since they were pups, yet they still remain all puppy in attitude and as playful as ever. If I have my wish I want them to live “Furever”. (For all of these years they have brought … [Read more...]

Fun Ideas to Host a Dog Birthday Party

Dogs are members of the family, and every dog deserves his or her day, especially when that day is full of celebrating, cake, biscuits, games, presents, and cake! One of the most fun times a dog mom or dad can engage in involves hosting a dog birthday party. No one will think you have lost your marbles for wanting to host a birthday party for your dog; in fact, if they think … [Read more...]

Ultimate Dog Lover T-Shirts and Giveaway #MountainArtWear #sponsored

I am a dog mom to the core and my heart beats dog.® I love that quote so much that I trademarked it, and recently I discovered a company that allows me to wear my heart that beats dog on my sleeve, quite literally, see? If you are a dog lover and love t-shirts that say so, keep reading... The folks at The Mountain® produce American-made apparel that embodies the spirit … [Read more...]

How to Clean a Stinky Dog With Ease #WoofPouf #sponsored

Some dogs just have a tendency to get dirty and stinky faster than others: I happen to have one of them. The primary color in my dog’s coat is white. It’s as if dirt finds itself and throws itself onto his coat. Couple the dirt factor with the fact that my dog loves to roll in the stinkiest of scents when at the park. Having a stinky dog is no fun. I like bunnies but my dog … [Read more...]

Help: My Dog Bites Me

Help: My dog bites me. It just started and I didn't do anything to cause this. What do I do? Throughout my decades of being a dog parent, most often I hear this lament from someone who has a puppy. Lately, I read about it more and more as I am involved in pet rescue. Of the top 10 reasons that most dogs end up in shelters, biting is one of the most frequent ones. And guess … [Read more...]

Do Overweight Dogs Have Overweight Owners

I lost 40 pounds by gaining 25. During my fast paced life of working part time, attending college as an adult full time, and being a then closeted wife with an active Cocker Spaniel, my eating habits were less than stellar. I did not overeat, but when I did eat, I chose fast food and less than healthy selections. Enter my Cocker Spaniel and she literally got me out of the … [Read more...]

How to Prepare a Dog for Weather Emergencies #NatlPrep

How prepared are you for an emergency evacuation with your pets when time matters? What if there were literally minutes to flee your abode: What would you take? Where would you go? Do you have an emergency pack ready for your dog? Weather emergencies can affect any of us. On August 29, 2005, 10 years ago, the folks in New Orleans faced the fury that was Hurricane Katrina.In … [Read more...]