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Wigglebutt Wedding Dog Marriage Update

Fidose of Reality is preparing for one of the biggest events we’ve been involved in to date: My dog is getting married this June in the name of dog and dog rescue in the Wigglebutt Wedding! Since I blog with ardent fervor, the planning, behind-the-scenes fun, and doggie details will be shared here at least weekly on Fidose of Reality.  The official title of the event is the … [Read more...]

Dog Floral Designer Makes Magic from Flowers

Sometimes a business goes to the dogs. In Felicia Greenberg’s case, this is not necessarily a bad thing. This dog floral designer makes events magical and memorable using forever-lasting silk flowers and her passion for dogs. Fidose of Reality has seen Felicia’s work in person and it is breathtaking. For any sort of event, party, dog or human related, Felicia is the go-to … [Read more...]

Holiday Cookies for Dogs from Domestic Dogdess

Why should humans have all the fun making Christmas cookies? Holiday cookies for dogs never looked so good (or tasted so yummy) thanks to Zoe, the Domestic Dogdess. On tap today are Zoe's famous Banana Carob Meringue Cookies. They are fun and pretty darn easy to make, and best of all, dogs will love them...and you can make them together!!! For those who don't know, Zoe is … [Read more...]

Wigglebutt Wedding Pet Fashion Designer’s Soaring Career

Wigglebutt Wedding’s famed pet fashion designer has several spotlights cast on his glowing career. We are proud to announce that award-winning pet couturier Anthony Rubio, who is the official designer of the gown and tuxedo for the bride and groom, has been invited as the exclusive designer to present a very special line dedicated to those who have survived as well as those … [Read more...]

Wigglebutt Wedding Dog Treat Recipe

Pet food and dog treat recalls have been hitting the news headlines more and more lately. It's a wonderful time to be a pet parent and yet, as our dogs' guardians and caretakers, we must use diligence in deciding what to allow them to eat. Words like natural and organic get tossed around like tennis balls, yet the safety of so many treats comes into question. Just recently, one … [Read more...]

Wigglebutt Wedding Bridal Party Announcement

Wigglebutt Wedding fans, rejoice. We have our bridal party selected and these lovely Cockers (and one non-Cocker) will be gracing the Wigglebutt Wedding on June 28, 2013, with all their beauty and splendor. We have several sponsors on board and many more to go... stay tuned. Here is the cast: Abby, Maid of Honor: Abby belongs to mother of the bride, Val Sorensen. Abitha … [Read more...]

Dog Artist to Make Her Mark on Wigglebutt Wedding

By now many of you have heard the news, but if not, my dog is getting married for a major fundraiser to help Life’s Little Paws save more dogs’ lives.  I even wrote about it for Dogster magazine AND we have an official hashtag at #WigglebuttWedding on Twitter. You can get up to speed by visiting Wigglebutt Wedding News. We also have a major announcement to make: Our … [Read more...]

Should Dogs Get Married? Dogster Knows!

The #WigglebuttWedding saga continues. Should dogs be allowed to get married, especially if "getting married" means having fun so that we can fundraise? These are things that rolled through my mind and gave me pause (or is that paws) for thought until my dog became a groom-to-be. So I decided to write about it for Dogster. Fidose of Reality invites all of its readers to … [Read more...]

Major Dog News Announcement to All Dog Lovers

My dog is getting another a real wedding atmosphere by a real minister and with witnesses. And I haven't flipped my lid, as I used to be an "eye roll" person when someone told me their dog was going to be married. What is wrong with these people, right? I mean, seriously a dog getting married. Has she lost her marbles? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Fidose of … [Read more...]