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Wigglebutt Wedding Soars to Epic Proportions

The Wigglebutt Wedding is a mere 23 days away! Dexter James Bryant will wed Zoe Elizabeth Sorensen for what promises to be one of the most entertaining fun fundraisers of the year....heck of the decade. What started out as an idea to have a small backyard wedding to raise funds for Life's Little Paws, who incidentally rescued the bride the day she was scheduled to be … [Read more...]

Urgent Request: Fostering a Pet in Philadelphia Area

How cool would it be if you could save a life, make a 2-1/2-week commitment to a pet of your choice, and without any strings attach know that by fostering a pet, you saved a life. What am I talking about? Right now, Philadelphia Animal Care and Control (ACCT) is BURSTING at the seams.  Temporary foster (until June 15th/16th) are DESPERATELY needed. ACCT Philly is having a … [Read more...]

Ten Dollar Dog of the Day: December 17th: Brittany

We are doing something a bit differently today: We are sharing a dog who is in foster care (in northeast Georgia) and seeking her forever home. She is also our $10 Dog of the Day. Brittany is a 7 year old beautiful Cocker Spaniel whose eyes are begging for some love. She's content to sit in your lap or lie on the floor with her bone, but she likes the comfort of knowing that … [Read more...]