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Rock Star Dog Needs a Forever Home

If there was a dog who needed a home...a forever home at that....and said dog had special needs in terms of his rear legs but not in terms of his spirit and zest for life, would you help him? One of the most amazing dogs I have ever met in my entire life (other than my own, of course), is Baby Joey. Despite the horror inflicted on his life as a puppy, he lets nothing slow … [Read more...]

Help Dogs Rescued From Horror: Bonus Prize Giveaway

Hell on earth is no place for any dog to call home. Yet, at least 46 dogs, mostly Cocker Spaniels, called a hot barn in the dreadful summer heat of rural Virginia, home for months and months: Maybe longer. We will not show you any graphic or upsetting photos in this post, but we are about to reveal some shocking, breaking news: A nightmare 501(c3) U.S.-based rescue group is … [Read more...]

Win a #TeamDog Spirit Pack for Super Bowl

It's Super Bowl weekend, and that can only mean one thing: People across the globe are tuning in for the commercials, the pigskin, and of course, The Puppy Bowl! Well, our friends at The Lucy Pet Foundation have stepped up with one of the best commercials of this upcoming weekend and WE have the entire clip. Founder of the Lucy Pet Foundation, Joey Herrick, is known to many … [Read more...]

Missing Dog Miracle and Three Cockers Plead

Imagine being away from home, on a family vacation with your pooch, and suddenly every pet parents’ worst nightmare happens: Your dog goes missing. What would you do? What would happen if you couldn’t find your dog despite all your best efforts? Do you return home? Do you stay? What would you do? Can a missing dog miracle possibly happen? If you are someone whose pet has … [Read more...]

Cat Mom Needs Dog Help for #NationalDogDay

Can each of you give $5 today because you love dogs and want to help a pooch in need? Pet lovers are all connected in some way, shape, or form on #NationalDogDay: No matter what pet you love or what you call that pet, we're connected. When cat mom/cat blogger, Robin Olson of Covered in Cat contacted me about helping a dog in need, the hairs on the back of my neck stood … [Read more...]

Adoptable Dog of the Week: Rhett Butler

If you are looking for a gorgeous adult male dog who likes kids and other dogs, then perhaps Rhett Butler can be your forever BFF. Rhett Butler is a Cocker/Labrador mix and is the Fidose of Reality adoptable dog of the week. If Rhett could talk, he'd tell you, "They say I'm a Lab/Cocker mix, but all I know is that I am mighty handsome. I'm looking for my Scarlett. You … [Read more...]

Adoptable Dog of the Week: Meet Pucci

We have a dog available who likes kids and who also likes other dogs! Meet Pucci, the Fidose adoptable dog of the week. Are you looking for a beautiful black and tan doll to make your family complete?  Look no further than Pucci!  She is an 8-year-old sweet and shy lovergirl.  Sadly, a family member became allergic to her so she's now scoping out new families to … [Read more...]

Pack of Sweet 16 Dogs Need Your Help

Valentine’s Day is in the air, and that means love, hearts, hugs, cupids, and dogs in love. Can dogs really fall in love and capture someone’s heart? If you are the proud mom or dad of a dog, no doubt you love your dog(s) dearly. No doubt, our dogs wrap themselves around our hearts. Fidose of Reality is challenging all pet parents to show how much they love their own dog by … [Read more...]

How to Win $1,000 for a 501c3 Pet Rescue

Do you know of a 501(c)3 pet shelter/rescue  that could use a $1,000 donation? Then you need to keep reading because Fidose of Reality has found a way for your favorite 501(c)3 pet rescue or shelter to have the opportunity to win a $1,000 donation. It's easy, no strings attached, but you need to pay attention and act fast. Here's the scoop on how to win $1,000 for a 501c3 pet … [Read more...]

Hope for One Dog on Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday has true meaning for me today.  I am without words, as I recently found out about a very touching true story that has an almost happy ending. This is where you, pet lovers, come in. My pal, June Myers, of Oklahoma, does so many things freely and from the bottom of her heart, yet she does not speak of them. She is one of those unsung heroes whose heart beats … [Read more...]