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Dexter the Dog and Mom on KSL-TV

Take one part Cocker Spaniel, add in a live television interview from beautiful Salt Lake City, mix with a hot topic (aka: BlogPaws 2012 social media conference), and toss in some chirping birds and a beautiful day. Sounds a bit fairy tale Cinderella-ish, but 'tis true. In preparation for the BlogPaws 2012 conference that we recently attended in Salt Lake City, Utah, Dexter and … [Read more...]

Dog Bucket List at BlogPaws 2012

I have two bucket lists: one for myself and one for my dog. I did the same thing for my previous Cocker Spaniel and highly recommend it.  The two intermingle and often overlap, and rightfully so; my heart beats dog so 97.8 percent of the items on my bucket list include dogs. What would go on your dog’s bucket list? Any of these? Meet celebrity pets Travel together and mingle … [Read more...]

BlogPaws 2012 Day One: Dog Lovers Pupdate

Fidose of Reality is here in Salt Lake City, Utah, covering all the news that's fit to wag at BlogPaws. BlogPaws is a year-round social media community that culminates with a yearly conference. People from all walks of life, all paws of life and all areas of the country — some from overseas — come together in the name of animals and blogging about them. As the PR (Puppy … [Read more...]

Turn your dog road worrier to travel warrior

Few things are more disheartening on a dog-friendly vacation or road trip as when a dog is fearful, has gastric upset, or becomes nervous far from home. Using our nearly 20 years of dog-friendly travel experiences, here are five time-tested dog-friendly travel tips to turn any road “warrior” into a road “warrior:” Car Aversion: Never force or make a travel fearful dog to “face … [Read more...]

Pet backpack gets the ultimate dog test

Traveling with a dog can be a fun, rewarding, and filled with unexpected moments, especially when a Cocker Spaniel and a video camera is involved. Followers of Fidose of Reality might know we are heading from Pennsylvania to Utah for the pet friendly social media event of the year, BlogPaws. Well, en route we are stopping in a variety of states and testing out some different … [Read more...]

Pet friendly cross country tour launching

Fidose of Reality is going cross country, city by city, paw by paw, en route to our final destination: Salt Lake City. Looking for dog-friendly things to do across America, things to see and places to go? We have a special dog-friendly Hawaiian contributor to Fidose of Reality and now all readers can join in, too. Follow our travels as we take to the open highway, where our … [Read more...]

Five dog friendly shopping centers

Ever wish you could go shopping with your dog? You can! Sniff out a bargain with your two best friends: your pooch and a charge card, as retail therapy has gone to the dogs. From sea to shining sea, merchants are unleashing “no pets allowed” policies and letting the dogs in. Stony Point Fashion Park Located in Richmond, Virginia, more than 90 stores at this unique open-air mall … [Read more...]

Dog gets ready for road trip

In honor of Wordless Wednesday (a fun, picture blog post created by the fab folks at BlogPaws), here's my dog, Dexter, on our last cross country trip to Denver, for BlogPaws!  We are going cross country to Utah and will be blogging all along the way, back, and sharing many things YOU can do with your dog, too! Better yet, meet us in Salt Lake City in June for the BlogPaws … [Read more...]