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Dog Meets Lion Cub

In honor of National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day, August 22, we share with you our PR (Puppy Relations) Manager, Dexter, meeting a big kitty! Prince is a rare white lion cub born at Nemacolin Woodlands Wildlife Habitats on July 6, 2010. Dexter is a gem of a Cocker Spaniel born in Pennsylvania on September, 6, 2008. Here, their paths cross. Prince's father is a White Lion, and … [Read more...]

Pet friendly travel goes to New Mexico

by: Jill Lane (with Travelin' Jack) With the beauty of New Mexico’s spectacular Fall Foliage—followed by powdery snow adventures in the high desert Winter Wonderland of our Rocky Mountain areas, it’s a good time for pet friendly travel to New Mexico.  And with so many fabulous and beautiful spots tucked all over the state, there is perhaps no better place than ‘The Land of … [Read more...]

How Many People Travel With Pets

Knock knock, tap tap, hello to all the hotels and bed and breakfasts out there that are not welcoming to pets. We’re traveling with dogs no matter what and if you extend the welcome mat to our pets, we’ll spend our money there. Really. So just how many people travel with pets? One of the biggest travel sites online, TripAdvisor, revealed results of their pet survey of over … [Read more...]

The Truth About Pet Friendly Travel

I've not taken a trip without a dog by my side in close to 20 years, albeit it a few times I flew for business sans Cocker Spaniel. Pet friendly implies the place likes pets and well, they are "friendly" in doing so, right? I have a ton of experience in this department, and nope, nope, and nope again. Generally, I've not had a problem getting my dog into a hotel or bed and … [Read more...]

One Pet Friendly Town Is Setting the Bark High

Boasting more eateries and lodging that are welcoming to pet than any other same small sized southwestern town, Taos, New Mexico, is encouraging travelers to visit their town. In comparison to any comparably sized town in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oklahoma, or Utah, Taos boasts more pet friendly places. Taos is home to slightly over 6,000 people, with nearly 84 … [Read more...]

Get the Latest Dog Friendly Travel News

If you love traveling with your dog friendly travel  (or want to travel with your dog), we've got news: Fidose of Reality is taking to the airwaves. We will be interviewed on Thursday, July 19, on by dynamic duo, Robbin and Joe Everett. Fidose will be dishing pet-friendly places, insider tips and hints for traveling with a dog, things to take that will make the trip … [Read more...]

Dog Friendly Lobster Shack and Freeport Maine

Maine is a very dog-welcoming state, as we can attest, having visited there several times with our Cocker Spaniel in tow. Two of the biggest challenges when traveling with a dog can be where to eat with Fido and where to shop. Fidose of Reality met those challenges on our last visit to Maine, and here are two of our recommendations. In case you missed it, here is part one of … [Read more...]

Pet Friendly Maine: Cape Elizabeth and Inn by the Sea

Looking to plan a dog-friendly, dog-welcoming getaway this fall? Take one part ocean, a few parts shopping, large servings of delicious food, and toss in a town that rolls out the red carpet to dogs and you’ve got Cape Elizabeth, Portland, and Freeport Maine. Fidose of Reality has visited many places and makes no bones about it: Maine is one of the most pet friendly states … [Read more...]

Fidose Attends Most Expensive Dog Wedding in History

Has your pet ever been in a wedding? Has your dog ever attended a wedding? We now can cross "attending the world's most expensive dog wedding" off our bucket list, as Dexter and I had a front row (and paw) seat for the gal event. Knowing that the event's donations and dollars earned will be donated to The Humane Society of New York is icing on the cake, "paw-don" the pun. My … [Read more...]

Dog friendly beaches of Hawaii

“I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand, Life is good today, life is good today.” ~ Zac Brown Band There is no better way to welcome the weekend like unwinding with Fido on one of the many dog-friendly beaches of Oahu. Grab his agua and towel, and feel the ocean spray in your faces as you kick up the perfect white sand on … [Read more...]