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Your Dog’s Best Health: What to Expect from a Veterinarian

As a layperson and dog mom without any formal veterinary school training, much of what I’ve learned about dog health care has been reading, talking to those in the know, experiencing things first hand with my dogs, and finding books like the latest by Dr. Nancy Kay.“Visits to the vet will never be the same,” is the printed across the cover of Your Dog’s Best Health, and the … [Read more...]

New dog toys and fun items to hit the marketplace

Some more fun and news from Global Pet Expo to report to our fur-ends and fans. Dog toys are coming!What would an expo of dog products be without toys and some off-the-beaten path fun? Here are several of the products that caught our eye and made our tails wag during Global Pet Expo last week in Orlando, Florida. And if you missed it, we reviewed some of our top safety and … [Read more...]

Top Picks for Dog Safety and Travel from Global Pet Expo

Fidose of Reality recently visited Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida.Global is the pet industry's largest annual trade show and features over 800 companies from around the world. Held at the Orange County Convention Center, the floor space equates to about 16 (yes 16!) football fields. Our dog paws sure felt it after a day of cascading amongst the newest products on the … [Read more...]

Where to pee when you go: Dog bathroom tips while traveling

Dog travel. A topic that is a hot one here at Fidose of Reality, as we travel with our dogs and have done so for the past 18 years. We know that millions are also traveling with their dogs and not always by mode of car. How about some dog bathroom tips when traveling?A new app has been created (for free) to give people traveling with their pet a directory of animal relief … [Read more...]

Mr Chewy pet food delivery service: Tail up or tail down?

I never thought I’d be one of those people who has their dog’s food delivered to their doorstep. I frequent pet supply stores, I love to get out and about and be social with my dog, so why bother? Mr Chewy does deliver.When the price is right, the website carries the brand of food my dog eats (and can be hard to find in my area), plus offers free shipping over $49 dollars, … [Read more...]

Five last minute gift ideas for dog lovers

The dogs must be all set for the holidays now. Bone: check. New squeaky toy: Check. Stocking ready for Santa Paws: Check. Dog lovers, unite.Got some last minute items still to purchase for the dog lover in your life? How about a few feel-good items that will give any dog lover a big holiday warm fuzzy feeling:* Live Love Wag: How cute is that? The gal who does these … [Read more...]

Eight dog books to read, give as gifts, or both

A great stack of eight. Turn the Kindles off, power down the Ipad. Here are eight great page turners for some holiday thought and joy. Here are eight dog books we love:1.Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food,by Ann N. Martin. Changed the way I looked dog food, how I prepared it, and the horrors of what is legally allowed to be in it. 2. Oogy, The Dog … [Read more...]

Five Dog Lover Stocking Stuffers Under $15 Bucks

Remember those items received for the holidays when we were kids that were necessary yet tossed to the side of the pile? To dogs, some stocking stuffers are the “socks” of the human gift-giving world.  I am referring to the kinds of presents dog moms and dogs would like to have and use but the ones that Rover or Rambo might otherwise ponder, “what, I can’t eat it? Then what … [Read more...]

Going Green to Keep Dogs Safe and Healthy: Tips from an expert

Think about it: your dog spends most of his time at home, so he’s surrounded by whatever chemicals you use to clean it. If your dog has environmental allergies, those can be triggered even indoors by the allergens you and your dog bring inside. Dogs who lick food off the kitchen floor also lick up whatever you use to clean it. Finally, there are so many unfamiliar ingredients … [Read more...]

Top Nine Funky Holiday Gifts for Dogs

Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg. There was always one kid in school who sang that line in lieu of is traditional version. And there are always companies who share their holiday gift-giving wares for dogs with a bit of an off-the-beaten-path marketing idea. As a dog product aficionado, here are nine holiday gifts for dogs sure to make you tilt your head sideways … [Read more...]