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Latest Dog Water Products Revealed

Dog water bowls, dog watering systems, and dog water type products seem to be one of the hottest categories of items of late to the pet industry. In our never-ending quest to find the very latest and greatest dog products “out there” and bring them to Fidose of Reality readers, we decided to get our feet wet (pun intended). Of the many dog products that cross our office desks, … [Read more...]

Should Dogs Wear Clothes?

What are your thoughts about dogs wearing clothes? Should dogs don couture in the name of good looks alone or should clothing only serve a warming function? Do you dress your dog up? What do you tell people who think it's ridiculous that dogs wear clothes? I wondered, too, so like any good journalist, I wrote about it for Dogster and talked to  those in dog fashion and even at … [Read more...]

CONTEST WINNER ANNOUNCED: $100 Pet Product Shopping Spree

CONTEST IS CLOSED AND THE WINNER OF THE $100 SHOPPING SPREE AT OLIVER'S PET CARE IS: Aunt Christine, who said, "I would definitely order the Big Shrimpy Nest Dog Bed. Always need another dog bed here for over night house guests and maybe for a new little boy dog who will come to live with us one day." THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED - KEEP COMING BACK FOR MORE FIDOSE FUN! How would … [Read more...]

Is your dog a rock star?

Does your dog rock? By visiting this dog magazine blog, you’re probably nodding in unison (or wait, is that "head banging" in unison), that “yes, indeed, my dog does ROCK!” Bret Michaels agrees, and he’s got a new line of products for pets that are ooh-la-la fun, trendy, hip, and exclusive through PetSmart in stores and online. And Fidose of Reality went behind the velvet ropes … [Read more...]

Dog Snack Derived From Yak

...yak milk that is! Looking for a natural treat that your dog can chew on, lasts more than 10 minutes, doesn't stain carpeting, and isn't very expensive? In the latest segment of Animal Cafe, Mary Haight and Fidose of Reality talk Himalayan Dog Chews. Made of yak and cow milk, salt and a bit of lime. Not from China, these treats are sun-cured in the Himalayan mountains. Note: … [Read more...]

National Craft for your Local Shelters Day

Two areas in which I was not blessed: cooking and sewing. Crafting, however, if someone shows me how, can be done. Enter Erika Lindquist and her pawsome pooch, Sebastian.  Erika is the founder and mastermind behind, a website of handmade fashions and DIY crafts for pets. A recent entry shows how to make to make sparkly dog wrist cuffs. Fidose of Reality PR … [Read more...]

Hot Pet Products on Pet Talk TV

Do you like learning about new dog products to the marketplace? Well, we love sharing news about them. As the PR Manager for BlogPaws, it is with great joy that I learn about new pet products and services. As the PR (Puppy Relations) Manager for Fidose of Reality, it is with great joy that Dexter, my Cocker Spaniel, spreads the word and joins me for appearances. He owns my … [Read more...]

The truth about dog food

Do you know how to read a pet food label? Does the idea of knowing exactly what to feed your dog ever leave you feeling confused? If so, join the club. Even yours truly, who reads and writes about dogs, dog products, and dog nutrition, gets perplexed. It was with ardent fervor that I attended a seminar focusing on pet nutrition during a recent pet bloggers conference. The very … [Read more...]

Three chemical free ways to prevent fleas and ticks

Longer days and longer walks: Two of the pros to spring and summertime fun with our dogs. Fleas and ticks: Two seasonal (and in many areas, year-round) foes of dogs. In our never-ending paws-to-the-ground search for products that will not harm dogs and yet are effective in eradicating and preventing fleas and ticks, we have a round up of three products we’re using. We’re … [Read more...]

Pet backpack gets the ultimate dog test

Traveling with a dog can be a fun, rewarding, and filled with unexpected moments, especially when a Cocker Spaniel and a video camera is involved. Followers of Fidose of Reality might know we are heading from Pennsylvania to Utah for the pet friendly social media event of the year, BlogPaws. Well, en route we are stopping in a variety of states and testing out some different … [Read more...]