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New Inexpensive Way to Cure Dog Food Allergies

Do you have a dog with allergies? Does your dog have itchy skin or perhaps irritable bowel or digestive symptoms because you suspect food is a culprit? Cocker Spaniels share my life, so allergies and itchy skin have become an expected norm. Trying to determine what makes a dog itch, especially this time of year as leaves fall and seasons change, can be nightmarish and laborious … [Read more...]

Boo World's Cutest Dog Unleashed in New Book

  Boo! For some the word conjures up Halloween (and how timely is that), but with over 5.2 million Facebook fans (and growing), Boo is an iconic canine with a legion of followers. For those not a part of the evolution of this doggone adorable pooch, he's also recently penned his second book, Boo: Little Dog in a Big City.  Boo is also the "world's cutest dog."  Fidose of … [Read more...]

Dog birthday party a hit with unique dog tags

My dog is turning four years old, and along with his litter mates, each year we celebrate with a dog birthday party. If you want to have fun and do something memorable that will have you and your friends sharing stories for months and maybe even years to come, try hosting or attending a birthday party for dogs and giving dog tags as a party favor. This past Labor Day weekend, … [Read more...]

Where did dog collars originate?

Where did dog collars originate and why? We know identification is a necessary staple in this day and age—along with microchipping or GPS tracking or whatever other means of identification we give to Fido in the event he or she goes missing. With the peak of Egyptian civilization, dogs in collars became the standard fare. Domesticated dogs wearing collars dates back to about … [Read more...]

Five Dog Products Under $25 for National Dog Day

National Dog Day is Sunday, August 26. Of course, around here in the Fidose of Reality world, EVERY day is dog day. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up some of the neatest dog products we’ve uncovered this week. And as always, we’re keeping the price tag under $25 so these are products we like and are affordable. My Best Friends Fork: I know many dog moms and dads who feed their … [Read more...]

Fidose Freebie Friday for Dog Lovers

I love shopping for products for my dog, especially when those products are on sale. In honor of Fidose Freebie Friday, we're passing on savings on products when we get the scoop about them. Our friends at Earth Heart recently ran a contest here on Fidose of Reality. We are fans of products that are dog healthy and friendly, so it's our pleasure to let you know about a sale on … [Read more...]

Five Dog Books You Should Be Reading

Dog books, books related to dogs, books for and about dogs, of the fiction and non-fiction variety: These are a few of my favorite things. How about you? I still love walking in a bookstore (remember those?) and perusing the aisles of prose, thumbing through magazines, and walking out with armfuls of swag. The challenge of today's modern world is this: so many awesome dog books … [Read more...]

What If Pets Could Talk?

What if pets could talk?  How cool would that be? Well, the closest thing to dogs actually talking is via their human counterparts.... and one lady who gives a voice to pets all year-long (for 13 years), is Lauren Collier. Lauren is the hostess of Pet Talk, a fab television show for and about pets! We have the privilege of calling Lauren a friend, and so do the animals of … [Read more...]

New Dog Food Put to the Test

Dog food that is good for dogs, tastes yummy to them, and gives dog parents a sense of providing proper nutrition to them: Sounds like a wish list for dog moms and dads, right? Wishes sometimes come true, as we recently discovered with a new dog food (wet variety)to the marketplace. Rachael Ray Nutrish Naturally Delish is a wet food for dogs with no corn, wheat*, soy, or … [Read more...]

Want To Visit Animal Cafe?

Pet businesses that give back, do something in the name of dog, for dogs, and truly have a heart that beats dog (the Fidose of Reality mantra), make us wag, perk our head sideways and wonder what's it all about. Case in point: Animal Cafe. Have you heard of Animal Cafe? Doesn't it sound like the perfect place to sit and have a cup of coffee (or tea) and have your canine … [Read more...]