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Chicken Jerky Protest on Black Friday

Chicken jerky treats across the country (the world for that matter), is killing our dogs. This is a proven fact and yet, store shelves are lined up and stocked with the poisonous product just in time for holiday shopping. I am convinced that tainted chicken jerky was a direct cause of my previous Cocker Spaniel's demise. Fidose of Reality has written about chicken jerky dangers … [Read more...]

Five Must Have Items for Dogs and Dog Lovers

The holidays are here and Fidose of Reality has uncovered five items for dogs and dog lovers that are off the beaten path and things you might miss on your local pet supply store shelves. Looking for some really unique and treasured gifts to give the dogs and dog lovers in your life? Check these out: Collars with Flair: From Fidose fan and dog mom, Karen Meyering, comes a … [Read more...]

Can Shampoo Harm or Kill Your Dog?

Dog food, dog treats, flea and tick prevention: These product categories have all been given a closer than usual scrutiny in recent years, and with valid reason. We know that certain ingredients can cause our canine family members to get sick or worse. Dog shampoo is no different. But what about the ingredients in pet shampoo? Have you considered whether what we use to … [Read more...]

Three Dog Books You Probably Aren’t Reading

  It’s November 1st and that means one thing: Start planning your dog item holiday shopping wish list! Seriously, this is the time of year when oh-so-many good dog books hit the store shelves that dog moms and dads might miss a few gems. Fret not, that’s what Fidose of Reality is here to do: Keep you in the loop and with the inside scoop on some books you might want to gift for … [Read more...]

Finding Your Fun in Competitive Obedience: Book Review

  By Karen Meyering, Cocker Mom   Book Review: It’s a Dog Not a Toaster:  Finding Your Fun in Competitive Obedience by Diana Kerew-Shaw   “Wow.  Your dogs are beautiful.  Do you show them?”    This is a question I often hear when out and about with my two Cocker Spaniels.  What follows usually goes something like this: To the Kind Person who has noticed my dogs I reply “Yes, I … [Read more...]

A Dog Named Boo Book Review

Lisa Edwards thought she was rescuing an abandoned puppy. Turns out, the dog was rescuing Lisa. How many dog moms and dads can relate to that sentiment? A Dog Named Boo was that abandoned puppy. Dogs often rescue us: From our lives, from ourselves, and from a path we were never meant to be on. With over 70 million Americans sharing their lives with a dog, there is a sea of … [Read more...]

Six Dog Products for Fall You Can't Do Without

 Fidose of Reality has picked six of their favorite fall dog products for canine moms and dads. We see a lot of products cross our office desks and these are six of the ones we're recommending and using this time of year. With falling leaves come falling temperatures, itchy skin, and drats the F word (fleas....shhhh). Rather than tell you what our favorite fall dog products … [Read more...]

Do You Enjoy Kisses From Strangers in the Middle of the Night?

Do you enjoy kisses from strangers in the middle of the night? Foster a dog!!! This is the message from our friends at Tired Dog Rescue, a wonderful foster and rescue group that gives so freely of their hearts to help dogs in need. Now they are selling some fun swag you can give for holiday presents. Never to early to start shopping for the holidays, right? They have a few … [Read more...]

A Letter From the Family Dog About Ticks

Dear Mom (or Dad): Today I walked barefoot on a sidewalk full of germs. Returning home, I didn’t wipe my paws off but proceeded to jump on my bed, walk around the house, and watched as my roommate put a pair of rubber gloves on her hands. Gasp, I shuddered to myself, why the gloves? She put a funny smelling solution in between my shoulders and said it would help protect me … [Read more...]

Newfangled Lost Pet Finders Bring 65-85% More Hope to Pet Owners

Several times a year while I’m out walking my dog, I come across someone who’s looking for a lost pet. My heart sinks because I know the frantic feeling of missing a beloved furry friend, not knowing where he is or if he’s safe. Also I know how dogs and cats can quickly find themselves in strange places. The good news is, you can say goodbye to the old days of making your own … [Read more...]