Carry A Veterinarian In Your Purse #VetonDemand

I am a firm believer that there is no substitute for a veterinarian putting his or her hands on your dog when it deals with health matters. Finding a good veterinarian with whom you can foster a relationship for you and your dog is worth its weight in golden dog biscuits. If you have one of those veterinarians, cherish them and be grateful. What qualities do you look for … [Read more...]

Product for Dogs Who Hate Their Teeth Brushed

Dexter digs getting his teeth brushed. My dog truly, madly, deeply accepts a toothbrush and we brush at least once a day, seven days a week. I did the same thing for my last Cocker Spaniel. Neither dog has ever needed a professional cleaning under anesthesia. Ever. Sad-tistic I no longer call them statistics when revealing some of the sad realities of our beloved dogs. … [Read more...]

Muddy Wet Dog Paws Solution Time

It’s Fidose Friday Find time! Spring is here and summer is around the corner, and that means dirty, muddy paw season is here, too! I allow my dog on the furniture and throughout the house, so we generally have standard towels or rags waiting at the door for our return. The towels and rags don’t always work and I am not interested in paw cleaner products (involved and … [Read more...]

8 Hacks to Prevent Dog Fleas and Ticks

Nasty creepy crawly critters can ruin a vacation, cause sleepless nights, and turn your home into a pest-be-gone war zone: it’s the time of year pet parents dread the most: Flea and tick season . Thankfully, Fidose of Reality has 8 hacks to prevent dog fleas and ticks: Shake It Off Food grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE): I carry this stuff around in my dog’s “bag of stuff” on … [Read more...]

Dog Gifts for Dogs Who Have Everything

Holiday gift guides are everywhere these days. With our new focus on all things health and wellness related for dog lovers of the highest order, we’re cutting right to the chase this year. We've got a selection of dog gifts for dogs who have everything.  Fidose of Reality has selected 12 items we recommend (and use) for holiday gift giving: For dogs and/or for dog lovers. … [Read more...]

How a #RichellPet Pet Gate Saved My Dog’s Life

There is nothing worse than can happen to a pet parent than the fear that their pet could escape from their home or apartment. As much as I am a super diligent dog mom and someone who prides herself in pet safety and well being, my worst fear was nearly realized. Last month, the folks from Richell Pet asked if I would like to review their Premium Plus Freestanding Pet Gate … [Read more...]

The Mystery of a Dog Mouth #SmoochYourPooch

Impress your friends on Trivial Pursuit, Jeopardy, or in casual conversation with this canine health nugget: A dog’s saliva has no enzymes. Ah, the mystery of a dog mouth. By now, most savvy dog moms and dads know the importance of brushing a dog’s teeth, how it can add years to a pooch’s life, and how many problems can be prevented and/or detected from establishing a good … [Read more...]

Five Dog Lover Stocking Stuffers Under $15 Bucks

Remember those items received for the holidays when we were kids that were necessary yet tossed to the side of the pile? To dogs, some stocking stuffers are the “socks” of the human gift-giving world.  I am referring to the kinds of presents dog moms and dogs would like to have and use but the ones that Rover or Rambo might otherwise ponder, “what, I can’t eat it? Then what … [Read more...]

Going Green to Keep Dogs Safe and Healthy: Tips from an expert

Think about it: your dog spends most of his time at home, so he’s surrounded by whatever chemicals you use to clean it. If your dog has environmental allergies, those can be triggered even indoors by the allergens you and your dog bring inside. Dogs who lick food off the kitchen floor also lick up whatever you use to clean it. Finally, there are so many unfamiliar ingredients … [Read more...]

Fab 5 Fidose of Reality Doggie Bag Items

Wish you could find out some cool things for dogs but not sure where to go, who to talk to, if anyone has heard of them? Enter Fidose of Reality. We’ll be regularly showcasing items for dogs that are pretty cool, fun, helpful and worth you nosing into. Here are some of the items in our doggie bag. Itchy paws: Now and again, Dexter has itchy paws. Change of food, new shampoo … [Read more...]