What To Use for Itchy Dog Skin

Itchy dog skin is no fun, Elyse Horvath was tired. Her Cocker Spaniel’s paw pads were worn down, rough, and cracked, and the dog ended up licking her feet over and over. Despite looking high and low for products to help soothe her dog’s paw issues, anything Horvath found was full of chemicals and could easily be absorbed into the dog’s bloodstream. A lightbulb moment … [Read more...]

How to Care for a Dog’s Winter Skin and Coat #BayerExpertCare

Question: What is your dog’s biggest organ? Answer: His skin. Surprised? The same hold true for humans. Since dry, flaky skin is a common complaint of people during the winter months, it also makes sense to care for a dog’s skin, too. Indeed it is very important to know how to care for a dog's winter skin and coat. During a recent trip to PetSmart® , we discovered the Bayer® … [Read more...]

The World’s First Dog GPS Collar Without Fees #NuzzleSmartCollar

"My dog is lost." These are the words no pet parent wants to say or experience. A pet parent’s worst nightmare, next to having their pet pass away, is having their pet go missing. Over the years, countless numbers of products to help reunite lost pets have crossed our desk. We always recommend your dog have a name tag on with current information and be microchipped. … [Read more...]

How to Save a Dog in an Emergency

Do you know what to do in the event of an emergency with your dog? One of the worst things that has ever happened to me occurred with my first Cocker Spaniel. She was eating a bully stick and started to choke. I knew she had likely broken a piece off and it lodged somewhere in the back of her throat or down her throat. She started to panic and tried to breathe, but she was … [Read more...]

How to Clean a Stinky Dog With Ease #WoofPouf #sponsored

Some dogs just have a tendency to get dirty and stinky faster than others: I happen to have one of them. The primary color in my dog’s coat is white. It’s as if dirt finds itself and throws itself onto his coat. Couple the dirt factor with the fact that my dog loves to roll in the stinkiest of scents when at the park. Having a stinky dog is no fun. I like bunnies but my dog … [Read more...]

Cocker Spaniel Finds Moment of Zen with Groom Genie

My dog hates getting brushed. I wish I could find a grooming tool that detangles and also makes the coat look gorgeous on my dog. My dog is okay with getting brushed but he gets a bit anxious. Brushing a dog regularly stimulates the oils in the skin and at the follicle of the hair. In turn, dogs that have sensitivities and allergies benefit from regular brushing. Have … [Read more...]

Dog Friendly Amusement Park and Safe Travels Getting There

A dog friendly amusement park sounds like a dream, right? It's summer in full swing, dog lovers, and that means family getaways. Millions of families visit amusement parks each summer, yet very few actually allow well-behaved leashed dogs to enter their premises. Fidose of Reality has the scoop on a Pennsylvania amusement park that not only allows dogs in, they welcome them as … [Read more...]

How to Help a Lost Dog

A pet parent's worst nightmare, next to having their pet pass away, is having their pet go missing. Over the past 10 years or so, my spouse and I have helped reunited at least a dozen lost dogs with their frantic families.  The dogs seem to find their way to our house. If a dog goes missing, my wife and I like to joke that they find their way to us to help reunite them. It … [Read more...]

Safe Ways to Prevent Fleas and Ticks

It’s time for the 2015 edition of safe ways to prevent fleas and ticks from attacking and/or attaching their nasty selves to your dog. We’ve come a long way since flea collars and chemical-based spot on treatments that can actually do more harm than good for dogs. It’s 2015 and we do better because we know better. I am not a scientist, but I am a dog mom who knows the folks … [Read more...]

New Product Helps Senior Dogs (and More)

Every now and then a unique dog product comes along that I absolutely must share with Fidose of Reality readers. Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips for dogs is that product. Designed for slipping/weak senior dogs, they are also helpful for disabled and rehabilitating dogs. So if you have a dog with back or mobility issues, have a home with hardwood floors, or have a dog who is a bit older … [Read more...]