Dog Lovers Store Opens at Central PA Pet Expo

Get ready to get all of your Christmas shopping done if you are a pet lover: The Blair County Convention Center in Altoona, Pennsylvania, is going to the dogs (and er, cats and more) this Sunday, October 18th from noon until five. And Fidose of Reality along with Wigglebutt Warriors will be launching the debut of our dog lovers store in person!!!! And if you aren't able to … [Read more...]

Tips to Get Rid of Dog Odors #Petiquette

One of the most common complaints people have after visiting the home of loved ones with pets is generally the smell of dog odors. As a lifelong dog mom, I can attest that admitting to having dog odors is embarrassing: We all have the world's greatest dog. No way can my dog emit a smell that visitors can detect. Is it that or perhaps we dog parents are "noseblind?" Heck, I live … [Read more...]

Ultimate Dog Lover T-Shirts and Giveaway #MountainArtWear #sponsored

I am a dog mom to the core and my heart beats dog.® I love that quote so much that I trademarked it, and recently I discovered a company that allows me to wear my heart that beats dog on my sleeve, quite literally, see? If you are a dog lover and love t-shirts that say so, keep reading... The folks at The Mountain® produce American-made apparel that embodies the spirit … [Read more...]

Custom Pet Pottery Dog Photo Contest

There is something to be said for handmade pottery with a dog theme in mind. How many of you love to shop for dog-related items? If I see a unique dog bowl, magnet, ornament, or other dog-inspired item, my eyes light up and I want to learn more. Welcome to the Fidose of Reality Custom pet pottery dog photo contest!!! 4 Paws Pottery is a family-owned and operated business … [Read more...]

A Letter to My Dog Book Delivers and Giveaway

I love summertime for so many things, and catching up on good books is one of my favorite summer pastimes. If you love dogs and reading, then A Letter to My Dog book is your "must read" material of the season. If you are a cat lover, not to fret: A Letter to My Cat is designed for feline aficionados. Here's the scoop and how you can win a copy of this precious book for dog … [Read more...]

Abe Lincoln’s Love of Dogs Book Review and Giveaway

I am not much of a Presidential history buff, but I am very interested in the role dogs played in the lives of important people throughout history. It was with great joy, then, that I was made aware of a new book by Matthew Algeo, Abe & Fido: Lincoln's Love of Animals. Indeed Abe Lincoln had a passion for pets. Since "Fido" is part of our blog namesake, this book, its … [Read more...]

What Do Wine and Dogs Have in Common

What do wine and dogs have in common? Well, does curling up with your dog, a good book, and a glass of your favorite beverage sound appealing? What if that glass was custom painted with your dog’s likeness, like this: I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to dogs, and especially my dog. Fidose of Reality is a health and wellness dog blog, and that means sharing … [Read more...]

Chick Lit with a Canine Twist Scores

Chick lit with a canine twist: If this sounds like your cup of’ terrier tea, read on. When Susan Daffron was named a Fidose of Reality Paw-er Woman in 2011, she told us, “If you love writing and you love pets, writing about pets doesn’t feel like work.” Her latest offering, Fuzzy Logic, is a piece of work that answers the ever-burning question, “What’s a good book I can … [Read more...]

Dog Gifts for Dogs Who Have Everything

Holiday gift guides are everywhere these days. With our new focus on all things health and wellness related for dog lovers of the highest order, we’re cutting right to the chase this year. We've got a selection of dog gifts for dogs who have everything.  Fidose of Reality has selected 12 items we recommend (and use) for holiday gift giving: For dogs and/or for dog lovers. … [Read more...]

Cocker Spaniel Book Breaks Boundaries

My heart beats dog™, and if you read this blog on a regular basis, you know that dog is generally a Cocker Spaniel.  My whole life I wanted to have a Cocker Spaniel and I wanted to live true to who I really am. One of those two dreams was realized in 1993 when my first Cocker Spaniel entered my life. The “being true to who I am” happened in 2013 when I shared with the world the … [Read more...]