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Why Do Baby Animals Drive Us GaGa?

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, there are some really cute baby animals.  Pictures of these adorable creatures find their way onto the Internet, infiltrating the World Wide Web and making everyone go completely gaga. But do you ever wonder why our hearts melt at the sight of baby animals? I recently found out that Country—the magazine for readers who love the land and life … [Read more...]

Senior Citizen Superhero Forms Senior Dog Rescue Group

how to get ex girlfriend back (this article written by Terry Humerickhouse, a senior superhero for senior dog rescue) My passion for rescue began when I was 25 and newly married. My wife and I started rescuing Cocker Spaniels in 1985 and I have never looked back. In our first 14 years of rescue, we saved 14 Cockers and this was prior to the Internet. Facebook, adoption … [Read more...]

Arlington National Cemetery is Dog Friendly

Arlington National Cemetery is a pet-friendly historic slice of history where you are welcome to bring your well-behaved, leashed dog. Arlington National Cemetery, located in the northern part of Virginia and bordering Washington D.C., is the final resting place of more than 300,000 people. Beginning with the American Revolution, veterans from each of our nation’s wars along … [Read more...]

Celebrity Dog Lovers Dish The Dirt

Being a dog writer and blogger, I have had the pleasure of interviewing many people over the years: From top notch celebrities to everyday heroes who foster dogs. There are indeed celebrity dog lovers out there. Looking forward, I am heading out with my dog in tow to one of the biggest, best social media conferences for pet bloggers in the world (and the original one). I am … [Read more...]

Why Dog Moms Should Celebrate on Mothers Day

buy cigarettes online I am a dog mom. I like love it when folks call me a dog mom and I never grimace, furrow a brow, or correct them. In fact, a sense of pride swells over me. I am not alone.  Dog moms should celebrate on Mother's Day (and always). I buy cotton swabs, I use baby wipes on my dog after a muddied walk or rainy day, and I could probably circumnavigate the … [Read more...]

Best Rugs to Get For Pet Households

If you landed on this page, chances are you have are looking for rugs to get for pet households. Fluffy pets and rugs can be incompatible, but if you have a love both for animals and rugs, there are still a few options. You probably won’t want to invest in a priceless antique rug with pets in the house, but you also don’t have to stick to rubber flooring either. Use this handy … [Read more...]

Getting a Dog Inspired Tattoo

Dog tattoos and dog-themed tattoos are both intensely personal experiences. This is my journey of two dog-themed tattoos, what I learned, and what to consider before jumping in ink first.  Will A Dog Tattoo Hurt? This is one of the most commonly asked questions customers pose to tattoo artists. “The physical pain is really more temporary and passes much quicker than … [Read more...]

Who Are Fidose of Reality Dog Lovers

Fidose of Reality is a blog where dog lovers of the highest order unite.™ What makes this blog different and why you should sniff around and bookmark us? We feature Rover-ing reporter "DexMarksHisSpot" with dog travels, dog health and wellness, dog news and featured Fidos. All the bark, nary a bite, dogs to the max. Our heart beats dog and we wag for those who gush with us, … [Read more...]

Anatomy of a Grieving Dog Mom

by: Carol Bryant There’s a hole in my heart where whole used to be. Those were the first words that came to mind when I sat down today to write this piece about grief, the power it spews into one’s life whether we want it or not. The great Emily Dickinson wrote so many passages about death, yet one resonates over and over, “Forever is composed of nows.” It certainly is. Are … [Read more...]