Do I need pet insurance: infographic and info

Ever wonder what Pet Insurance is, why you might need it and does it really work? As someone who has had veterinary health insurance for the past 16 years (my last beloved dog and now my Dexter), it has been wonderful. In my case, I would sell my teeth, lungs, kidneys, hair, and jewelry to do whatever I had to for my dog. Pet health insurance comes in handy big time when there … [Read more...]

Does your dog eat better than you do and why?

Is your dog eating better than you are? In an article appearing in South Carolina’s The State newspaper, this is the question posed and answered with a vehement “pretty much so, yes!”Attributing an aging pet population and a more affluent purchasing clientele providing more lavish meals for their pets as two reasons, Fidose of Reality begs to differ.Consumers are wiser, … [Read more...]

Toxins that harm our dogs: What dog owners need to know

According to the ASPCA, prescription medications top the ASPCA’s List of Harmful Pet Toxins for 2011. What does this mean to pet parents?Of the over 165,000 calls the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) in Urbana, Illinois, received in 2011 about pets being exposed to potentially poisonous substances - in 26 percent of those calls, pets accidentally ingested human … [Read more...]