Canine Holiday Tale of Less is More With #NaturalBalance

Limited Ingredient Diet from Natural Balance at PetSmart #NaturalBalance #sponsored


When we give, we receive so much in return. I imagine if my dog could actually talk, he really would be the type of pooch to say something like that. He is a loving, giving, non-confrontational type of dog and the inspiration for this canine holiday tale. Cozy up with your favorite warm beverage, kick back and relax, and read through the story of Less is More.


‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the store,

All the creatures were stirring and buying items galore.


The savings were dangling from the shelves with care,

In hopes that the dog parents would soon be there.


My Cocker was nestled all snug in his bed,

Visions of cruising PetSmart® ran round in his head

Dog dreaming about playing and shopping #NaturalBalance #sponsored

So I in my coat and my doggie mom cap,

Decided to go shopping, get gifts, and then wrap.


When there in the aisle just behind the valance,

Stood a limited ingredient diet from the folks at Natural Balance®

The #NaturalBalance line of dog food at PetSmart #sponsored

Straight down the aisle I flew like a flash,

Headed for the formulas of dry, canned, and treat stash.


Unique proteins and Omegas make quite the show,

Backed  with a Buy with Confidence  guarantee for dog parents in the know.


Then what to my wondering eyes did appear,

But grain-free formulas to help allergies disappear.

Dexte rmakes #NaturalBalance selections at PetSmart #sponsored

The most extensive selection of unique proteins galore,

Featuring rabbit, venison, bison, and so much more.


My dog knew in that moment he had to be quick,

For he saw a cart full of Chihuahuas doing trick after trick.


He was shopping for his bestie and needed to grab his gifts,

For soon the Chis would be barking and even start some rifts.


Dexter whistled and he shouted and he called out by name

“Get kibble and canned food and some duck treats indeed

This limited ingredient diet is just what my friend needs”

Dog shops for #NaturalBalance at PetSmart #ad

“To the front of the store, towards the register we shall go

It’s time to check out and get home before the snow”


He met with an obstacle, as the lines were quite busy,

He knew what was needed to prevent the Chihuahuas from a tizzy.


Dexter is mysterious and a dog of many talents,

So he hopped inside the cart and took hold of the Natural Balance.

Natural Balance shopping at PetSmart #ad #NaturalBalance

A bag of Wild Pursuit he swiftly flung on his back,

A shiny luxurious coat would put his pal Zola at head of the pack.


His eyes how they twinkled, his tush how it wiggled,

Fellow shoppers snapped selfies as they laughed and giggled.


He had a freckled face and a little white belly,

That shook when he pranced like a bowl full of jelly.

PetSmart and #NaturalBalance #ad

A wag of his tail and a nod to the sky,

I saw Rudolph pull up, Dex jumped on, and they waved goodbye.


They sprang to the skies, which were clear and quiet,

And wished us all a healthy, Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet®.

dog plays in snow

We heard them exclaim as they pranced out of sight—

Happy Dining to all and feed your dogs right!!!


Why Feed Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet

If you haven’t realized by now, we are fans of this line of dog food. Our dog’s best friend, Zola. enjoys the Natural Balance Potato and Duck L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diet® formula. She’s been eating a variety of both canned and kibble of this formula for several years. Sometimes, less is more and a limited ingredient diet is a wonderful option.

Thankfully, Natural Balance has premium pet food for pet parents who:

  • Prefer a grain-free diet for their dog;
  • A dog food with a limited number of proteins and carbs;
  • Perhaps want to rotate protein sources;
  • Have a dog with food sensitivities;
#NaturalBalance available at PetSmart #ad
Dexter gifting his friend, Zola, with Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet

Doesn’t One Brand and Type of Food Suit Most Dogs?

Since we, as human beings, are not one size/taste/preference in food fits all, the same holds true for dogs.

In an effort to bring our readers a wide range of choices and options, Fidose of Reality will be shining the spotlight on various types of dog food options.

A quality diet will help a dog maintain longevity;  healthy good, strong muscle mass; and good internal digestion and function. Coupled with regular mental and physical stimulation, Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet can help dogs maintain an overall healthy state of being.

Not all dogs are created equal #NaturalBalance#ad

What’s Really in the Can?

The name of this blog is Fidose of Reality, so we believe in transparency and only recommend to our readers what we ourselves would use or give to those we love.

Here are the first few ingredients in the canned duck and potato formula from Natural Balance Limited Ingredient diet:

Duck, Duck Broth, Potatoes, Dehydrated Potatoes, Potato Protein, Canola Oil, Calcium Carbonate, Dicalcium Phosphate…

All good stuff!

The #NaturalBalance dog food at PetSmart #ad

Cut to the Kibble

The kibble is half of the diet our dog’s bestie eats. Zola dines nightly on half kibble, half canned in this formula. The kibble smells great and my dog’s nose went into overdrive for it, too:

#NaturalBalance food #sponsored

The main ingredients include: Potatoes, Duck Meal, Duck, Canola Oil (preserved with natural mixed tocopherols), Potato Protein, Potato Fiber, Natural Flavor, Dicalcium Phosphate, Salt, Salmon Oil (a source of DHA).

Zola loves her #NaturalBalance #ad

Create Your Own PetSmart Adventure

The next time you are shopping with your pooch at PetSmart, snap a selfie at the Natural Balance section and share it with us on Facebook or Twitter. You can also find the Natural Balance folks on social media, too, by visiting:

Natural Balance on Facebook

Would you consider feeding your dog this diet and/or has your pooch ever shopped at PetSmart?



  1. This blog post made me smile and laugh and giggle! I had to read it twice. What a clever way to introduce Natural Balance. I could actually see Dexter doing all of the above as he really has such the personality. Love the poem, and we have always been a Natural Balance household. So tonight in honor of Dexter, I’m taking my dogs to Petsmart to get some extra NB treats!!!!

  2. You sprang in that shopping cart, from your Mom came a whistle
    And through that checkout line you flew like the down from a thistle
    But they all heard you bark as you were pushed out the doors
    Merry Dogmas from me and Natural Balance for evermore

  3. I absolutely LUB dis post (and I wanna move in with you cuz you got a pawesome Christmas tree!)! What a great way to share the joy of the holidays and info about Natural Balance! Now I’m so happy from reading this that I’m gonna share it with the world! 🙂

  4. That was fun and I laughed out loud. I may cheat and get BJ some Natural Balance. He’s on prescription diet so I can only cheat a little.

  5. Nature’s Recipe sounds like a greta option for pet parents looking for “step up” from grocery store brands to a more natural dog food! Dexter did a great job with his version of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”…

  6. Holy Hanna, I love this Christmas story!! Its so clever & adorable, I really enjoyed reading it! I’ve been giving my dogs Natural Balance food & treats for years, such a great product line. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you, Dex & Darlene!!

  7. I love your post, so cute and such a clever way to introduce the product. I love your photos too and I’m amazed by all the presents in the photo where Dexter is napping! I haven’t even started my shopping yet!

    • It is so hard to wade through the many choices in pet foods these days, so we are trying to provide pet parents with a variety of options.

  8. I love the poem! Such a creative way to talk about how pawsome Natural Balance is. My kitties enjoy the Wild Pursuit formulas. The LID formulas sound great too!

  9. First off, so stinking cute! And I’m glad that the chihuahua did not have a tizzy! Secondly, though, our dachshund tires of her food on a regular basis so we are always looking for new good food options. Natural Balance seems to offer a lot of benefits and I would certainly consider it.

  10. First off, your pup looks adorable in the Santa suit! I haven’t heard of Natural Balance but my mom is actually looking to try new food for her dog so I’ll have to tell her about this one!

  11. I love your poem. So creative how you changed the words. If I had a pet, I would definitely want to try a better quality food like Natural Balance.

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