Canine Couturier Celebrates with Dog Birthday Party

Anthony Rubio smooches his dogs at the party.

Quite a crowd gathered outside the Roger Smith Hotel’s window in New York City on Tuesday evening, August 13th. Thirteen is definitely a lucky number for Bogie and Kimba, as these two dogs celebrated in high fashion, glam, and glitz for their dog birthday party.

The party took place inside the hotel's Lily's bar/restaurant, creating quite a stir. Oblivious to their audience, the excited party guests, decked out in haute couture, danced, mingled …..and sniffed each others' butts. Well, the four legged guests, that is, since it wouldn't be a canine event without a sniffed tush or two!

sniff dogs
Sniff sniff

The adorable birthday boys are both Chihuahuas, of celebrated pet couturier, Anthony Rubio of Bandit Rubio Designs. Fidose of Reality readers will recall that Rubio was the official Couturier of Wigglebutt Wedding Couple, Dexter and Zoe. He crafted a breathtaking voluminous bridal gown of traditional fair complete with wedding veil. For the groom a coordinating tuxedo, a sight of sophistication. Both garments were made of silk featuring elaborate floral cut outs, trimmed in tiny pearls. The gown also featured hand crafted cap sleeves adorned with teardrop pearls. Inspired by sixties fashion, the veil was attached to a classic pill box hat.

Bogie and Kimba, as well as many of the other canine guests, proudly wore outfits so resplendent as to eclipse the fashions of the two-legged guests! Most of the canine designs were designed by Rubio himself.

These dogs have a passion for fashion.

Hors d’oeuvres were passed throughout the evening, including mushroom quesadillas, miniature meatballs, smoked salmon bruchetta and BBQ chicken sliders for the two-legged guests . The dogs enjoyed deviled eggs with uncured bacon, chicken pate with sweet potato chips, sushi hand rolls and more. These goodies were all washed down with “barkaritas”, a kale infused, non- alcoholic beverage. This scrumptious, dog-friendly spread was prepared for the pooches in attendance by Kevyn Matthews, “The Dog Chef.”

Erika Searl and her adorable dog at the event.

While waiting for their turn to pose for the photographer, Yoni, guests had a chance to mingle and admire Bogie and Kimba’s stunning birthday cake. A film crew was on hand to record the festivities and interview some of the guests. I enjoyed talking with all the wonderful, dog loving people and oogle over all the adorable pups, many of whom I’d met at the Wigglebutt Wedding in June. It seems more and more establishments are becoming dog-friendly, and I hope more will follow suit.

dog fashion
Gia Maria struts her stuff with mom, Victoria.

There is nothing like being able to enjoy an evening out and have the pleasure of your beloved dogs there to enjoy it with you! This was a truly enjoyable evening, all around!

For more about Anthony Rubio Designs, visit his website at:

For more about the next event hosted by Wigglebutt Warriors and to purchase tickets (a fundraiser for dog rescue), visit:

dog cake
Now THAT's a dog cake!

Have you ever celebrated a dog birthday party with or for your dog?


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  1. Wow, what a glam event! I might be to shaggy for that but it looked like fun. We have had parties with friends but just casual, “wear your own fur” kind of events in the yard usually.

    1. You are too cute for words, Emma! Every year since Dexter was a pup, the littermates get together for a birthday party and this year is no different. We will be celebrating birthday #5 in a few weeks. Stay tuned for pics.

  2. It was such a good time! I really enjoyed seeing everybody again. I was so busy at the Wigglebutt Wedding that I hardly had time to talk to anyone! Good job, Anthony!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that folks are including their pups, and celebrating for and with them in various ways from low end to high end. Absolutely fabulous!

  4. What an adorable event!

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, it made us very happy (someone started snorting with happiness). We really appreciate it, thank you for visiting!

    ~ Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  5. Thanks all and Val it meant so much to us that you made that long trip to join us in this celebration. BTW we caught Bogie climbing into your gift basket when he thought no one was looking. They loved their gift from you and we Thank you. We hope others will follow suit and celebrate their babe’s birthdays in any festive way possible. I always suggest a theme which makes it more fun and exciting. Ours was Hollywood Glam but the sky is the limit as far as themes are concerned.
    All My Best and from the gang
    Anthony Rubio

    1. We adore you and all you do, Anthony. You are such an inspiration and a role model for others. 😉

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