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Boo World's Cutest Dog Unleashed in New Book

boo and buddy 

Boo! For some the word conjures up Halloween (and how timely is that), but with over 5.2 million Facebook fans (and growing), Boo is an iconic canine with a legion of followers. For those not a part of the evolution of this doggone adorable pooch, he’s also recently penned his second book, Boo: Little Dog in a Big City.  Boo is also the “world’s cutest dog.” 

Fidose of Reality received a copy of Boo’s book from his publisher and we did the fan girlie squeal they’re still probably hearing from Pennsylvania all the way to San Francisco. How can we possibly review the  prose and pictures of “World’s Cutest Dog” and give it anything than a less than 4-paw, stand on our chairs “woot woot” review?Boo worlds cutest dog

Answer: We can’t!!! We’re Boo fans to the core, and where tweens scream for Bieber, we dog peeps say “woo” for Boo.

“My name is Boo. I am a dog. Life is good.” Those are the only words that Boo uses to sum himself up on his Facebook page. Boo is a dog of very few words, which make his mannerisms and daily activities all the more amusing and heartfelt. The whole “less is more approach” works brilliantly for Boo.

I had the pleasure of interviewing the Mom behind Boo for a dog magazine last year. I asked J.H. Lee how has this teddy bear-faced pup has emerged as a not-so-guilty pleasure to masses of dog-loving fans “He has no idea he is famous. Boo acts just like the millions of loved dogs and pets out there,” mom J.H. Lee coyly revealed.

Aptly dubbed “the cutest dog ever,” Boo evokes more swagger than Mick Jagger and channels more mystery than James Bond. In this latest book, Boo and his pal, Buddy, are traveling, exploring, and evoking “awwww” some-ness with each pictorial presentation. San Francisco will never be the same now that Boo’s left his pawprints across the town.

Imagine a whole book of Boo sliced from the pages of Facebook but ready to read to your favorite toddler, pooch, or well to yourself. Boo is a reward for the dog lover’s soul and there’s no bones about it. Paw-fect gift for the fast-approaching holiday season. Check his book out and place an order here: Chronicle Books Boo book

 *Photo of Boo and Buddy courtesy Chronicle Books.





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