Beyond the Rainbow Bridge: Dogs Who Communicate

For those of you who have loved and lost a beloved pet, a furry family member, I have been there, done that, and can empathize and sympathize with your array of emotions and intense grief. For me, it doesn’t get easier. As my friend Arlene writes, “Time acts as sandpaper to smooth out the rough edges.” The pain, however, is there. That hollow gut-wrenching realization.

It’s a dog’s only fault: their short lifespan.

As I’ve written many a time, the greatest miracles in life often come in a form, shape, and a time we least expect them.

On the day my little cocker, Brandy Noel, was taken away from her illness-laden body and crossed to the Rainbow Bridge, I sat waiting with her in the backyard for what I knew in my heart would be her last moments in the grass, sun shining down on this precious dog. Our vet is about a 2 hour ride from our home, so knowing the road ahead and what lay at its end caused me understandable apprehension and grief.

Suddenly a small white butterfly flew across us and back across again. I knew it was God here to take my baby. I knew the road ahead meant I’d come home without her in my arms. Well, to this day, almost 2 years later, a white butterfly frequently makes its presence known to me – it will cross my path when I least expect it – and often times right in the spot where one flew over us on that last day of her life. I get chills every time. Just one white butterfly.


Have you ever lost a pet and had what you believe to be a “sign” from them? If so, would love to hear your stories and comments.


  1. I recently lost my beautiful girl Sheltie.
    I don’t think I can get over it. I cry a lot.
    A pet psychic helped some, but I still have such feelings of loss and sorrow. I want to recognize a sign from her. I so wish I could feel her here somehow. I cannot let her go.

    • You never have to let her go. Don’t. I have learned that love never ends, Joyce. No one can take that, not even physical death. I had to seek the help of a grief counselor. I have also learned you don’t get over it. They live in you every single day. My heart is with you.

      • Three nights ago, I had to take my 15 year and two months old Dog Lorenzo Diego a brindle Boston terrier on his last car ride. Up until that night, he had never been so comfortable on my lap like when he was a puppy. He knew. We talked about it. I was ready of course but to know how is story ended in here on this plane, we did together with dignity and grace. I have no regrets, just in tears because of the joy and beauty he brought, and for all the times we went through not once did he ever complain. Quite the opposite. His enthusiasm for each beat(s) mine. Now, his sister Clementine and Must look and see the amazing things each day brings and be well for each other. If I drink water she will drink water, eat well, get outside even when all we want to do is curl up and cry, which is ok too, but Ren wants us to be happy. Thank you for your post, I appreciate you and your stories. Here’s to life and four paws good.

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