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Best Rugs to Get For Pet Households

If you landed on this page, chances are you have are looking for rugs to get for pet households. Fluffy pets and rugs can be incompatible, but if you have a love both for animals and rugs, there are still a few options. You probably won’t want to invest in a priceless antique rug with pets in the house, but you also don’t have to stick to rubber flooring either. Use this handy guide to help you find the best rug that you and your pet can enjoy. Here are the best rugs to get for pet households:

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Best Rugs for Households with Dogs

Choose wool for pets

You may think that synthetic materials would be the best for pets, but this is not the case. Wool is actually one of the best materials to use with pets. Wool is extremely durable, and it is actually easier to clean than other materials. Wool is naturally stain-resistant, and it also holds dirt near the surface of the rug so dirt does not get ground into the fibers of the rug. Wool is vacuum-friendly, which is good, because the fibers will attract pet hair. Wool is also one of the most affordable rugs, which means you won’t feel too badly if your pet soils the rug in some way.

Distract with a multitude of color

Another consideration when purchasing a pet-friendly rug is the color. You might think a dark rug is the best choice, but dark colors can actually make pet hair stand out more. Light-colored rugs make stains stand out, but may hide fur better. The ideal rug is a combination of colors with a bright pattern. A pattern draws the eye away from dirt, stains, and pet hair. Of course, just because dirt is less visible does not mean you will never have to clean the rug. Regular cleaning will keep your rug in top condition longer.

Cushion noise with thick rugs

Rugs are perfect for hiding the sounds of animals that can be grating. Thick rugs provide sound cushioning from barking, meowing, and the sound of scraping nails on the floor. For even greater sound muffling, try adding a rug pad under your rug. Balance the thickness of the rug with the type of pet that you have. Cats, for example, find high pile rugs excellent scratching posts. A safer option for cats is to use a low-pile rug with a rug pad. If you play indoor games with your dog, consider a thicker rug.

Clean rugs frequently

No matter what kind of rug you have, your pets will eventually soil it in some way or another. Common issues with rugs and pets are stuck-on pet hairs, urine stains, and loosened fibers from scratching pet nails. The best way to prolong your rug’s life is with frequent cleaning. Vacuum the rug every few days to remove surface dirt and animal hair (do not vacuum fur rugs or rugs with a high pile). Resolve stains from pet urine, vomit, or other sources immediately. Always use a stain remover that will not remove color or damage the fibers of your rug.

Just because you have pets in the home does not mean you will never be able to have rugs. Rugs and pets can be suitable companions if you follow the appropriate steps and purchase the right kind of rug. With the right rug material and color, and with frequent cleaning, your rug and pet can coexist in harmony.

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