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Baby Joey is the #BestDogEver with Merrick Classic

aSecond Chance Rescue Baby Joey

Some dogs simply deserve the title of #BestDogEver. We all have a dog that could wear that label, but Baby Joey deserves the title more than anything. Baby Joey was found as a puppy with nearly both of his rear paws chopped off: By an unspeakable monster. Instead of focusing on his nightmare past, Fidose of Reality is taking the lead from this pistol of a pooch: Forge ahead and don’t let the bad guys win!

Baby Joey

Baby Joey received immediate medical treatment, and the rescue team at NYC Second Chance Rescue posted his photos and backstory online. Joey is forming and developing at this time in a way that is posturally incorrect, so he was recently fitted with prosthetic custom limbs. Our friends at Merrick are helping with his rehab! As he grows, this little guy needs a dog food that is classic, suits his needs, and is good for him. The new line of Classic dog food from Merrick contains:

  • No ingredients from China
  • No wheat
  • No corn
  • No soy

merrickWhat his foster mom loves about the food is that Joey can’t get enough in, does not realize he is getting beneficial things like brown rice, peas, barley, and most importantly deboned chicken. The Merrick Classic Small Breed Recipe starts with real deboned chicken as the first ingredient for a 30 percent protein level.

Why is protein important to a dog food? Growing bodies need more protein. Not all proteins in puppy food are created equally in protein level, so Merrick takes the guess work out of this important factor in selecting a dog food.

Is it Easy on the Stomach?

Baby Joey shares his home with many other dogs who are awaiting a forever place in someone’s heart. Every dog has different needs, just as every human being has different needs. As a dog mom who rotates protein sources in my dog’s food, having a food that is easy on the stomach is important. The fancy word for this is digestibility, which basically means it is easy for the digestive system to process.Merrick Classic recipes have been reformulated so that dogs not only like the flavor more but they are more digestible.

Cute dogs
Baby Joey, far right, and some of his pack mates!

What Does it Taste Like?

Yes, these are the things that go through this dog mom’s mind. I wouldn’t want to eat the same flavor food day in, day out, and dogs likely feel the same way. Rotational feeding is all about variety and changing the protein source of your dog’s food from time to time. Dog parents need not rotate, but it’s nice to know there are options in the line if you choose this route.

Since Merrick Classic is easy on the stomach, dogs can transition from formulas like real lamb, real chicken, and real beef. Since different dogs have different needs and likes, one dog in your family might prefer the beef while others prefer the lamb. Even cooler: If your dog is a small breed, there is a special formula for these pups! We are all about transparency on Fidose of Reality, and here’s the breakdown in the Classic Small Breed Recipe from Merrick:

  • 60 percent poultry and fish proteins
  • 20 percent fresh produce
  • 20 percent whole grains ingredients

That works out to 30 percent protein for each meal your dog eats. Good stuff!

Merrick Classic dog food

What’s the Deal With Whole Grains?

The year 2016 is a healthier one for myself and my family. We decided to take better care of ourselves as a couple, and that includes our dog. Since we enjoy quinoa in our salads and as a side dish, it warms our dog-loving hearts to see quinoa in these recipes. An incredibly healthy staple food, this whole grain has a lot of benefits for dogs, including Baby Joey.

Baby Joey Best Dog Ever

But What About a Grain-Free Diet?

Good grain is actually beneficial to dogs. Dog parents are deluged with reports and Internet ads proclaiming that grain-free is the way to go. Perhaps in some cases, it is. With the Merrick Classic dog food line, chia seeds are included. Yes, yes, and more yes. I eat chia: Dogs can now eat chia if properly prepared, as Merrick does. Do not confuse this chia seed with what you see growing out of those funny pets on television. Our pals at Tripawds say that their three-legged dog, Wyatt, allowed this fun by morphing into a chia pet; pretty funny, right?

Merrick Classic dog food

Chia seeds contain fatty acids, and fatty acids contribute to a healthy coat. See where we are going? How paw-some does Baby Joey look thanks to a loving foster mom, TLC, and a diet from Merrick Classic?

Dog in therapy pool
Baby Joey swims for rehab

Speaking of fatty acids, there are increased Omega 3 levels in this line of dog food. Omega 3’s are another trendy fatty acid..and dogs benefit in a variety of ways from them. Omega fatty acids are broken down into three, six, and nine categories. Omega three and nine fatty acids are considered to be anti-inflammatory while Omega six fatty acids can be pro-inflammatory. Omega three fatty acids can be beneficial for skin, joints, nerves, or having any condition associated with inflammation (skin allergies, immune-mediated diseases, arthritis, cancer, etc.).

Baby Joey has no idea the goodness that is going on inside his body to help support his skeleton and outer structures, and he loves when his foster dog mom gives the signal to chow down, see?

enter to win

Should My Dog Try Merrick Classic Dog Food?

Think your BestDogEver would like to try new & improved Merrick Classic recipes? Merrick is giving away 50 bags to 50 lucky dogs on their Facebook page!!!
Click here to sign up for the opportunity to win! 50 winners will receive one small bag of Merrick Classic Recipe of their choice. Open to US and Canada only.
Why is your dog the #BestDogEver???? Tell is in the comments below

Think your #BestDogEver would like to try new & improved Merrick Classic recipes? Merrick is giving away 50 bags to 50 lucky dogs on their Facebook page – click here to sign up for a chance to win:

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Merrick. The opinions and text are all mine.

A dog lover of the highest order is how Gayle King introduced Carol Bryant, when she appeared with her Cocker Spaniel on Oprah Radio’s Gayle King show to dish dogs. Carol created and owns the trademark, My Heart Beats Dog® and lives that mantra. A 30-year veteran of the dog world, she is President of the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) and the 2020 DWAA winner for Best Dog Blog.


  1. Jennifer says

    Aww, what a sweet baby. He is definitely a contender for best dog ever, just behind mine, LOL! That is great information about the dog food he eats!

  2. Tripawds Community says

    Ohhhh Baby Joey we are in LOVE with you! Welcome to the world of Tripawds, you for sure are an honorary member. And now that you’re a chia dog like our spokesdog Wyatt, the sky’s the limit…heh heh!

    Wyatt is doing really well on this food, but that’s no surprise to us, he does well on ALL of Merrick’s food, they’re our go-to brand. It’s nice that Merrick is pretty much everywhere because we travel so much. We always know we can find it and feed Wyatt the food he needs to be strong and healthy on 3.

    All the love to you Baby Joey (you too Carol!). 3-paws up!

  3. Heather lawrence says

    It makes me sick to my stomach to think that someone would do something that horrific to a puppy.
    He looks like he is thriving and has found a forever home that will give him all the love and attention he deserves! Sweet little fur baby.

  4. Kathie Meier says

    •60 percent poultry and fish proteins
    •20 percent fresh produce
    •20 percent whole grains ingredients

    how does 60% poultry and fish proteins translate to only 30% protein? Wouldn’t it be 60% protein?

  5. Helene Cohen Bludman says

    I have two puppies so I would have to say they are both the #bestdogever! Wyatt is a cuddle bug and Max is a big ball of fun.

  6. Ashley Sparks Mullins says

    If he isn’t the sweetest thing I ever saw! Who would hurt that poor baby! Glad he is going so well! 🙂

  7. laura londergan says

    ahhhh I love this post. I have a soft spot for abused dogs as their stories always make ME a more forgiving person. If they can forgive the horrific things done to them, then we can learn from them and do the same when we’ve been wronged. I wish them all the best and hope they all find loving homes. 😉

  8. Sandy Weinstein says

    i have seen this story b4, it makes me sick that people can do such horrific things to animals, and they never get punished.

  9. Sandy Weinstein says

    i like the merrick canned foods. i always keep some canned food in emergency. when the dogs have their teeth cleaned or the youngest decides she does not like her food that dog. one day she likes her food and the next she does not. but she will always eat canned foods. so i keep some on hand.

  10. Dawn McAlexander says

    It amazes me how people can be so mean to dogs. They are so sweet and loving! I am glad that Joey was able to get the care needed.

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