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Dog Friendly Furniture and Flooring Options

Dog friendly furniture and flooring options need not give you a New Year's headache. With recently ringing in the New Year, many people have resolved to start the year off fresh. Redecorating is an easy way to give your home a fresh look and feel, and it will give you that extra boost as you try to accomplish the other resolutions on your list. And while your dog may not be … [Read more...]

The Top 5 Myths of Canine Parvovirus

Canine Parvovirus, commonly known as Parvo, is one of the scariest diseases a dog can contract, simply because it can kill quickly. While there is no “cure” for the disease, many dogs do recuperate from it with early intervention and proper care. In most cases, Parvo attacks the dog’s intestinal tract, but in some cases, it may also affect the heart. There are several myths or … [Read more...]

Could Your Dog Be Susceptible to This Germ?

Many of us have read about Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).  This pathogen (germ) is very difficult to treat because it is resistant to most antibiotics.  In animals, there is a cousin to MRSA called Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Pseudintermedius (MRSP).  According to the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, 2011, “MRSP has emerged as a significant … [Read more...]

Help Your Dog Have a Stress-Free Move

Moving can be a very tense time for the family dog, and Fidose of Reality has enlisted the help of a guest blogger to share moving tips. A stress-free moves makes everyone, Fido included, happy. As much the transition from your old home to the new one might be hard for you, be sure that it is at least three times more difficult for your furry friend. Leaving the already … [Read more...]

Five Tips for Roadtripping to Alaska with Dogs

Meet Rocky. Rocky is ready to go on vacation with his mom and dad. He hates it when they go places without him, and he knows they will have a lot more fun if they take him along. He hears they are going to Alaska. He doesn’t know where that is, but road trips to places like Grocery Store, Dog Park, and Vet’s Office have always been fun, so he’s game. Rocky likes Alaska with … [Read more...]

Keeping Your Dog and Your Home Safe While You're Away

When you have children, you plan ahead by making your home safe for the new arrival. The same should hold true when getting a new dog. They are very curious about everything. As a new pet parent, you have concerns about their safety, plus the safety of your home. You need to rest assured that your dog will be safe, whether you are home or away. In order to thoroughly pet-proof … [Read more...]

How to Make a Halloween Costume for Your Dog

  It's Halloween and we've got tips on how to make a Halloween costume for your dog.   Dogs like to join in with their owners, regardless of the occasion! They want to be front and center and enjoy the moment too, so with Halloween coming up, what better way to include your furry friend than letting them dress up with you? Build a BearDepending on the size of your dog, most … [Read more...]

Finding Your Fun in Competitive Obedience: Book Review

  By Karen Meyering, Cocker Mom   Book Review: It’s a Dog Not a Toaster:  Finding Your Fun in Competitive Obedience by Diana Kerew-Shaw   “Wow.  Your dogs are beautiful.  Do you show them?”    This is a question I often hear when out and about with my two Cocker Spaniels.  What follows usually goes something like this: To the Kind Person who has noticed my dogs I reply “Yes, I … [Read more...]

Newfangled Lost Pet Finders Bring 65-85% More Hope to Pet Owners

Several times a year while I’m out walking my dog, I come across someone who’s looking for a lost pet. My heart sinks because I know the frantic feeling of missing a beloved furry friend, not knowing where he is or if he’s safe. Also I know how dogs and cats can quickly find themselves in strange places. The good news is, you can say goodbye to the old days of making your own … [Read more...]

Pet friendly travel goes to New Mexico

by: Jill Lane (with Travelin' Jack) With the beauty of New Mexico’s spectacular Fall Foliage—followed by powdery snow adventures in the high desert Winter Wonderland of our Rocky Mountain areas, it’s a good time for pet friendly travel to New Mexico.  And with so many fabulous and beautiful spots tucked all over the state, there is perhaps no better place than ‘The Land of … [Read more...]