The Fine Line Between Dog and God

Does your love of dog prevent you from going to church or have you found a new way to “worship”  because of your dog? Is there a fine line between dog and god? Well, for me, sort of. Raised Catholic, I am now a practicing, well… I am spiritual. I choose not to associate with any particular religion and though I love the beauty of the religion, I choose to worship a God that … [Read more...]

Wigglebutt Wedding Gets Television Special

The Wigglebutt Wedding has their own television special! We are over the moon excited about this news.  Can you believe the Wigglebutt Wedding has come and gone? We had an amazingly stellar event, none of which would have been paws-ible without our fans and friends giving us support and attendance. Major announcement: Our team is forming Wigglebutt Warriors™ and we are … [Read more...]

Win a Subscription to Pup Culture Magazine: Contest Closed

Do you celebrate life with your dog and like to keep abreast on the latest dog news, fashion, food, products, and canine culture? As a dog lover of the highest order, that's why you visit Fidose of Reality.  And we found a magazine that echoes the same sentiment: Celebrating canine culture. Pup Culture Magazine is the story of pet parents, of canine culture, innovative … [Read more...]

Wigglebutt Wedding Bridal Party Revealed

When my fellow Wigglebutt Warrior team members, Val Sorensen and Darlene Bryant, sat with me in the summer of 2012 and we developed the idea for a dog wedding to benefit Life's Little Paws Cocker Spaniel rescue group, we never could have imagined the exposure, labor of love, fun of fundraising, and sense of helping animals in need that would result. The Wigglebutt Wedding … [Read more...]

10 Summer Hazards for Dogs

Summer time and the living is free and easy, right? For dogs, maybe not so much since there are many summer hazards that can adversely affect dogs. See how many of these statements you think are true and how many are false as they apply to summer hazards for dogs: Ice cubes are a great way to keep my dog cool in warmer months and pose no danger. FALSE. Ice cubes are not … [Read more...]

Sizzling Summer Sale on Healthy Dog Treats

how to get your ex back Do you have a hard time finding treats for your dog that taste good, are safe for them, and won’t cost a small fortune? Well, Fidose of Reality fans are in luck: We have an exclusive offer for Fidose fans launching right now! We found out about a sizzling summer sale on healthy dog treats. Scout and Zoe’s released a new dog treat in their sweet … [Read more...]

Four Ways to Keep Dogs Distracted

how to win back your ex It's the fourth of July and the time of year that the largest percentage of dogs go missing. Do yourself a huge favor: Keep your eyes glued on your dog, keep doors closed, let family members know to watch near any doors so Fido cannot escape, and most importantly, keep him or her safe from harm. A dog's hearing is much more sensitive than a … [Read more...]

Wigglebutt Wedding WrapUp Surprises

how to get your girlfriend back On the end of one of the top 5 weekends of my life, the Wigglebutt Wedding was a smashing success: All 2-1/2 days of it. We spent nine months planning and organizing so that every detail could be covered. Our hearts our filled with gratitude. We will continue to help the Cockers and we will formally be announcing our 2014 event within the next … [Read more...]

Wigglebutt Wedding for Dogs Readies for Bow Wow Vows

get your ex back Connecticut is going to the dogs! The Wigglebutt Wedding between Dexter James Bryant and Zoe Elizabeth Sorensen is a “fun-draising” celebration and magical evening to assist Life’s Little Paws Cocker Spaniel Rescue as they continue to save dogs’ lives and help them on their journey to forever homes. Parents of the happy “pup-ple” will host an invitation-only … [Read more...]

Wigglebutt Wedding Ready for Liftoff

how to get my ex back It's Wigglebutt Wedding time. The nearly one-year-in-the-making and one-year-in-the-planning union of Dexter James Bryant to his betrothed, Zoe Elizabeth Sorensen, will take place this Friday, June 28, 2013, in Stratford, Connecticut. Amidst all of the pomp and circumstance, planning and gala atmosphere, we are doing this by, for, and in the name of … [Read more...]