Pet Bloggers Recap Posts of the Week

how can i get my ex girlfriend back Can it really be the weekend?  My day job is working for the BlogPaws team. a career I adore. If you’ve ever thought about blogging or microblogging for or about pets, BlogPaws is the place for you. Throughout the week, BlogPaws posts great content both on the blog and in the community. We know how busy everyone is, so you might have missed … [Read more...]

A Veil Over Dog Mountain

how to get your ex girlfriend back Dog Mountain: Doesn’t that have a particularly beautiful, serene, and welcoming quality in reading those words? When I first learned of “Dog Mountain” in Vermont, I knew it would sit high atop my bucket list. After all, a gal with over 20 years of dog-friendly travel under her belt/collar would have to visit a place as stately as “Dog … [Read more...]

Winner of a $50 Shopping Spree of Personalized Pet Products

CONTEST CLOSED: WINNER IS: Andrea and Mimi Thanks to all who entered!!! Personalized pet products: Who doesn’t love them, want them, and wish they had more of them? Wish no more: Fidose of Reality has partnered with one of the Wigglebutt Wedding sponsors, Just4MyPet, to bring you a shopping spree contest! I met Brian of Just4MyPet while at the BlogPaws Conference … [Read more...]

Wigglebutt Wedding Soars to Epic Proportions

The Wigglebutt Wedding is a mere 23 days away! Dexter James Bryant will wed Zoe Elizabeth Sorensen for what promises to be one of the most entertaining fun fundraisers of the year....heck of the decade. What started out as an idea to have a small backyard wedding to raise funds for Life's Little Paws, who incidentally rescued the bride the day she was scheduled to be … [Read more...]

Pet Friendly Domestic Violence Shelter Opens in New York City

Domestic violence is an issue that is heavy, often hard to talk about, but a very real and ongoing nightmare for millions of women and their families. With nearly half of domestic violence victims staying in abusive situations for fear of what would happen if they left their pets behind, someone has stepped up. A pet friendly domestic violence shelter has opened in New York … [Read more...]

11 Coolest Dog Products Found at BlogPaws

One of the most fun parts of my career is finding some of the coolest dog products to hit the marketplace before the general public. In fact, being able to sample those dog products and determine if they work and perform as promised is an added bonus. Fidose of Reality only shares news about dog products that we believe in, most likely use, and feel would be a good fit for our … [Read more...]

How to Help Dogs Displaced by Oklahoma Tornadoes

A natural disaster altered my life and that of my dog's so deeply that two years ago I was forced to flee from my home due to the devastating nearly epic and tragic flood waters of the Susquehanna River. When my friend, June Myers, told me the Oklahoma tornadoes of recent days touched down 1/2 mile from her home, I was stunned. I immediately think of all the devastation … [Read more...]

Why Your Dog Is At Risk for Salmonella Poisoning

Salmonella poisoning are two words every dog parent dreads hearing. With headline after headline beckoning one dog food recall after another, is it any wonder dog moms and dads are perplexed? Many treats and dog food items have been recalled due to risk of Salmonella. It all starts to become a system overload, especially to someone like myself, who is heavily immersed in the … [Read more...]

Arlington National Cemetery is Dog Friendly

Arlington National Cemetery is a pet-friendly historic slice of history where you are welcome to bring your well-behaved, leashed dog. Arlington National Cemetery, located in the northern part of Virginia and bordering Washington D.C., is the final resting place of more than 300,000 people. Beginning with the American Revolution, veterans from each of our nation’s wars along … [Read more...]

Urgent Request: Fostering a Pet in Philadelphia Area

How cool would it be if you could save a life, make a 2-1/2-week commitment to a pet of your choice, and without any strings attach know that by fostering a pet, you saved a life. What am I talking about? Right now, Philadelphia Animal Care and Control (ACCT) is BURSTING at the seams.  Temporary foster (until June 15th/16th) are DESPERATELY needed. ACCT Philly is having a … [Read more...]