I became grief stricken after my dog died

Anatomy of a Grieving Dog Mom

This is the anatomy of a grieving dog mom. I wrote this piece after my first Cocker Spaniel passed away in 2008. I never thought I would ever feel complete again. The logical part of me knows we all will die someday. The unprepared part of me wasn’t ready, couldn’t have prepared, and went into a downward spiral of pain as a grieving dog mom.

If you are grieving the death of a dog, please understand you are forever changed. Death changes you whether you want it to or not. I’ve learned to live with my grief and carry it with me as an invisible suitcase. Here, in its entirety, is Anatomy of A Grieving Dog Mom followed by resources to help if your dog died.

Anatomy of A Grieving Dog Mom

There’s a hole in my heart where it used to be whole.

Those were the first words that came to mind when I sat down today to write this piece about grief, the power it spews into one’s life whether we want it or not.

The great Emily Dickinson wrote so many passages about death, yet one resonates over and over, “Forever is composed of nows.”

It certainly is. Are you loving someone today? Missing someone today? Wanting something today? Right now, you hold the forever that is the feeling. Right now.

And today, now, my forever is grief.

It’s an odd thing, grief. We fear it, dismiss it, try and avoid it, occasionally have brushes with it, and most often times without warning, it invites itself into our lives. No welcome mat but it comes nonetheless.

Emily said it best, “Because I could not stop for death, He kindly stopped for me.”

I didn’t know what to do with myself, how to behave. I didn’t want to die but I didn’t want to live in a world where Brandy didn’t walk by my side. The death of my dog hurt more than losing a person.

How Do I Deal With The Death Of My Dog?

An email arrived in my inbox a few months after Brandy died. A woman named Lucy Francis asked if she could have the honor of immortalizing my Brandy Noel in replica form with one of her miniatures. I hesitated.

Did I want to resurface those feelings?

Would people think I was ‘weird’ for wanting to have this forever keepsake?

Would this set me back to day one when I let my baby girl’s frail, disease-ravaged body free to soar and I left alone without her physical presence? None of that mattered, I deduced.

This is a gift for me. Some of us visit cemeteries. Some light a candle in memory of, others we suffer in silence because, after all, ‘it’s just an animal.’ Nod your head if somewhere along life’s highway you’ve had that comment thwarted your way.

There’s no wrong way to grieve, my grief counselor told me.

Some people didn’t understand why I’d need to see a grief counselor after my dog died. Sadly, some people validate themselves by tossing eye rolls and handing out sneers like napkins at a cocktail party.

How to deal with grief after your dog dies

Channeling Brandy

Okay, let’s do this. I sent a locket of Brandy’s hair to Lucy with some photographs of a life well lived and forever painfully missed.

It costs two postage stamps to send grief these days. Not bad. I figured I would see something resembling my Brandy in microscope thimble-sized form come back to me where I’d keep it in a closet until the day came I could face her likeness without melting into a puddle of hurt.

What did arrive changed me.

Me, who knows all about grief has mastered the art of suffering through it and while not kicking its chokehold on me, overcame and carries it with her like a shield of sorts.

A wounded warrior.

The mail carrier delivered hope. Hope costs a few more than 2 stamps by the way.

Reacting To My Deceased Dog’s Likeness

I called out to my wife to come and open the box for me. This was her little girl, too. I did the same thing as the day I had to let my baby go at the vet. Please don’t make me do this alone.

What surfaced was nothing short of a complete likeness of my Brandy Noel. Her fur intertwined with the process Lucy uses to make miracles come to life. She stands more than several inches high, she certainly isn’t thimble-sized, but the gaze in her eyes, the ever so slight tilt of her head, the love in who she always shall be, those are the magical qualities in Lucy’s work that were brought to life.

Many a tear fell that day and continue to do so. It’s my grief, after all.

“Are you going to sleep with it?” “Put it next to her ashes?”

These are some things people asked me. Contrary to popular belief, no I’m not sitting home with an Ouija board summoning her spirit nor immortalizing her with a dedicatory wing of the house.

But even if I were, am I not a fully functioning adult? I have the right to hurt and deal as I see fit. What is wrong with some people?

My Brandy is home in the closest sense I will ever have her until again we meet. Lucy Francis is a maker of miracles and far above the craft her hands create. She is sort of a Clarence to George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life. Well, at least to me. For that, I am forever indebted.

Brandy Noel as a replica miniature

Dog Grief Is a Suitcase

I view my grief as a suitcase. Some days it’s a cosmetics bag full and others it’s Samsonite gorilla-sized.

Sometimes I feel like I’m on a carousel in the airport waiting for the form my grief will take.

Do I wait days or weeks before I tear up and ache so very much or is today a carry-on kind of day where I just take it with me?

In any event, I know my luggage always arrives and never gets lost. I’ve learned the death of a loved one means gaining a new identity. Victim of grief, a survivor of hurt, and eventually carrier of pain.

What I Did After My Dog Died

I was one of those people, by the way, who said, “never again.” As in, “Never again can I get this close to an animal again.”

Thankfully I think with my heart and then ask my brain to double-check my work. I could never not love this way again.

He sits at my feet daily and his name is Dexter.

Will you like Lucy’s work should you choose to have her create magic for you?

More than words could say, yes.

Celebrating the life of a dog with a forever full of nows, that’s the uniqueness of what Lucy does.

“It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog that comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be a dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they.”

Anonymous wrote that. I bet they’ve grieved a suitcase full, too.

grieving dog mom story and how to handle dog grief

How To Deal With The Death Of Your Dog

If you are trying to cope with the death of your dog, you are not alone. Here are some of the most popular articles I’ve written on the topic.

Don’t let anyone tell you to “move on,” or “it’s just a dog.” Your grief is unique, just like your dog. I’ve learned many ways to honor her while missing her physical presence in my life.

That’s the worst part: the longing and absence of your dog’s presence. Please check out these resources and know that you are not alone. I’ve learned my dog would want me to be happy until I see her again. Hope teaches me that I will see her again.

How to cope with the fear of my dog dying

How to get over the death of a dog

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The miracle of dog mountain

Lucy Francis Miniatures

Anatomy of a grieving dog mom


  1. OMG Carol what a wonderful story! And just think….if you didn’t have Dex we would have never met! I am very thankful for that and you!!Oh and of course Dexter!!xox

    1. I’m sorry if I’m going about this the wrong way. I’d like to ask Carol how I can get in touch with Lucy Maloney. My beloved Fergie-Mo is losing her fight with bladder cancer and I would love, love, love a miniature of her. Please advise.
      Van Uriyu

        1. I too, need to know how to get ahold of Lucy Maloney. I lost all 3 of my girls within a 2 year period. I’m overwhelmed with grief.
          Thank you.

        2. I just lost my baby girl of 10 years yesterday to heart disease. Please send me Lucy’s information if you can. Thanks and God bless.

      1. I’ve learned my dog has a murmur. He’s 77 yoa. Myself I sustained a traumatic brain injury & lost my career, family, & ability to drive. Now, Lewis is my family & it’s just he & I. I’m over the other losses (except not being able to drive). Lewis “is so smart & tuned into me” as I am to him. In case & @ least for the future I’ll need a miniature. I already know it!

  2. I’ve never read an article that has touched me more than this one. I didn’t think anyone could put into words what it feels like to lose a pet, but you did, Carol. You really get it and perfectly and with compassion and honesty showed how I feel and the feelings I’ve gone through after losing my beloved pet!

  3. Carol, you summed up my feelings in every word. Sydney left me 9 months ago on Monday. She died in my arms at our Vets. on February 28th. I still grieve for her. She was my “Heart & Soul” dog-if not for her, I would have stopped searching for a diagnosis to my MS. I was finally diagnosed on 11/9, and oh, how I wish my sweet girl was here with me. It isn’t fair that I am finally diagnosed, and she is not here to share any improvements the medication might give me. She was the most beautiful Yorkie, inside and out. She loved me. I needed her. But, I guess God needed another beautiful Angel in Heaven.

    1. You are more than welcome, Sheila, and I know what you feel. I never knew my body had that much emotional pain in it until she left my life. I know she watches me and I will be with her again. I know she sent me my Dexter and will continue to watch over me. In my heart, which broke into so many pieces, I know she’d also want me to carry on in her name and I try every day to do that. My prayers and thoughts are with you, Sheila.

  4. Carol, this was so eloquently put – and so heart-warming, I read it three times! I am ever amazed at people who do not understand the power our pets have over us – that the unconditional love they give is not offered anywhere else on earth and it needs to be appreciated. I miss my little girl, Pandora – maybe more than I miss her “dog” Carmie, who left her and us over 3 years ago. Pandora truly was my little one. There is no way to explain that to people who don’t love their pets as if the world revolved around them. Luckily, you understand and so many others understand and I don’t have to feel alone in my sadness. Carmie and Pandora are together again – forever. I will miss them forever… they will never be forgotten. Thank you for writing this – it’s so beautiful.

  5. That’s the thing about sadness and the temporary parting of our furbabies, Yvonne. I feel like we become soldiers of sorts, even wounded warriors. I’ve lost human family members before and yet never grieved as I did/do with losing my Brandy. I know in her name, she’d want me to be okay and love her forever through what I can do while I’m here.

    Pandora is a lucky kitty to have shared her life with you. She runs free with Carmie now. One thing loss has given me – restoring my spirituality and sense of hope that we will all be reunited someday. My warmest hugs and deepest condolences are with you, Yvonne.

    1. Indeed before Dexter, there was Brandy. She totally unequivocally stole my heart. I never ever thought I’d get another dog, let alone love this way again. And then there he was. I love him just the same. I read a quote a while back that sums me up to a T: “It came to me that every time I lose a dog, they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog and I will become as generous and loving as they are.”

      I could never not love this way again.

  6. This article put into words something I was never able to express on my own. I lost my dog Bandit suddenly and unexpectedly July 10, 2011. My guilt is still overwhelming. I am planning on sharing this article again during the year if you don’t mind. This article is something everyone who has lost a pet should see. Thank you for writing it, I still haven’t had the courage to put my story down in writing.

  7. Beautifully written. And my grief, just like yours, takes on various forms daily. It has just been 3 months since Zoe departed for the Rainbow Bridge. Truly the hardest decision I have ever had to make. But it was the best and most loving one I could ever make for her…..not for me. But for her.

    When we are all reunited at the Bridge, there will be a river full of tears of joy. And once more I will get to hold her precious head in my hands, stroke her lovely fur and kiss that special place between her eyes and her ears.

    1. My heart breaks for you, Cindy. This is one club I never wanted to be in. Sadly, loving them so much means hurting so much when they move on. I do believe they move on and not truly die. For me, love never ends, and I know you feel the same way. My deepest condolences.

  8. OMG. You just brought me to tears. Brought me right back to when my cocker Buffa died. I love the miniature of your baby. I wish I knew in 2003. Your baby is over the Rainbow Bridge, running, frolicking and playing for eternity and out of her pain and will always be in your heart. Trust me…I know too..

    Love you Carol.

  9. This is an amazing post. I sympathize with every bit of it. I assume most of us animal parents agree on this topic, though it’s not discussed often.

    Some people really do dismiss the loss of a pet as nothing serious, nothing you can’t manage. I remember my regular Dr. bringing me to tears after the loss of my dog Carter. I went to her because I was in a “daze” and I had no idea why my brain was so foggy. She simply told me “your dog just died and you expect to go to work like normal?” Out of all the people I was expecting compassion from she was the one who really got to me. She’s usually so matter of fact and cold but that statement made me realize that I needed to allow myself time to grieve.

    Life is different for all of us. I try not to judge people specifically because of the way I myself have been treated in a similar situation; no one needs to have their feelings belittled.

    I’ve also told myself never again. Somehow I always end up with another dog. It’s not a replacement, just a continuation of my lifelong series of dog companions.

  10. Dear Carol,

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful story of your fur baby Brandy Noel. She is an angel now helping other animals with their journey here on earth. I believe she still , lets you know that she is still around you. Just ask her for a sign when you want her near you. I am an animal communicator. God blessed me with this gift. My,speciality is mediumship. Talking to animals that have crossed over and are in heaven. They tell me what they are doing now and who they are, with. Some of them even return to spend more time with that special person who touched their heart. If I can ever help you with anything please let me know. My website is currently being updated. You may contact me thru my email address. Thank you again for sharing your experience with the world. You are a blessing to all.

    Love and light,

    Catherine Olsen

    1. I would like to know more about u and your gift. My furbaby was just diagnosed with aggressive thyroid carcinoma.

  11. Carol this is beautiful. Having lost lost my best friend yesterday, I am learning quickly there is no norm for grief and what we expect to feel or not feel is completely different than reality. I do believe with all my heart that they remain spiritually with us and I will make sure that every day I think of my girl – so she knows she is NOT forgotten…….they have such a short journey with us, but a lifetime of impact. Thank you for sharing your emotions…….it helps to see how others deal with this grief!

  12. What a lovely tangible way to remember a best friend. That is one of my favorite quotations. Today is going to be a very emotional day.

  13. Carol – this was one of the most beautiful, touching, heartfelt, and honest posts I have ever read. Your words pierce the soul and I echo your sentiments. Thank you so much for participating in Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. While I know it will bring up a flood of emotions for people, I truly felt it was necessary so that we could share our feelings without judgement or reservation.

    Your Brandy Noel is my Bailey – my beloved Golden Retriever I lost far too young at the age of two to cancer. To this day, I cannot look at a Golden Retriever without feeling that deep loss all over again. But, go on, we do. I have often said “never again” myself, but to do that, means that those precious pets that you ultimately do bring into your heart and home would never be.

    Thank you again – I will always treasure this very special post from you. xoxo from Mr. Jazz, Deb, Purr Prints of the Heart and the Zee/Zoey Gang

    1. Ah, Deb, the fact you did this today means more than my words can say. This was so needed and while my heart is heavy and my eyes reddened, I know the rainbow bridge is alive with love. I know I could never not love and I know our pets would not want us to walk around living a life of sorrow, but it is so so hard some days. The suitcase encompasses my heart with grief, you know.

      Your day has helped so many, and I am honored to take part. Love and hugs to you and your pack, past, present, and future. xoxo

  14. What you wrote I could have written Aug 12, 2013.
    My very soul left when I lost my Abby.
    Thank you for sharing your story today, it was my first time to read your blog.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to write, Annabelle. I just never thought I’d love again – they take our hearts and run away with them. My deepest hugs to you, as well.

  15. We all deal with grief in our own time and way. I feel emotions so deeply that I have to move forward through grief with happy thoughts in order to survive. My fur children will always have a special place in my heart.

    Mom Paula

  16. Carol, you captured the hole in my heart. Tears streamed while trying to read your beautiful story.
    I’ve had many 4 legged family members but one stands alone. He crossed over 12 years ago and while the pain has not subsided, I am now able to work around it. Thank you for having the courage
    to put your heart in writing and sharing.

  17. Thank you for sharing your journey with Brandy Noel. I can’t find sufficient words to express my gratitude for opening your heart in this way. I was frantically searching the Internet about IBD and happened upon your blog. Our beloved cockapoo, Winnie, is believed to be suffering from this disease.

  18. Thank you Carol for such a heartfelt and genuine glimpse of how I am exactly feeling …I lost my Diesel just this past Sunday to IMHA, he became ill 1 week prior. I love him with my whole heart. And now I feel as though my heart has been ripped from my chest. He was 6 years old. Thank you again for bringing attention to the fact that we truly grieve them when they go.

  19. Your words describe what I feel exactly… I lost my Yorkie Mocha 2 days ago.. He was the littlest dog but the loudest personality I’ve ever met. He was sweet, playful, and sooo smart. He was totally bossy and energetic, very psychically aware and did not let anyone hold him except us- he was in charge of our household and took the role of the protector. He barked at every men and loved attention from the ladies. I was 20 years old, my very 1st pet with my husband. My sister lived with us, trained and taught him everything he knew. He was her sidekick and he was our family. For a whole 14.5 years.

    I was not ready to let him go I think ever, and the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I doubt myself and wondered if we made the right decision. People tell me that it was the most humane loving thing someone can do to end the suffering of your loved one, but I feel the guilt still. If i had done more or spent more $ to save him. I have better moments here and there. I miss him terribly. Thank you for sharing your feelings because I know I am not alone. I am very much interested in contacting Lucy Maloney. Thank you thank you, thank you.

    1. My heart is with you and I totally understand. You will love Lucy’s work. I am very sorry for your loss. It is never ever easy. Many hugs.

  20. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story with us. It is nice to know we all feel the same feelings for our babies. I just lost mine yesterday she was such a gentle soul. All I can say right now is that she loved me more than humanly possible. For some reason I cut some of her softest fur and put it by my bed so now I am excited to get a hold of Lucy. Thank you so much!

  21. Your words were wonderful…I lost my baby Trixy 2 days ago. She suffered with kidney stones. She had 2 major surgeries and yet they continued to come back–large! golfball size. She had stopped eating and started moaning… vet said it was useless to do another major surgery on her. She would have been 12 years old next month. She was so wonderful. I have nothing bad to say about my baby, she was the PERFECT little dachshund She understood everything I said. She showed me so much love and affection. I had to bring her to the vet to put her to sleep-the HARDEST thing I have ever had to do. I held her the whole time. I felt when her little heart stopped. It is killing me. I feel as though I have lost a child. thank you for sharing your story –and allowing me to share mine. Unless you have been loved by an animal, you have NO clue how hard it is to go through this. Especially when YOU have to make the decision to end their life. This pain is like no other….

  22. Carol, I just found your article. It describes so well how we feel. I lost my little girl corgi 5 weeks ago when she was hit by the fed ex truck in our driveway. It is the worst thing I have ever been through and I can’t quit reliving that terrible day. She was only seven and truly my baby girl. I have never loved any of our other pups the way I loved her. She loved each person in our family in a different way. She was always next to me at home. Our house feels so quiet and empty even though we still have our other sweet dog. I am consumed with guilt and sadness as I had gone to the back of the house for a few minutes while she was outside and didn’t hear the truck coming. (they don’t normally come that time of day). I will keep Lucy’s information in the event I think I would be strong enough to have a likeness of her. Thank you for your words. They truly do help me not feel so alone.

  23. Thank you for taking the time the write this, as hard as I can imagine it was. I lost my first baby girl nearly four months ago after 11 years of raising one another. I was only a junior in high school when I found her, looked into her eyes, and knew I had to save her, that I couldn’t leave without her. Of course, she ended up saving me and being the best friend I could have never dreamed up. If she was given a voice she would have told everyone she was a girl not a dog. She loved her nails painted, wearing clothes, and going everywhere I could take her with me. I wanted to share that I got rings made with her ashes. I didn’t know such a thing existed. I stumbled upon it when googling pet memorial with ashes and found so many amazing options on Etsy.com, now I have a piece of her with me every day and it helps.

  24. I did not completely lost my five year old Dachshund he came paralysd I have to send him away rather than put him to sleep as the vet suggested. My daughter came home and blame me what a unfit dog mother I was I should not take a dog I took care of all my 8 dogs to their last years of life I am 82 and very able person but she rather I missed my little companion who is always with me house is empty I go two cats. This little dog was special his name is Max just turn 5 he might think I abandoned him. My daughter to this rescue lady but did not give me any information I want to be part of his recovery I am so lost and sad wanted to donate wanted some update on him. can any one help me.

    1. Hello and we are so sorry for anything that is happening to you. What is happening? We are not clear. Is there someone in your family who can help?

  25. My sweet girl, Molly, who I’ve only had the privilege of having in my life for a year, just went to the vet and they found a large tumor. I can notice the small changes in her behavior and health and it is tearing me apart. She is my absolute world and I never knew I could hurt so bad. She came into my life during a dark time and I feel as if I’m falling into an even darker one.

  26. My precious angel, who closely resembled Brandy Noel, passed in August 2017. I am still not whole. I spent almost a year on petfinder websites and only had the courage to meet two dogs, finally finding my adoptee. I fell into many dark times and still do on occasion. My boy was the absolute love of my life for 19 years. A rescue in his final hours, he was by my side, in the passenger seat of my car, or near my desk every minute of every day when we weren’t out walking or playing ball. That hole will never be filled but I believe the ‘new guy’ will find his own place.

  27. I just lost my best friend of ten years. I blame myself for not responding sooner to his behaviors. I miss him like nothing I felt before. I pray he forgives me. I love him so much and I don’t know how to go on without him. I keep crying. I’m never going to be over this loss. We went through so much together. I can’t believe he’s gone.

  28. What a beautiful story of unconditional love, a loss that is so very hard and the pain in ones heart when it does. A pain that can literally be physically felt.

    Two weeks ago today I lost my 13 yr old Akita names Sasha. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt so much pain. I have lost my whole birth family and several pets that I loved dearly and it hurt very much but this loss has brought me to my knees. From June of 2018 through Jan 7, 2019 I lost a dear friend/a man I once loved, 2 cats and my beloved girl Sasha. In July of 2017, I lost my Dad whom was all I had left of my immediate family. My Mom and my brother proceeded him in passing. I changed the day I lost my Mom 22 yrs ago and I have been unable to really get past that grief nor any other unfortunately. I can’t handle one more loss though I know it’s inevitable. I needed your story to hear that I am not alone in this, that others have grieved the loss of their dog as I am so I thank you for that. It gives me hope that in time it won’t hurt quite as bad, that someday I will have that same love with another dog. There will never be another Sasha but there are so many dogs that need to be loved. She was my reason to get out of bed so she could go outside, to walk in the afternoon. I don’t do that now (get up).. l have 3 cats and I love them dearly as well and I know they need me so I have to get up for them so I’d say they are Angels because I may just not get up for days or weeks if I didn’t have them. I don’t like being in my house because Sasha should be laying in one of the three places she would lay. My house feels so cold and I think it’s because she’s gone. I certainly don’t recall being so cold In here prior to her passing.
    I am also dealing with the guilt of making the decision to have her euthanized. I had it done at home to make it easier on her physically and more comfortable for her but it’s all I can see is here laying there where it was done. I know she is in a better place (let’s just say I really want to believe that and I I that is what has kept me going through all of these losses) but I want her back here so I can walk her again and see her when I come downstairs in the morning. My whole routine is gone, my life revolved around her more than I even realized. She had problems with her hips which at the end was a lot of work but I would give anything to have all of that back. She was in doggie diapers due to a UTI that we just couldn’t get cleared up since Aug and that last week was not a good one in regards to peeing I. Her diaper so the washer was going non stop with diapers and rugs that were placed down to try and ease the work that still needs to be done on my carpet. Sasha and I were very up close and personal many times since Aug And anytime an accident would happen. We’d be on the patio with a bucket of water, a washcloth and a towel so mom could clean her butt :). She tolerated it, tolerated the diapers and was my everything. Our last walk before the appt to have her put to rest was the best walk in a long time, the furthest and most cooperative from her. Sasha was a stubborn dog and if She didn’t want to walk where you did, she’d put on her brakes and that was it. She once had my boyfriend standing in front of my place in the street for an hr waiting for me to get home because she didn’t want to go to the front door to come back in. She wanted to go through the garage and he closed the door and didn’t bring his remote. He was not a dog or cat person and boy she knew it. She didn’t budge for him. I got home, opened the garage and she came right in, walking him.
    She was also very picky about food and so danty in how she ate (very lady like) that if she had to take any kind of pill, even the tiniest pill, she would figure that out within a time or two of putting it in whatever she would eat. Then she wouldn’t eat that anymore because she knew you were up to something. That made it very difficult, especially the past 5 months. Even the vet couldn’t get a pill down her throat by just putting it in there and making her swallow. She tried twice and I think that’s the only two times she’s probably been unsuccessful at doing that her whole career. 🙂
    Sasha was without a doubt irreplaceable and my heart I believe ,is unmendable to the broken heart it already was prior to losing her. I often wonder if this is a test from God to see just how much I can withstand. I need to work through my grief , get some professional help and move on and LIVE (not just exist) like I know my family and my beloved pets would want me to. I’m trying but it’s very hard right now to see any light so I search for stories, advice, experience such as your story to help me get through.

    God Bless You, Brandy, Lucy Maloney and Dexter



  29. I had to put my beloved Bernie, a daschund down a few days ago. I am grieving like never before. I can’t do anything but stare into space. Even breathing hurts. I don’t know what to do. Others don’t understand because to them it was just a dog. He was my son as i do not have any human children. I can’t go into the bedroom where we slept and I hate being in the house period. I am so lost. I started reading your blogs to find some comfort. It’s nice to know somebody understands the pain. I miss him so much I can’t stand it. I know I have to move forward and I pray that we will be together again someday. Right now I’m not sure I could get another because he was so special. I guess time will tell. Thank you for all you do!

  30. This day JUNE 02, 2019 1am our dearest Macky past away because he was poisoned by someone, his a 3months and two days puppy and at his age his to big for a puppy, his fat and his very adorable his my friend and a family, we all cried seing him in his situation because we know that he doesnt deserve that way of dying and we know that he still wants to live, his younger brother BUDS was also poisoned but his now recovering and slowly eating his meal, theres tears in his eyes when his searching for MACKY, his was loved by Macky and all their time together was all playing so right now its so hard to see him in that situation especially Keni their mother whose mourning until now for I think she knows what happen, and now her way of comforting each other is o brestfeed BUDS again although her milk is already gone now.

    I wish I could help myself justby sharing this and I wish we can find that someone who poisoned our angel.

    Im Ana from Philippines and it was nice reading all the loved this site is having for dogs

  31. Thank you for your honesty and compassion. I just lost my Phoenix yesterday. I feel so broken. I never saw my saw cry so deeply. Phoenix would have been 15 on August 4th. Please pray for my family. We are devastated and need help with closure. I’m going to start volunteering at the beagle rescue this Saturday

  32. Thank you for your honesty and compassion. I just lost my Phoenix yesterday. I feel so broken. I never saw my son cry so deeply. Phoenix would have been 15 on August 4th. Please pray for my family. We are devastated and need help with closure. I’m going to start volunteering at the beagle rescue this Saturday and a grief support group at the hospital.

  33. Hi Carol,
    Your story bought me to tears. I just put my baby down on Tuesday and I am having a hard time coping, but when I read your friend created a small life size version of your baby, I thought this would help me cope. Is it possible to have this done for me?

  34. I can relate the feelings here. I lost my cat last year, and he wasn’t just a cat to me. He was my best friend, and I miss him and think of him every day. My cat isn’t an ordinary cat, he greeted me when I came home from work every time, he was always where I could see him. He was so sweet, and I simply don’t think there are cats like him. So, yes, it does help to see that a lot of people here feel what I feel, and we are not alone. Sharing your story and feeling really can make you feel better. Here is a site I think can be helpful for anyone who is looking for a memorial closure. It’s a place that you can visit from time to time and update your memories.

  35. The dog is man’s best friend. And when our four-legged friend dies, it is very hard on the soul of the owner. I also had a Cocker Spaniel. I understand what you wanted to convey in this article.

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