An Attitude of Gratitude for a Pet Blogger

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Something wagging this way comes: If left uncapitalized, that sentence probably put a smile on your face. Capitalized, it takes on a whole new meaning, but the smile probably gets bigger. 

Something Wagging This Way Comes is the name of a fun, engaging, dog-forward blog authored by (pet blogger) Pamela Webster. Pamela asked if I’d like to take part in a Bloggers Gift Exchange. One of the best things you can give a fellow blogger (other than more RAM for the computer or perhaps a pass to say, the BlogPaws pet bloggers conference) is a gift of acknowledgment for a job well done.

When the first blogger I was assigned in this gift exchange backed out, Pamela stepped up and wrote a wonderful blog post about me and my blog, Fidose of Reality. I knew she had spent time perusing my dog blog, and her words were heartfelt and very much appreciated.

Well, volley my serve. Something Wagging This Way Comes is more than its titles eludes. Cases in point:

In “Five Things Dogs Do That You Need to Learn,” I took a deep breath and thought, “yep, Pam, you are spot on. I need to be more in tune to what my dog does and apply some of that to myself.”

Would Your Dog Protect Your Home” reveals what would happen if a burglar broke into your home. Pam coupled her prose with video, a much appreciated “extra” when I visit blogs, which is often.

Pamela tells it like it is, in her own unique style. How can you resist a title of a blog post called “My Husband Sleeps With Two Bitches” – I just LOL typing that. smiling dog

Our Puppy Relations (PR) Manager, Dexter, is a Canine Good Citizen, so it was with ardent fervor that I read “Is Honey A Canine Good Citizen.” I have been there, done that, and this piece brought me back to the steps we took and how Dex passed his CGC.

Aside from those four posts, Pamela often gives me moments of pause. I read a LOT—my job is in PR and social media as well as being a writer and blogger— so I read a tremendous amount about, for, and in the name of dogs. And Something Wagging This Way Comes is on my “favorite bloggers” list.

Pamela also takes the time to interact with bloggers, lend a helping word, and share her expertise. I see this frequently in the BlogPaws Community Forum and I have learned from her time and again.

In 2013, I am committing to be a better responder. I tend to read blogs, absorb what I read, but forget to reply. That is one part of who I am that I plan to change—and Pamela, count on seeing me in the comments section of your blog more in 2013 and beyond. Something Wagging This Way Comes is worth a bookmark in your favorites folder, too.

Thanks for this gift exchange, and all my best for a prosperous New Year. Blog on!


  1. What a great review. Pamela is absolutely one of the first blogs I go to when I sign into my reader. She has reached out to help me with a situation on more than one occasion and I feel a kinship to her.

    And she is funny as sh*t, I wish I had the with she has on her blog. 🙂

  2. Awww, shucks. [Blogger blushes and digs toe in the dirt.] It really wasn’t necessary for you to write such nice things about me. But I’m glad you did. 🙂

    Thanks for all the linky love.

    Wishing you and Dexter a really Happy New Year!

    • I love the idea of this gratitude exchange. I only say what I feel, so suffice it to say, I am a fan. Wags and wuffs for a fab New Year, Pamela!

  3. Pamela writes one of my favorite blogs. her thought-provoking posts not only make you think about your dogs, but also about yourself. Who knew a dog blog could be existential?

    She is also one of my favorite bloggers who takes the time to show support to other bloggers. I’m hoping she attends BlogPaws this year so I can meet her in person, but I’m sure there will be a line. :>)

    • I’m hoping to be at BlogPaws and definitely want to meet you. Yes, there probably will be a line but only because of Honey. I know some lonely pet bloggers who will definitely want some Golden love.

      Don’t worry, I’m used to being ignored in the presence of her cuteness. 🙂

  4. I could not agree more…Pamela’s blog is absolutely on my “must read” list. Her posts are often thought-provoking and I find that I want to respond. I know that Pamela reads each comment as she often replies. It’s a great blog and and your “gift” represents it well. Oh yes, Thanks to Pamela and the Gift Exchange I’ve discovered a number of folks I return to often

    • Thanks so much. I’ve loved getting to know you and Gizmo lately too.

      And know that I do read and love every comment although I don’t reply nearly as often as I’d like.

  5. Pamela’s blog is definitely one to subscribe to! I’m always in awe of how she comes up with so many spot-on posts!
    And it was SO great of her to come up with and organize the Pet Blogger Gift Exchange!

    • Thanks, Jackie. I’m just amazed to find friends who “get” my strange musings and sign on to my wacky schemes, like a gift exchange with gift alternatives. 🙂

  6. Chalk up another fan of SWTWC and Pamela, especially. She is one of the most thoughtful bloggers out there both in the sense that she thinks of and encourages other bloggers but also in the sense that her posts are so thought-provoking.

    This was a great review and we’ve been so pleased following the hop to get to know a variety of other bloggers.

    • Yep, a dog blog that makes you think. I don’t think I Can Haz Cheezburger is shaking from the competition. 🙂

      Glad to meet such kind and thoughtful people as yourself, Leslie, willing to spend a little time in my world.

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