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Adoptable Dog of the Week: Meet Cola


cocker spaniel

Cola may be the chocolate treat you can’t resist!  While chocolates are tempting to most, we think this girl is simply irresistible.  She definitely catches the attention of people while on her walks.  At 5 years old, she’s in the prime of her life! Meet our adoptable dog of the week: Cola!

Though she isn’t fond of dogs or kids, she is looking for the right loving home who will give her a forever family. Cola comes complete with lots of sweetness that will undoubtedly enrich your life.  She is a true Velcro pup.  This girl gets rave reviews from the volunteers who have met her.  She LOVES to play fetch.  She will bring the ball back and nudge you gently with her nose to encourage further play.  Her tail wags like crazy.  Who can resist that?

Please ask away to learn more about our chocolate cutie! More about Cola the Fidose Adoptable Dog of the Week here.

cocker spaniel

Interested in adopting her? Click here to contact her foster!

You should receive a response within 48 hours. If you do not, please resend a message through the OBG Cocker Rescue contact page.

Who is OBG?

OBG Cocker Rescue was founded in 1986 and its mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome cocker spaniels and spaniel mixes of all ages — young and old. OBG rescues over 200 dogs a year.

OBG Cocker Rescue is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) organization. All donations go to the care of OBG’s dogs and are tax deductible.

Oh, and OBG is the beneficiary of our grand sold out Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof event.


Can you help us – spread the word, toss a few bucks to OBG, and help out? Much love and gratitude to you!

A dog lover of the highest order is how Gayle King introduced Carol Bryant, when she appeared with her Cocker Spaniel on Oprah Radio’s Gayle King show to dish dogs. Carol created and owns the trademark, My Heart Beats Dog® and lives that mantra. A 30-year veteran of the dog world, she is President of the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) and the 2020 DWAA winner for Best Dog Blog.

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