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Adoptable Dog Has the Moves Like Jagger

cocker spaniel

It’s Valentine’s Day and one adoptable dog is looking to show his  future forever parent how he has the moves like Jagger.

Jagger was dumped at a high kill shelter in Georgia because he has very limited vision. Very sad that someone would do this to this amazing dog. I have met him, spent a day with him, and he is so loving, happy, and wants to play and be with his dog mom or dad all the time.

His foster mom, Nancy Height, says that Jagger sees with his heart, and I can attest to this.  Jagger tells his foster mom, “I do have to have eye drops twice a day but I always sit real good so that Mom can put them in my eyes. I have no problems with following my foster Mom around all day long. I just love to be around people because they all think I am so handsome and will pet me and sometimes give me treats. I really love treats!!

Jagger is also good with kids. Height reports that when her 8-year-old granddaughter comes over, adoptable dog Jagger likes to play and cuddle with her.

More from Jagger, “I would love to have a home with a fenced in yard so I could go out and explore during the day without having to be in a leash. I also love to go for rides in the car. I get along good with other dogs, my foster has 2 dogs but am not sure about cats. Mom has 2 cats but they do not like dogs too much so I stay away from them. My foster Mom has been working on my manners. She is teaching me how to sit and wait for my food and to lay down.   My foster Mom said to says that I am also crate and house trained.”

Check out Jagger in the video below and if you’d like more information and would like to adopt Jagger, hop over to Life’s Little Paws.



  1. Arlene R. O'Neil says

    Blind dogs DO see with their heart! I was fortunate to have my blind Little Bit for 12 1/2 years. God Bless the lucky one who adopts Jagger!!

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