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A Dog Wedding So Freddy Isn’t Forgotten

Wigglebutt Wedding

A dog wedding: Yes, I am planning a wedding for my dog so another dog does not get forgotten, tied up and left out to basically fend for himself, spending time with only his solitude and the hope of someone remembering him.

I am planning a wedding for my dog so that gas can get put in the car of a transport volunteer so that the dog tied up and left out to basically fend for himself has someone to save him.

I am planning a wedding for my dog so that 100 people can come together, many of them with their dogs, and celebrate the joy dogs give us and so that a dog tied up and left to basically fend for himself has hope.

On June 28, 2013, my dog is getting married. Freddy, I hope you can attend.

cocker spaniel

On March 1, 2013, my heart broke into tiny little pieces. I am heavily immersed in the pet industry and I have found my passion, my calling, and when I say my heart beats dog, I mean it. It also bleeds dog and breaks dog, especially when I see requests like the one I received tonight land in my email cyberbox.

“Urgent Foster needed in Connecticut. Freddy is tied to a dog house 24/7 the owner no longer wants him. He cries for attention. A concerned neighbor has got the owner to agree to give him up. He is 8 years old. Please help us find a foster so he doesn’t spend another cold and lonely night tied to a dog house.”

I was ready to get in my car tonight with a family member and my dog and head to Connecticut. You know that storm that fell in the northeast a few weeks ago and pummeled the northeast with feet of snow? Freddy was left outside in it.

Wigglebutt Wedding

So I am planning a wedding for my dog so that Freddy has people who give a damn come out and help him and cut that leash. I am mad, I am aggravated, and I take to my blog. I was ready to take to the highway. Someday I might. There are a lot of Freddy dogs in the world. Left alone, forgotten, neglected, and hoping someone will step up.

Thanks to Life’s Little Paws, the rescue group that is the recipient of all funds raised when my dog gets married on June 28, 2013, Freddy had folks drive to get him out of that situation.

My dog’s bride lives in Connecticut. She was rescued by Life’s Little Paws the day she was scheduled to be euthanized. Indeed: From death’s door to a princess wedding, as her mom so eloquently states.

Freddy, you are not forgotten. I sit here with tears streaming at the anger I have that someone found it normal to tie a Cocker Spaniel outside and let him live there like a forgotten lawn ornament.

That isn’t normal. Dogs getting married might not be normal. But dammit, it is when there are Freddys out there in the world and waiting for a rescue like Life’s Little Paws to save him from the ignorance of some people. ‘

For all the Freddys out there, this wedding, my passion, and my heart beating dog until the day I die are all for you.

cocker spaniel

By the way, I am helping Freddy out financially. It’s the least I can do when these heroes of the world step up and bring innocent lives into their own. If you want to chip in to help dogs like Freddy, send a few bucks to Life’s Little Paws. You’d be amazed how even $5 or $10 goes a long way.

Hug your dog, folks. The more people I meet, the more I like my dog, it’s true. But the more people in the world like those who rescue and foster… the more we can help dogs like Freddy.

This one’s for you, little guy. You won’t be sleeping in the freezing cold tonight, my friend. Never again. I’m following up on you.

By the way, I want more people to know about this so we’re participating in this Saturday’s Pet Blog Hop, hosting by Life With DogsTwo Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume.  If you’d like to participate, please follow the rules and follow your three hosts, add your blog to the Linky and copy and paste the html code into your html editor.  Thanks again to our hosts for doing this hop and allowing me in.




  1. Sharon Gilbert says

    I think the people who do these things to dogs need to do some type of community service in a dog rescue shelter or do jail time. I’m sorry Freddy that you parents treated you badly. My heart is breaking for you and I am so glad your neighbor helped. I hope and pray that you find a very loving forever home.

  2. Gizmo (@GizmoGeodog) says

    Freddy’s story is so sad but at least he’s gotten the help he needs…What really hits my core is that there are so many Freddy’s out there…Like you, my heat beats dog…I know that this is not true for many, but why does that give them license to subject a dog to cruel mistreatment and suffering…What kind of “human” thinks it OK to torture another species? Yes, the more I know about men (and women) the more I like my dogs…A dog would never do what Freddy’s owners did

  3. Carma Poodale says

    There are so many Freddie’s out there. I will never ever understand why someone would get a dog and do this to them. What is the point of having one? I am glad to know that a neighbor reported it and convinced the owner to give him up. The world needs more neighbors like this.
    To Freddie: I am so sorry you had to spend your life this way. I know your neighbor thought enough about you to make those calls to reach out to someone who cared. Your neighbor thought enough about you to talk your owner in to giving you up so that you can have a chance at a life that you always yearned for. I hope you get that life soon. It’s scary going from a place you have known to a place you have never been but it’s for the best. I pray that your family/person is out there close. The one who will show you what real love is all about.
    Love ,
    Carma Poodale
    Once a unwanted pup to many homes- to a home that needed and loves me

  4. Felissa (Two Little Cavaliers) says

    Tear for Freddy. When I saw him posted on your Facebook Page last night a home was already found for him. No Cocker should be tied up and left in the snow they should be running and jumping and having the times of their lives in the white stuff. Not stuck in it with no warm house to go into when the snow starts getting too cold. Thank you for helping him and all of the other like him. I hope he has a nice warm bath today and a good grooming and starts to feel the love his heroes have for him.

  5. Val Sorensen says

    Kudos to Michelle, the neighbor to Freddy’s owner for taking the initiative and contacting rescue. Many would have just looked the other way. If she didn’t, he could still be out there suffering. I spoke with her yesterday when we were trying to figure out how to get the poor little guy out of there…what a sweet and caring woman! Not only did she save this guy, she donated $150.00 to help with his medical expenses!

    • Carol says

      Val- From the bottom of my heart I thank you and Freddy’s neighbor for stepping up to get him out of that horrible condition ! HOW anyone can leave a dog out 24/7 is beyond me – and sadly there are many more out there neglected like him – and not all Cocker spaniels. And a big thank you to Richard and Susan for going to pick him up .a.s.a.p
      Can’t wait to see photos of him all cleaned up and his new “do”. God Bless everyone who helped him.

  6. Jackie Preas says

    Is there an update on Freddy?Did he find a forever home?I so hope that beautiful boy did.Thank you for going to bat for the doggies.

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