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A Dog Named Boo Book Review

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Lisa Edwards thought she was rescuing an abandoned puppy. Turns out, the dog was rescuing Lisa. How many dog moms and dads can relate to that sentiment? A Dog Named Boo was that abandoned puppy.

Dogs often rescue us: From our lives, from ourselves, and from a path we were never meant to be on. With over 70 million Americans sharing their lives with a dog, there is a sea of books on and about the topic to be read; many books cross our desks for review here at the offices of Fidose of Reality.

Something about the cover of A Dog Named Boo: How One Dog and One Woman Rescued Each Other–and the Lives They Transformed Along the Way caught our eye, and we’re glad it did.This is one of those “I am so glad I read it” types of books that comes along now and again.

Boo is a little black Labrador Retriever who entered author (and dog trainer) Lisa Edwards’ life on Halloween night in the year 2000. She came across an abandoned litter outside a pet store, right beneath a sign that read “Puppies $49.99.” Did she need another dog? No. Lisa watched as one particular puppy bounced around, bumped into walls, was unsteady on his feet, and got tossed around by his littermates. She knew Boo was meant to be hers. Due to his poor eyesight and clumsy gait, it would be a year before Boo was housetrained. But when he was, the training he would provide Edwards would prove named boo

Boo was destined to be a therapy dog, as Edwards so masterfully writes. The little boy settled down to his picture book, Boo settled down at last to listen, and I, knowing how hard the world is when words are the enemy, took solace in knowing that Boo had given this child a happy reading moment. Edwards herself a survivor of childhood abuse and diagnosed with autoimmune disease and dyslexia saw a bit of herself in Boo.

The human-animal bond chronicled in this book as Boo transcends from abandonment to miracle dog is one every dog lover will want to experience. We all have had a miracle dog (or two, three, etc) in our lives. Boo is that miracle for Lisa. Dogs indeed leave paw prints on our hearts and this book is guaranteed to leave a few on yours, too.


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