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8 Documents Dog Parents Must Have


Are you prepared for an emergency and feel that you have all necessary documents needed at a moment’s notice….documents about and for your dog, that is?! At least once a year, I go through all my files and paperwork- both digital and in print- for my dog.

Most importantly, a diary/journal/log book should be readily available that includes your dog’s:

* Medications, frequency, and dosages

* Food: Type, how often he/she is fed, and in what quantity

* Name of your dog’s veterinarian and address/phone

Years ago, when I was urgently rushed to the hospital, this log book came in handy.

There are several documents all pet parents should have on hand to ensure their pets’ wellbeing.

Here are eight documents dog parents  should have on hand. How many of these do you have readily available?


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  1. This is great advice! I keep a digital file (journal) for Haley’s medical record and I’m thinking a paper copy would probably be better, that way I can grab it if I have to head out quickly for an emergency vet trip.

  2. For proof of ownership would your blog count, or veterinary paperwork with your name listed as owner? I’m curious what would be disputed versus what counts as hard proof of ownership.

    Other proofs of ownership: adoption papers, microchip registration.

  3. This is a great post and something every pet owner should think about. Caspian was prescribed more pain medicines a few months ago (for his syringomyelia) and one day I realized I was the only one who knew what the complete schedule and quantities of all of them were. So I wrote out the daily doses and placed the sheet into the bag where his pills are all stored. If something happened to me, I’d hate to think he would not be taken care of.

  4. Excellent, comprehensive list of doc we should always have available. As someone who travels cross country w/ our dogs frequently, we carry most of the doc in your linked article. In addition, I usually obtain a Health Certificate from our vet just in case. If you travel by air or internationally you would need to obtain a health certificate shortly before you travel. The one thing we haven’t done is enter into a Trust which family members should have custody of our dogs if something should happen to us. We have only verbal agreements w/ family members but will get that done asap!

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