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5 Ways to Make Your Dog an Internet Sensation

How to make your dog an internet sensation

How would you like your dog to be an Internet sensation? It does not happen overnight, and it also depends on what your definition of “sensation” is, but having a blog is a pivotal part of the formula from our experience. As you read through the 5 ways to make your dog an internet sensation, remember that you need to work for it and not just wish for it.

I am often asked how it is I do what I do:Researching and writing about dog health and wellness and helping to fundraise for dogs in need. First and foremost, dogs are my passion. Keep reading, as I’ll highlight some specific tips if you want to enter this amazingly growing and ever evolving pet industry and get your dog noticed online.

So how can a dog parent get started in helping to make their dog an Internet sensation? Here are our 5 best tips to achieving that goal plus a bonus tip, so a total of 6 actionalble items. Here we go:

(5) Start a Social Media Account with a Purpose: We all know about Facebook and Twitter, but Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to get your dog recognized. Do not feel that you must be on every social media platform in the universe: You don’t. The last thing you want happening is to be spread too thin and sharing photos of your dog on 10 to 20 different social spaces online. There’s an old quote that “too much exposure can kill you.” It’s so true: No one wants to see the same photos over and over nor the same pet flooding every social space possible.

I interviewed the humans behind Instagram dog rock star, Manny the Frenchie, at the BlogPaws Conference in recent years.

“It all happened fairly quickly,” Amber Chavez remembers. “Manny had 1,000 followers within a few weeks and then it just exploded. He went to 10,000 followers and landed on the popular page.”

Manny the Frenchie with Dexter Wigglebutt Warrior at BlogPaws

Amber Chavez and Jon Huang have had Manny share their lives since he was 4-1/2 months old. This pint-sized dynamo just recently turned four years of age. Manny does do public appearances, but most of his “business” is online via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Look us up on Instagram:

Click for 11 Ways to Grow an Instagram Account

(4) Take Clear, Quality Photos: It sounds simple enough, but there are a lot of fuzzy and pixilated images floating around online. We are featured in a recent article on on the topic of making your dog a rock star online. The more often you can shoot using natural daylight, the better. I tend to tire my dog out with a play session prior to a photo shoot. He is happier and more cooperative. More relaxed, unplanned shots are also a favorite. Other dog parents want to relate to what you are posting. If your dog is prim and proper and looks miserable holding a sit-stay, the photo might not bode as well as say, a cute action shot or your dog cuddled up with his or her favorite stuffed toy.

Click to read for How to Make Your Dog a Rock Star Online

Making your dog a rock star online
The big cheese

(3) Have an Outcome: What is the reason(s) you want to create an online presence for your dog? Do you plan to post weekly? A few times a week? What hashtags will you use? Are you more of a giver than a taker? This last question is imperative because the first word in “social media” says it all: Social. If you retain one thing from reading this blog post, it is this: Be social and take the time to engage with people.

Have you ever met someone at a get together or party that never stops talking? They don’t ask how you are, it’s all about themselves, and you generally end up annoyed, right? The same holds true on social media. I spend more time talking to people, sharing their content, and engaging with others than I do posting and writing content. It’s worked well because I care about others and I want to engage and be social. In fact, it makes me giggle when I go somewhere and the first thing people want to know is, “Where’s Dexter?” (my dog). He’s the important one anyway.

(2) Life Span of a Dog: I cringe having to mention this, but it is true. I’ve seen this happen a countless number of times over the years. Someone starts a blog about their dog, something happens to the dog and then the blog goes under because it revolved around the dog. If that is your plan, then stay with it and enjoy your blog. However, if you want to have a social presence beyond the life span of your dog, then plan ahead. I purposely did not name my blog after my first Cocker Spaniel because I knew the blog’s purpose; and it was and remains beyond the comings and goings of my dog.

My sweet Cocker Spaniel, Brandy Noel, has since passed away and took a large piece of my heart with her. I will always be immersed in the dog world, so I am grateful for proper planning. Just think ahead and what potential outcomes mean for your online presence.

My forever loved baby, Brandy Noel

(1) Time to Walk the Blog: People start dog blogs for a variety of reasons, including giving their pooch a voice, showcasing her latest travel adventures, or even to share pet-friendly restaurants. With pet bloggers representing a big part of cyberspace, you’ll hardly be alone if you start a blog.

According to the Washington Post, prior to social media, when blogs stood on their own, bloggers were counted by tool use. A 2009 estimate put the count at 452,000; by July 2012, a survey had the number at 31 million. Once you didn’t need to log on to a blog tool to blog, those counts became difficult.

Let’s go a step further: Want to know how many blog posts are written every day? Visit for a real-time count. It’s really outstanding and the numbers are high.

My life was changed because I applied what I learned at BlogPaws conferences and from networking in the BlogPaws network and community year-round. The educational sessions were worth the price of admission alone, but the network has been priceless. Ironically, more than 75 percent of those folks I connect with on Facebook are people I first met in person. Many of these people I have met at, yep, you guessed it: BlogPaws.

It’s actually pretty darned easy to start a blog: It’s the maintaining it and growing it that requires effort, but it can be done.

BlogPaws conference
My dog, Dexter, is welcome at BlogPaws, and so are you!

According to Aimee Beltran, Director of Community Education at BlogPaws, “Getting to your first 10,000 page views might seem like a big mountain to climb but here is the key . . . there are tools and techniques to help you do the climbing.”

To help folks grow the views to their blog, she has created a challenge in which those with a blog can partake.

“BlogPaws is here to help but you must be willing to put in the work and determination to make it happen,” she says. “These are all tactics that I personally used to get my first 10,000 page views. I still use these to maintain and grow my views. So, if you’re already over 10,000+ views, set a new goal for another 10K!”

Request to join the BlogPaws Community here to get started.

I remember walking into the BlogPaws Conference in Ohio many years ago and getting chills, literally, up and down my arms. I felt a connection and something very electric in the air there. As the days went on (which were a total of two back then), I realized, “these are my people, this is my life.” Pet bloggers are a force with which to be reckoned: This much I know is true.

Click here to learn more about the BlogPaws 2016 Conference in June in Arizona, which is pet friendly!

So if you want your dog to be the next big thing online, the start to becoming an Internet sensation starts with small puppy steps.

Bonus tip for Twitter

Bonus Tip: Twitter is an Online “Dog Park:” Twitter is more lax when it comes to animals having their own accounts. Facebook frowns on animal accounts and unless you register your pet as a business page on Facebook, you risk having the page shut down by the powers that be at Facebook headquarters. On the other hand, Twitter is fine with pet accounts. Have you been to a “pawty” or participated in an online animal chat? Businesses and brands host Twitter parties where the atmosphere is pet friendly — because oftentimes the pets do the talking. Millions of dollars are being made in the name of dog. Brands have become savvy to what dog parents want, and as a PR and social media guru in the pet industry, I can attest firsthand (and paw) that tweets by pets are being watched.

Jump in with the #BlogPawsChat three-times-a-month on Tuesday nights from 8 to 10 pm EDT. Follow hashtag #BlogPawsChat.

How can you get your dog noticed? Above all, follow other pet people. It might seem time consuming and daunting, but if your plan is to create a doggie diva, Twitter needs to be a part of it.

Here’s a step by step of how to partake in the #BlogPawsChat: It’s easy, fun, and there is no need to feel overwhelmed:

QUESTIONS: Do you share photos and/or messaging about your dog online? Follow us on Instagram and we will follow back!

This post is not sponsored there may however be links to brands I have worked with in the past, affiliate links, and or links to products I use and love.

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  1. We don’t like to talk about it either, but our blog was created to continue even after I am gone. I is all about the GBGV, not just Emma. I’m the current star, but the other pets also are included and my little sis Bailie may take over the helm one day. I guess it is all set up like a company that will go on forever but the CEO may change. Very good points too.

  2. This is such helpful information for anyone planning to make their dog a rockstar! Your tip to Plan Ahead and think about the future of your endeavor is really smart!

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