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4 Health Facts Your Dog Wishes You Knew

Ah, the things we learn from our vets. Our dogs at vets. Our dogs at vets because you enter the vet office for one reason and then exit armed with an arsenal of “how did I not know that’s.”

Cases in point:

  • FACT: Ticks disguise themselves as lumps on a dog. I know. I saw a lump on Dexter’s head and panicked. “Cancer, a mast cell tumor, oh not, not again.” One very efficient vet tech having me Smartphone a photo and the tick diagnosis was made.
  • FACT: Ear wax can be caused by allergies. No kidding. Who knew. I do now. Due diligence with floppy dog ears ala keeping the inner and outer canal of a dog’s ear cleaned and well-groomed means less bacteria and/or chance of yeast. I clean Dexter’s ear’s weekly with a vet-recommended flush, but seasonal allergies caused inflammation, in ear canal, wha-la : ear wax buildup. Caught in time *whew*
  • FACT: There is no one protocol for all dogs, all ages for vaccines. The great vaccine debate rages on. First hand experience with a dog who had a mast cell tumor reaction at the site of injection because of a vaccine. It looked like a pimple. I learned more about lumps and bumps after that than I’d ever imagined. Great resource for these: . Case by case, shot by shot, determine what your dog’s exposure is, what the risk is, and which is greater.
  • FACT:Shampoos for pets don’t need all that lather: In fact, those bubbles are generally caused by unnecessary additives. Read the back, not the front of the bottle. More tips on purchasing pet shampoos and what to watch for here:  Shampoos for dogs.

Did you ever have a “bow wow wow, why didn’t I know that” moment at the vet? Do tell…

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