Dog Holiday Photo Contest Winners
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Dex The Halls 2019 Dog Holiday Contest Winners

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and 10 lucky dog holiday photo contest winners have been selected. This is the ninth year Fidose of Reality has hosted a photo contest with a holiday theme.

We received hundreds of entries, and our panel of three independent judges had a hard time choosing the top five (we even had a tie!) and the five honorable mentions (so we picked 10 honorable mentions).

One thing is for sure: Dogs are amazing and they help add joy, celebration, and love to the season. Give your dogs an extra tummy rub and smooch because they are all winners to us. 

Dog holiday photo contest winner

Dog Holiday Photo Contest Winners

Be sure to enter your dog in our monthly Dr. Harvey’s Dog Of the Month Club & Giveaway drawing for goodies of a $35 basket for your pooch! 

Without further ado, here are your 2019 Dex the Halls Dog Photo Contest winners and their prizes:

Winners and Prizes

FIRST PLACE:  Lucy Francis MiniaturesA $500 value to the grand prize winner from Lucy Francis, who is a genius in creating miniature dog sculptures. With the help of German glass eyes as well as fine alpaca, cashmere, silk, and wool, she brings miniature pets to life.

This is Wrigley Ryder Stitt. Submitted by Susan Stitt

dog with santa claus

SECOND PLACE: A big box of goodness from Dr. Harvey’s.  Dr. Harvey’s is the most transparent company we’ve ever encountered, and they genuinely treat their clients pets as they do their own. Their products include all-natural foods, chemical-free grooming essentials, nutritious treats and chews, and essential vitamins and supplements to keep your animal companions healthy and happy. A $112 value!!!

This is Kobi, Mojo, and Olivia. Submitted by Wendy Leo.

cocker spaniels ready for Santa


THIRD PLACE: Easily Distracted By Dogs sweatshirt from the Fidose of Reality online store.  Five colors from which to choose, many sizes, great warm sweatshirt that is unisex sized. $39.95 retail value.

This is Scout. Submitted by Karissa Morton.

dog dressed as Mrs. Claus

FOURTH PLACE: Tis the season to be a Cocker Spaniel lover. Show your Cocker love throughout the holidays with this Christmas-themed mug from the Fidose of Reality online store. $11 retail value.

Our judges had such a hard time between these two, I decided to award both fourth place and you both get the Merry Cocker Christmas mug!

This is Buddy with Santa. Submitted by Mary Margaret Miller. 

Cocker Spaniel looking at Santa Claus


This is Deedee with Santa. Submitted by Sarah Wall.

Cocker looking up at Santa Claus

FIFTH PLACE: Potpourri pack of dog lover stickers, magnets, and pins. $10 value. 

This is Izzy and Izach. Submitted by Penny Worley.

cocker spaniels christmas fun

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Our judges picked five honorable mentions and I am choosing five as well, for a total of ten honorable mentions this year. 

Cute dog celebrating Hanukkah
Prince-by-Tor submitted by Jessica Small


Cockers curled up by Christmas tree
Penny and Bella. Submitted by Judy Pryka


Dog with snowman contest winner
Mugen. Submitted by Joanna Carganilla


Gingerbread shih tzus photo contest honorable mention
Sophie, Sadie, Cutter, Cassie, & Kippy. Submitted by Judi Gullickson


Pug dressed up as elf with Santa
Pia Pia. Submitted by Dawn Taylor 


Adorable photo contest dog winner
Agatha. Submitted by Kelly Biddle.


Santa Claus winners with Cocker Spaniels
Chelsea, Chloe, Coco, Holly, Halle, Katie and Mady. Submitted by Carol Tiedt.


Christmas contest winner dogs
Asher, Payzlee, CJ, Beeans, and Max. Submitted by Larissa Lee


Pugs in contest for Christmas
Padme and Jaskine. Submitted by Kandi Prickett


Cocker Spaniels posing for contest
Buddy, Georgie, Gigi, Ruger. Submitted by Melissa Webb

Disclaimer: Some sponsors paid to be a part of this photo contest and others did not. We are spreading good cheer and happiness with dog lovers of the highest order.

Be sure to enter your dog in our monthly Dr. Harvey’s Dog Of the Month Club & Giveaway drawing for goodies of a $35 basket for your pooch! 

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  1. Congratulations to ALL, from Sadie, who won last year.

    The judges are awesome and I am SO happy to see this year’s winner, as it would’ve been my choice as well. I LOVE seeing every single photo ❣️??

    Carol Bryant, thank you for all that you do! ?

  2. I just loved Wrigley Ryder and Santa. OK! I loved them all but Wrigley just put a big smile on my face and I was so happy to see my girls as getting Honorable Mention. I’m so proud of them all. Nothing better than sweet furbaby faces. Thank you Carol for all you do. This is truly My Happy Place.

  3. Thank you Carol Bryant for all you do. An Honorable Mention is definitely exciting news, we couldn’t be happier. Entering your contest was tons of fun. Thank you again. Congratulations to all the winners. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Sincerely, Judy Pryka

  4. Comngrats to all the winners. All the pics were great ..would be hard to judge. Thank you judges for our placement

  5. Wow!
    What an creative way to repay our friendly and loyal canine buddies. Outside of this, I am of the opinion that firm measure be taken (through government policies) to protect animal right.

    Once again, great initiative from organizers and winners

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