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20 Ways To Show Your Dog Love

Dog love, oh yes, ah, the season of love is in the air. For dogs, unconditional love is a year-round, 24/7/365 way of life. In fact, we love dogs so much, we coined the phrase, My Heart Beats Dog.® If your heart goes pitter patter for dogs, especially for your dog, then you’ll want to sit, stay, and keep reading. Here are 20 ways to show your dog love year-round:

How to show your dog love


20. Dogs need year round play and that means dogs of all ages and sizes. To a dog, play and attention are equal to love. Keep in mind your dog’s overall health and get veterinary clearance before starting any new exercise program. That said, there are many ways to keep a dog active and playing year-round, especially in the cabin fever-inducing winter months.

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dogs playing



19. Introduce your dogs to others at a young age. If your dog is older, consider talking to a positive reinforcement animal behaviorist.

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Dog loves cat



18. Give your dog a touch test but disguise it as a massage.  The next time you sit down to pet your dog, consider these 10 touches below that just might save your dog’s life. If you are a parent to a dog who rolls over for tummy rubs, well, you are putty in their paws.

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Free tummy rubs


17. Tell your dog you love them. If your dog is deaf, sign it.

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Cupid dog



16. We are what we eat and that applies to dogs, too. Do you know exactly what is going into your dog’s body and what the labels on pet food and treats mean? Show a dog you love them with a good, quality diet and a healthy weight.

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Dog with a bone


15. Going on road trips with a dog is a fun, bonding experience but not for the unprepared.  I’ve learned quite a few things over the years, and here, coupled with some expert advice from fellow road warriors, are road tripping with a dog do’s and don’ts:

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dog in a car


14. Keep those teeth and gums in tip top shape. Some dogs hate teeth brushing and there is an art to it: You need to adjust the brush and the technique according to the mouth size of the dog. If you aren’t doing something proactive to keep your dog’s teeth clean, I can nearly guarantee you that your dog will suffer for it. Some dogs hate teeth brushing, and if you have a dog like that, this article is especially for you.

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13. No matter your dog’s age, keep them mentally happy and engaged. One of the greatest joys of being a dog parent is bonding with your dog. When I trained my dog in the different aspects of the Canine Good Citizen test, what a fun and enriching time we had. Even if you do not formally try for the test, the different aspects of training to be a canine good citizen help to create a human-animal bond for keeps.

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Training a dog



12. Love and bath are both 4-letter words, and though many dogs cringe at the sound of the letters ‘B-A-T-H,’ keeping a dog clean has its health merits. Aside from the obvious, a clean dog means the skin is in good shape, the nails are properly trimmed, and any grooming is in order.

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Cute poodle



11. One of the worst things you can do to a dog is to lay your hands on him or her to spank or hit. Putting your hand(s) on a dog as a form of punishment is not only wrong but as harmful to the relationship you want with your dog. Counterproductive in fact. If your hands are on your dog, they are to show and emit love. Period. Love love love and more love.

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Lay hands on only to love – no hitting


Kissing a dog


10. Is there anything more glorious than curling up with your dog for a nap? Dogs who sit on your couch and/or want to get on the bed and snooze with you are not trying to rule your life. On the contrary: They simply want to be next to you! Read on for the scoop. (Note: Some dogs aren’t into cuddling or sharing a bed, so never “make” a dog do so.)

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Dog sleeps



9. One of my most favorite things to do with a dog is travel together. I have traveled with my family, pooch included, from sea to shining sea several times, and the memories are for a lifetime. Of course, we can’t just blurt that out without some insider’s info on dog travel.

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modern family Fidose


8. A dog-friendly picnic (indoors or outdoors) can be so much fun! Don’t forget to pack the dog-safe bug repellent, blanket, and plenty of fresh, clean, cool water. Even better, fill your spring with dog-friendly activities:

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dog smooch


7. My dog hates to exercise. I have a lazy dog who doesn’t want to move or go for walks. Why won’t my dog play with me anymore?

If you’ve said (or thought) any of the above, this information is for you. Sometimes dogs aren’t lazy: It’s us pet parents who aren’t engaging our dogs and motivating them to do things, have fun, and enjoy their time on earth. Here’s how to exercise a lazy dog:

CLICK THIS: ===> How to Exercise a Lazy Dog

BONUS:  I lost 40 pounds by gaining 25. With the help of my Cocker Spaniel, shedding unwanted pounds and staying in shape proved to be a win-win for both me and my dog.

Though humans can make food choices and monitor their indulgences, dogs depend on you to monitor their waistline. Here’s how to get and stay in shape with the help of your dog. First and foremost, always get human and canine medical clearance before embarking on any workout routine.

CLICK THIS: ===> Here Are 5 Easy Ways to Exercise With Your Dog


boxers play



6. Preventing a dog from biting and knowing what to look for in terms of signs of an impending bite are keys to being a pet parent, which means love. Children in the household should be taught how to behave around a dog, with no yelling, slapping, etc.

CLICK THIS: ===> Nine Ways to Prevent Dog Bites


dog with child



5. There is a right and a wrong way to store dog food and dog treats. You never want to unwittingly feed a toxic substance to your dog or anything moldy or “not fresh.”

CLICK THIS: ===>  6 Tips for Storing Pet Food


cutie collies


4. I recall reading a nugget of dog trainer wisdom that says, “Spend at least 30 minutes twice a day bonding with your dog.” In those times (and this girl spends much more), put any electronic devices away. Have a no phone zone and give your dog the one-on-one attention he or she is longing for from you.

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Dogs in snow



3. Shopping for things for your dog with your dog can be incredibly fun. This dog mom loves to have “Mommy and Me” nights with her dog, where we take in the latest offerings at stores like PetSmart and we have a fun time playing with our haul once home. Besides the typical retail pet supply stores that allow dogs, there are other pet-friendly outlets and stores that welcome dogs.

CLICK THIS: ===> 20 Pet Friendly Places Your Dog Must Visit (note: Arlington National Cemetery is no longer pet welcoming)



2. The gift of good health is one that repays itself time and again. Dogs cannot make appointments themselves, so they depend on us, their guardians and caretakers, to seek regular veterinary care.  Wellness visits, with even twice yearly visits, are key as your dog ages. It’s easier to fix a potential problem (and likely less expensive) before it turns into something huge.

CLICK THIS: ===> How to Find a Good Veterinarian



1.Be a kind person. Talk nicely, be giving, forgiving, and know that dogs do not have a spiteful bone in their loving bodies. Smooch your pooch if he or she is accepting of them, and show the love. Their lives are short, a mere flicker, and you’ll thank yourself later for a life well lived and well loved with your dog.

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QUESTION: How do you show your dog they are loved? Bark at us in the comments below.

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  1. Hello,
    Your article is well organized and you covered all the things over here. Generally, we don’t have a need to show our love to dogs because they’re cute enough that we automatically fall in love with them.

  2. Amazing advice, most of which I do I’m happy to say! I am so pleased to see #4 about ditching the electronics. I often see people walking their dogs while they’re yapping on the phone, and it makes me quite sad. Rather than enjoying the day, looking around them and appreciating the scenery not to mention bonding with their dog, it looks like they see it as the worst chore they got stuck with. Shame how much they’re missing.

  3. What a lovely post 🙂 There are some lovely pictures here, they did make us smile.

    The bottom line is every pet parent needs a reminder of something they miss, we are only ….er…. human after all!

  4. All of these are wonderful ways to show our fur babies how much they are loved on a daily basis. I love the massage tip and do this with both of mine. They have no idea they are being checked over. LOL!

  5. I wish my dog was lazy some days… Temperature be damned, my dog wants to run. So exercise is mandatory. Also, I talk to my dog constantly, sometimes in public. I’ve had strangers say to me “pardon?” “What?” Clearly, I’m not talking to them…. my dog’s right here.

  6. There are many ways you can show your dog (or cat) how much you love them and this is a great list of ideas…. the picnic idea made me smile though… Charlie and Max are so food motivated if I was to sit on the ground with food and invite them along, they’d be snatching things from my plate. I’m sure Dex is a lot better behaved!

  7. Wonderful ways to show your dog some serious LOVE! We do pretty much all these things, but my goal is to do much more of them & do them all better each time. Thanks for sharing!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  8. Besides eating and snuggling, Theo LOVES to play tug. He brings me a toy several times a day and I always try to make time for playing with him.

    I know that I can never repay them for the love they bring into my life, but I try to give my dogs the best life I can.

  9. So sweet. I do most of these but sadly Kilo is a total love-bug most of the time but was not socialized well and can be a bit snappy so we don’t interact much with other dogs or kids or strangers. He also hates the vet and having his paws or teeth touched which is challenging. However with constant love and positive attention he is improving slowly. He loves cuddles, treats, massages, play time, doing tricks, toys, and being with me. I confess I use a baby voice and talk to him all the time. A plumber was here last week and said “wow, can he understand everything you say?”

  10. Many of the things on this list can help show love to kitties too! I make sure to spend some time loving on my kitties every day. They enjoy being petted, cuddling with me (especially if I take a nap), receiving treats, being talked to, and of course, interactive play. There is always a way to show love to them! 🙂

  11. Whoop whoop 100%. Does that make me a good dog mom?
    What a great list. Sometimes people think as long as the basics are covered, that’s enough. But it’s so much more

  12. Loved this blog. My girl sleeps under the covers all my dogs have slept with me for many years three large German Shepherds. I talk to Bella all the time, she goes in the car with me all the time in the winter. I hate to see people walking their dogs and people riding their horses yapping on their cell phones.

    Everyone have fun with your animal companions or should I say best friends.

  13. Debbie, an avid cat lover, has three kitties who show love by vying for her attention. When one cat has snuggled onto her lap, the second cat wedges between Debbie and the first cat. Then the third cat, not to be left out, will get on top of the other two.

  14. My dog especially enjoys her grooming sessions. I have to use an undercoat rake on her (love Paws Pamper) and a greyhound comb and she usually falls asleep. I guess it’s like a massage! It’s our weekly bonding time 🙂

  15. Love this piece. I have a Terrier mixed and she brings my huge amounts of joy everyday. Don’t know what I would do without her. One thing though, she HATES brushing her teeth haha but I give her the mint treats and that helps to keep her breath fresh.

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