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11 Coolest Dog Products Found at BlogPaws

Dexter swag bag

One of the most fun parts of my career is finding some of the coolest dog products to hit the marketplace before the general public. In fact, being able to sample those dog products and determine if they work and perform as promised is an added bonus. Fidose of Reality only shares news about dog products that we believe in, most likely use, and feel would be a good fit for our readers.

While at the 5th Annual BlogPaws social media and pet blogger conference in Virginia recently, dog products galore were on display, ready for our perusal and testing. From the bounty of selections available, here are our 11 choices for coolest dog products we found:

Spoiled Pup Boutique clothes:  This vendor stopped me in my tracks, as I ogled the cute dresses and accessories for dogs. The owner, Karen, is dog mom to two mini longhaired dachshunds. Since she had trouble getting them clothes that looked good and fit right, she decided to start a business with her sister, Sue.  Together they have created a line of gorgeous apparel for dogs of both genders, all shapes, and sizes. They do take custom orders and their prices are very reasonable.  Keep an eye out also for their apparel walking the white carpet on the bridal party at the Wigglebutt Wedding.

dog clothes

Orastrip: This amazingly small and super effective product finds periodontal disease before you or your vet can see it. Right now, these strips are available through veterinarians but will soon be available to the masses. What you can’t see can hurt your dog. Orastrip catches periodontal disease at any stage so that you and your dog’s veterinarian can take further action. It takes about 10-15 seconds, is easy to do, and the results are ready on the spot.


PetSmart’s Tommy Bahama line of pet clothing: Too cute for words, truly. Not only has PetSmart launched a line of Tommy Bahama dog products that includes beds, toys, beachwear and much more, but 5 percent of the purchase price for each product sold will be donated to PetSmart Charities. The Tommy Bahama line from PetSmart features bandanas and toys for those of you who aren’t into putting clothes on dogs. Check out the adorable dress that our PR (Puppy Relations) Manager, Dexter, picked up for his fiancee, Zoe.

tommy bahama petsmart

Sony Action Cam and harness: We had a blast as Dexter wore the Sony Dog Harness with wearable point-of-view camera—the Action Cam at BlogPaws. The HDR-AS10 Action Cam and the HDR-AS15 Action Cam with Wi-Fi are available for about $199.99 and $269.99 respectively. The AKA-DM1 Dog Harness will be available in June for about $44.99. These cameras and their accessories are sold at, Sony retail stores and other authorized retailers nationwide.

sony action camHill’s now has a line of Ideal Balance products that piqued our interest. Most notably, I like anything that is easy on my dog’s digestive tract but that tastes good to him. The Hill's Ideal Balance Soft-Baked Naturals with Duck & Pumpkin are all-natural dog with no corn, wheat, soy, added artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. They have other flavors available as well.

hills dog treats

Vetericyn Universal Wound & Infection Treatment Spray is something I’ve been using on Dexter if he has any bug bites or boo boos. What I like about this dog product is that it is odorless, does not rinse off, is a one-step cleaner and dressing, and will not damage healthy tissue on your dog. We used it on an allergic spot on Dexter’s paw and within 2 days, it cleared up. Love.

Just4MyPet: I am so smitten with this company, I honestly don’t have enough space to rave about them. I passed by their booth and stopped in my tracks when I saw the array of customizable items that you can personalize for yourself, for friends and family, for your dog or your cat. From Pagoda feeders to party cakes and even leashes, I already have my eye on the white bronze plated photo bracelet.


The Honest Kitchen Pro Bloom Instant Goat’s Milk: As a fan of this company, my dog Dexter, eats the Honest Kitchen Embark dog food and is thriving on it. Now, the company has released a digestive enzyme you make easily at home and can add into your dog’s food. It is a shelf-stable goat’s milk mix containing probiotics. Goat’s milk is a rich, complete source of protein including the amino acids leucine, threonine, tryptophan and lysine, as well as calcium, vitamins A, B2, B6, C and D, and potassium. Goat’s milk rarely causes lactose intolerance because it contains slightly less lactose than cow’s milk.

pro bloomFrom PetSafe comes the Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble. How cute is this treat dispenser? At the present time, my dog has a partially torn ACL and so his ability to run and play are being restricted. However, we need to keep his mind active and stimulated. Enter this dog product from the folks at PetSafe. What makes it unique is the shape and how is holds Dexter’s attention. The Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble keeps dogs engaged as they work for their food, which appeals to their natural hunting instincts. This interactive toy also prevents rapid eating to assist with weight management efforts.


K9 Carry All l has a little of everything dog related, so you know we had to stop and talk to Deanna. Many rescues are looking for ways to fundraise, and with the leashes from K9 Carry All, you can do this. Plus it equates to a walking billboard on every pet. Click & Stay Leashes means you never take your pet off leash to attach anywhere for hands free abilities. K9 Carry All also carries customizable collars and other products.

k9 carry all

Finally, the folks at Aikiou had a fab product on display in the indoor dog park. If you have a fast eater, they have a solution.  This fab  feeder has lots of separate compartments that will make dogs work for the food. By turning the wheel of the main part and opening the sliding doors for the smaller sections, dog  will eat slower, have fun and stay busy for a long, long time.


There you have it, 11 dog products we discovered at BlogPaws. Have you unearthed any new dog product finds? Would you be interested in trying any of these?

Stay tuned because we have a June giveaway of goodie bag items including some of these! You can click the noted links for direct access to further information and ordering.



  1. DeAnna McKillip says

    This was so wonderful! It was a good thing I was sitting down for the shock of it all. We cannot Thank You enough for the honor. Thank you & Kona sends her woofs ,wags,& kisses too!

  2. emma says

    We are loving that orastrip! That sounds like such a great tool! Can’t wait for our next check up so we can take it to the vet. The Sony Cam is also pretty interesting but mom stinks at video editing so not sure how useful it would be for us! The interactive feeder is also really interesting but us dogs take our time eating…we need it for my cat bro Bert that gulps his food without chewing it. He now has a cat bowl the the thing in the middle to slow his eating but that thing for cats would be ideal for Bert!

  3. Beagles and Bargains says

    Such a great list here! I hope Dex found what he was looking for in that swag bag 😉

    Luna has one of those dresses too. She loves it, so I know Zoe will too! Smart man, Dexter!

  4. Amelia Hughes says

    The swag bags were awesome and thanks for the reminder of so many great products in this post! Tater is greatly outnumbered by cats in our house but he was pretty jazzed with all his goodies from BlogPaws!

  5. Christy Newland says

    Here at OraStrip QuickCheck Canine, we are feel so proud that we made your list! We would be delighted to send you more samples for your use – just email me and we’ll get that process started for you!

    Thanks again – and what a thrill to be mentioned in your blog!

  6. Sarah says

    Nice finds! I love the entire Pet Safe treat-dispensing toy line, I just wish they’d stop selling shock collars and invisible fencing products. It really taints them for me and makes no sense. They’re promoting two totally opposing styles of training with the corrective aspects of those and then clickers. Just weird.