Wigglebutt Warriors Dog Lovers Calendar Launches

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Our hearts beat dog here at the Fidose of Reality offices. Every single day, 24/7/365, dogs are a staple in our lives. We strive to share that same mantra and passion for dogs with our readers, and now we are launching our very first dog calendar. The Wigglebutt Warriors, our two mascot Cocker Spaniels, are proud to announce their 2013 Wigglebutt Warriors Dog Lovers Calendar.

What makes the Wigglebutt Warriors calendar different than any other calendar you will see for 2014? We’re crusading to save dogs’ lives at our core, and it features Dexter and Zoe.

Who are Dexter and Zoe? On the heels of the very successful Wigglebutt Wedding between Dexter James Bryant and Zoe Elizabeth Sorensen this past June, Wigglebutt Warriors is the official name of our group. Dexter saved me from myself, after my Cocker Spaniel, Brandy, passed away. Zoe was rescued at the 11th hour, the day she was scheduled to be euthanized. She has gone from death’s door to princess bride. Well, we want ALL dogs to get a fair shake and a forever home! Crusading to save dogs’ lives, the Wigglebutt Warriors will host a different “fun-draiser” every year, rotating pet rescues benefiting from them.

Wigglebutt Wedding

Bring Dexter and Zoe into your home: The Wigglebutt Warriors would love to make you smile 24/7/365 as they grace your bedroom, home office, work office, or anywhere you need a little picker upper.

Where Can I Order? Simply click the Lulu “Buy Now” button below to order your Wigglebutt Warriors Calendar.

Support independent publishing: Buy this calendar on Lulu.

Who Should Purchase the Wigglebutt Warriors Calendar?

* Anyone who loves dogs

* Anyone who needs to give a gift under $15 to a loved one, co-worker, or friend

* Anyone who loves to smile when they see cute dogs

* Anyone who wants to support Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof, a benefit “fun-d”raiser for Oldies But Goodies Cocker Spaniel Rescue.

We’ve got our orders placed, now it’s your turn…. here’s a sneak peek, too:



Click below to order yours:

Support independent publishing: Buy this calendar on Lulu.

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  1. Great job on the calendar, Carol! There are a few on my Christmas list who will be seeing this under the tree! Great gift idea!

  2. I wish every rescue had such dedication and wonderful creative ideas as you do .. love love this

  3. Such a great effort for such a good cause – the sneak preview is great. Great xmas idea.

  4. Nice calendar. Good luck on the fundraiser!

  5. Aww. Cute dresses. My mom loves getting a new calendar each year at Christmas time. I’ll pass this one on to her!
    Our entry is #88.

  6. Great looking calendar!

  7. There’s all sorts of gorgeousness going on in those photos!

  8. Love your creativity. Such sweeties. We all need to push ourselves to help. X Talent Hounds

  9. W♥ them wiggle-butts. the month of May looks delicious.!

  10. Cats sometimes wiggle their butts, too. Hehehe..


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