8 Hacks to Prevent Dog Fleas and Ticks

Nasty creepy crawly critters can ruin a vacation, cause sleepless nights, and turn your home into a pest-be-gone war zone: it’s the time of year pet parents dread the most: Flea and tick season . Thankfully, Fidose of Reality has 8 hacks to prevent dog fleas and ticks: Shake It Off Food grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE): I carry this stuff around in my dog’s “bag of stuff” on … [Read more...]

A Letter From the Family Dog About Ticks

Dear Mom (or Dad): Today I walked barefoot on a sidewalk full of germs. Returning home, I didn’t wipe my paws off but proceeded to jump on my bed, walk around the house, and watched as my roommate put a pair of rubber gloves on her hands. Gasp, I shuddered to myself, why the gloves? She put a funny smelling solution in between my shoulders and said it would help protect me … [Read more...]