Hope for One Dog on Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday has true meaning for me today.  I am without words, as I recently found out about a very touching true story that has an almost happy ending. This is where you, pet lovers, come in. My pal, June Myers, of Oklahoma, does so many things freely and from the bottom of her heart, yet she does not speak of them. She is one of those unsung heroes whose heart beats dog. I am here to share a loving, precious tale about June and a bit of hope.  Give this story a peek and then see what you think. As June tells it:

“My friend Estelle Stroud sent me a picture of a Craigslist Free Cocker Spaniel.  There was something in her eyes that I could not get out of my mind.  She looked so sad.

I contacted the people to get her story.  They said they got her off a free Craigslist posting and had her only a short time. Their story, they got her as a playmate for their 15 year old dog, unbelievable.  They said she was just not warming up as expected.

After almost a week I convinced them to let her go to a rescue.  They finally agreed, because they figured no one would want her.

We drove to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma,  to pick her up.  They had to drag her from under a bed.  She was shaking like a leaf.  We put her in a crate with a toy I brought. One of her ear leathers was shorter than the other and when I asked, they said former owner said she got caught in barbed wire when a pup.

We drove her to Pryor, OK to Jeannie Dobbs who works with the Pryor Animal League (PAL). We do animal transport for PAL.

Jeannie had her vetted and she was diagnosed with juvenile cataracts, she is only 5 years old.  We are trying to raise funds to at least get one eye fixed.  Pryor Animal League has a Facebook page and a donate button and any funds donated will be used for her surgery.  She will stay with Jeannie until she is ready to be adopted.  Must be logged in on computer as the donate button will not show up on cell or iPad.”

Pryor Animal League
After a few days she was a different Cocker, no longer shaking, now instead of under a bed, she sleeps on top of Jeannie’s bed.

We just want to give her a better life, full of love and eye sight.”

This story touched me deeply, and well, as I said, I am without words. So for now, for you Hope, I am donating so you can be given the gift of sight until you find your forever home.

Donate here: Pryor Animal League

Here are a few of my pet blogging and pet loving pals that I am sure wish the same for you, too. This is a Wordless Wednesday blog hop courtesy BlogPaws:

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  1. Here’s to hope for Hope!

  2. Wow – thank you for sharing the story. It is amazing what networking can so.

  3. Such an amazing story! I am truly thankful for people like this who will do anything out of their love for animals. Besides being a blogger, I also run a website that creates donation campaigns for animals in need just like this! Please let me know if there is anything else I can do or if you’d like some extra help by creating a campaign as well! Have an amazing day! Thanks!

    • Carol Bryant says:

      Thanks a lot, Lindsay. I am also the founder of Wigglebutt Warriors. I am going to send this message to my friend who rescued her from Craigs List. TY so much!

  4. Awww, Sending you our love Hope! Here’s to a better future for you.

  5. Wow, what a story. I hope everything keeps going in the right direction.

  6. Very moving story- will share and donate. Thanks X Talent Hounds

  7. This is close to home. I got my favorite chickens, Mary Ann and Ginger, in Pryor. I’mma hafta donate. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  8. Man, I am such a fortunate dog to have never had to experience all the pain and trouble so many dogs face. Hope she is able to find a loving home and live a super fun and happy life.

  9. Oh this broke my heart, a craigslist puppy twice. She looks so sweet. I am off to see if I can donate. I really want her to find her forever home!

  10. Poor sweet girl. I’m so glad she is in good hands now.

  11. What a sweet baby. Wishing all the best for her.

  12. Awww poor baby! I can’t imagine how scared she was. :( Just love a happy ending!

  13. Oh, what a touching story! Your friend is an incredible person and dog lover…because of her, that pup will have a wonderful and happy life! 😀 Definitely be sharing this one! Happy Wednesday!

  14. Christine Aiello says:

    OMG she is adorable! The poor baby! Here’s to Hope finding a new loving home forever and eyesight! She is adorable!! LOVE HER! I hope we hear a happy ending soon! Prayers, hugs and kisses to Hope! xoxo

  15. June Myers says:

    Thank you Carol, you are a wonderful person to help Hope this way. Also thanks to everyone for your fantastic comments and any and all donations. Will keep Carol updated. Thanks again.

  16. I am happy that dog is now is safe hands. All the due respect and hats off to your friend, She is so kind and generous. My best wishes for everything good to come in future

  17. Wow…wonderful story and I am hoping for Hope that she gets her forever home.

  18. Thanks for sharing her story. I’m so happy she has found a good, happy home.

  19. This is a sweet story and she is adorable. Thank you for sharing her with us.

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