Hoodies for Dogs in Time for Holiday Shopping

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In our never ending quest for the best products to share with your dogs (during the holidays and year-round), we discovered a canine couture item that is as functional as it is fashionable. Hoodies for Dogs!

From our fur-ends at Animal Cafe, a short interview has been released about Shelley Pooch Park Wear. Our PR (Puppy Relations) Manager has one of the hoodies from Pooch Park Wear and we love it! Ours says “Licks without Warning” and he sure does!

dog hoodie

As Mary Haight writes, “Organizations can order hoodies or dog t-shirts with their name or message to the public printed and ready for their event goodie bags. There are discounts for quantity, so if you have a doggie play group or training class you can check the website for details.” Want to learn more about a clever holiday gift? Here’s the one-minute snippet – give a howl-i-day listen:

Hoodies for Dogs



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  1. These are absolutely adorable…but it really never gets cold enough here for Gizmo to wear one :( Maybe they need to do tank tops for Florida dogs :)

  2. Adorable, especially “Licks without warning”. :0)

  3. These little hoodies are so cute! Nice too that you can add your own words, however I love the lick without warning!

  4. Love this :) xxx

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